The Words of a Book

In The Psychology of Urantia Study Groups I showed how Urantians en masse did not recognize their position in God's program for this planet and tried to divert God's plans to those of their own liking. I stated that those:

". . . who live off the intellectual appeal of the Papers, and who reject our historical revelations, cannot be part of a new revelation service to mankind."

They do not recognize the function of the ancient prophets and seers. I also stated that few Urantians recognized the prophetic nature of the private revelations given to William Sadler. They never attempted to integrate those divine promises with the larger revelations from our ancient past. Hence, Urantians, as a body, are mostly ignorant of our higher planetary destiny.

Sadler was told:

The Book belongs to the era immediately to follow the conclusion of the present ideological struggle. "That will be the day when men will be willing to seek truth and righteousness.  When the chaos of the present confusion has passed, it will be more readily possible to formulate the cosmos of a new and improved era of human relationships. "And it is this better order of affairs on earth that the Book has been made ready."

Consider the import of these phrases.

The conclusion to the present ideological struggle:

Does any intelligent man or woman not recognize where this planet is headed? Do you really think there will be any conclusion to the present godless economic, political, religious, and philosophic ideological struggle except world-wide disaster?

P.2081 - 5 But beware! this godless philosophy of human society will lead only to unrest, animosity, unhappiness, war, and world-wide disaster.

I trust divine revelation. I do not trust the senseless hope for the present secular order that carries so many of my fellows through their days.

A day when men will seek truth and righteousness:

The phrase "truth and righteousness" is meant the way the old prophets wrote of it. It is meant the way I understood it from my parents and grandparents. They understood living truth, and they understood living righteousness. Most modern people do not understand Godly Truth and Righteousness; they have lost contact with that holy frame of mind. As we have been so clearly taught:

P.41 - 5 God is never wrathful, vengeful, or angry. It is true that wisdom does often restrain his love, while justice conditions his rejected mercy. His love of righteousness cannot help being exhibited as equal hatred for sin. The Father is not an inconsistent personality; the divine unity is perfect.

How long do you think our God will tolerate the present godless world order? When he permits the fire of nuclear war is he not restraining his love? Because we have rejected the many tender proffers of his mercy will he not bring forth his justice? Does his love of righteousness not exhibit itself as an equal hatred for the massive sins of the world?

When the chaos of the present confusion is past:

Do you not see the social and philosophic chaos in our world is today? Such chaos is benign when it is merely intellectual; when it is applied to the power of the nations it becomes deadly. More recently this deadliness is seen in the chaos of religious understanding: Islam versus Judeo-Christian world views.

We can compare this remark to Sadler with another made in our ancient revelations:

Isa 29:15-19

Woe to those who hide deep from Yahweh their counsel, whose deeds are in the dark, and who say, "Who sees us? Who knows us?" You turn things upside down! Shall the potter be regarded as the clay; that the thing made should say of its maker, "He did not make me"; or the thing formed say of him who formed it, "He has no understanding"? Is it not yet a very little while until Lebanon shall be turned into a fruitful field, and the fruitful field shall be regarded as a forest? In that day the deaf shall hear the words of a book, and out of their gloom and darkness the eyes of the blind shall see. The meek shall obtain fresh joy in Yahweh, and the poor among men shall exult in the Holy One of Israel.

In that future era men shall be blessed with a new and righteous understanding of their relationship with their Creator. They will come to recognize the role of the Urantia Papers. When the deaf of the world shall hear the words of this Great Revelation, then out of their gloom and darkness their eyes shall see. The meek shall obtain fresh joy in their Creator, and the poor among men shall exult in the Urantia Papers as a gift from the Holy One of Israel. Then the Papers will come to fruition.

Have you pondered the profound theological developments that will come as the result of the integration of such Great Revelation and the miraculous events that came with the end of the age? Our descendents will remember the Return of Jesus, the disastrous work of Caligastia and his final judgment as a Son of God, the witness of we few who carried on with faith in our Creator as our sole support, the crucifixion and resurrection of a New and Greater John the Baptist with his friend, the destruction of the present civilization through those abominable man-made devices, and then the tumbling of the earth into a new rotational mode?

Can you imagine the TV broadcasts to the world as the Two Witnesses are crucified? Can you conceive of their death and their ashes exposed for three days for all to see? Can you then picture their miraculous rising in new bodies. Not earthly bodies but in bodies like Adam? Bodies that glow in celestial light? And then being lifted from the surface of the earth into Celestial Carriers in the sky? Can you see the astonishment of the world? Can you recognize the shock and the awe at such an event? An event that will forever put an end to all those godless philosophies that do not believe in God coming with his Celestial Chariots. 

But such an event is merely the precursor to equal dramatic changes in our world. New environmental conditions shall bring new blessings to mankind. It will return to the days of Adam and Eve, to the days before the Great Flood, when there was no drought upon the land, and the earth sprang up in joy and gladness. From our day to that new day is a very little while. Lebanon and all the countries of the world will become a fruitful field, and what is now a fruitful field shall be turned into a forest. God is giving back to mankind the natural wonder he took away.

These small minds think that God does not see them, in their childishness, and their primitive conceptual blunders. They formulate plans in darkness, do not reveal what is in their hearts, and think that God does not know. They have forgotten who made them. They do not know their Creator.

He is a righteous God and he will act in righteousness when he brings punishment to mankind and then transforms this world. He will destroy this current godless order and renovate the planet as it has not seen for forty thousand years.

If we contrast the phrasing given to Sadler, and the phrasing in our ancient revelations, we should be able to recognize how the first is styled to meet the modern mind, and how the second is styled for that Great Day. Yet they both reveal truth. And they both reveal the same truth. Only godless minds would not recognize that truth.

Now do you understand why the Urantia Papers were styled as they were, without reference to the spectacular episodes of world destiny? In the future ages, when the citizens of this world begin a study of the Papers with renewed interest, there will be no need to have spectacular episodes described. Those episodes will all be in the past. They will be history. They will have caused the world to recognize their Creator and his Universe operations in a manner not heretofore known. No longer will doubt rule the world. But the world will need new instructions, commensurate with the renovation of the earth. And those instructions will bring a cosmic context, a new understanding of God and his Kingdom.

Historical Judaism and Christianity did not understand a full program of planetary destiny. While many people through the generations recognized that great promises were made in the Bible, they blundered around in blindness, without perception. Urantians, burdened with this historical misinterpretation of God's great promises, naturally drew the conclusion that the ancient revelations did not carry weight worthy to command their respect.

Consider another small segment of these historic truths, prefacing the remarks above:

Isa 29:9-14

Stupefy yourselves and be in a stupor, blind yourselves and be blind! Be drunk, but not with wine; stagger, but not with strong drink! For Yahweh has poured out upon you a spirit of deep sleep, and has closed your eyes, the prophets, and covered your heads, the seers. And the vision of all this has become to you like the words of a book that is sealed. When men give it to one who can read, saying, "Read this," he says, "I cannot, for it is sealed." And when they give the book to one who cannot read, saying, "Read this," he says, "I cannot read." And Yahweh said: "Because this people draw near with their mouth and honor me with their lips, while their hearts are far from me, and their fear of me is a commandment of men learned by rote; therefore, behold, I will again do marvelous things with this people, wonderful and marvelous; and the wisdom of their wise men shall perish, and the discernment of their discerning men shall be hid."

Do you realize how much God has kept you blind? Do you know the stupor under which you have lived? If you should ask an educated man to explain the prophets and seers, would he not say, "I do not understand; the words are sealed." How many educated Urantians have done exactly that? Or if you should ask an uneducated man would he not say, "I do not understand such things." How many have you heard say exactly that? Have you thought of all the intelligent and educated wise men among Urantia groups who do not know God's righteous power? Are they your authorities? Will you let them carry both themselves and you to perdition?

Why do you not depend on the Holy Spirit of God to give you understanding? If you are sincere, ask and you shall receive.

God is transforming this world. He will bring astonishing things to mankind. With the coming spectacular episodes demonstrating his righteous power he will do marvelous things with his people, wonderful and marvelous. Then all the wisdom of their godless wise men shall perish, and the discernment of those great intellects will be hid.


To be continued.

Paper 3 of a series.