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The Adamic Problem24Earth Upheavals
A Living Record25The Dispensations of the Earth
The Gods of Mythology26The Ancient King Lists of the World
An, The Father27The Flood
Hawa, The Creator28The Date of the Flood
Oc, The Fallen BrotherAn Assessment
Other Place Names29The Mysterious Habiru
The Adamic Place Names30A Covenant With Israel
Social Honorifics and Titles31The TwelveTribes
The Hebrew Verb Root, Don32A Sifting Among the Nations
Folk Origins33Some Practical Realities
An Adamic Thesis34Mediterranean Ferment
The Origins of Myth35The Iberians
Hebrew-Sumerian Myth Parallels36The Kimmerians
Blood and Fertility Myths37The Kelts
Marriage Practices38The Stone of Destiny
Our Great Granddaddy39The Apostles on the Twelve Tribes
Myth and Reality40Focus
History Through Linguistics41Motivations
The Egyptian Book of Life42Evidence of Language
Egyptian Religious Comparisons43A Great Light Shall Shine
The Meaning of the Traditions44Coming Over
World Ages45Other Linguistic Evidence
46The Pronouns

Following are Papers on Hebrew-English Cognates

A Letter to Calvert Watkins on
Indo-European and Semitic Cognates

How Did the Kaiser Get His Title

Sir from SarAbashFire and AshBawl
A Life of LoveSpyDisperse-ParseHush

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I offer no references for words that come from various other languages, and that can be traced by browsing the World Wide Web.

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The Origin of the Urantia Papers

The Coming Spiritual Storm

A Program in World Rehabilitation

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