Words of Truth from the Prophets of Old

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From: Ernest Moyer
Subject: A Question for the Group
Date: Mon, May 23, 2005, 1:22 AM
Topic: General
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To Group Members:

A passage in the Urantia Papers seems to address us directly. I wonder how many of you have given regard to these words:

P.1730 - You have come out from among those of your fellows who choose to remain satisfied with a religion of mind, who crave security and prefer conformity. You have elected to exchange your feelings of authoritative certainty for the assurances of the spirit of adventurous and progressive faith. You have dared to protest against the grueling bondage of institutional religion and to reject the authority of the traditions of record which are now regarded as the word of God.

But then the statement continues:

Our Father did indeed speak through Moses, Elijah, Isaiah, Amos, and Hosea, but he did not cease to minister words of truth to the world when these prophets of old made an end of their utterances. My Father is no respecter of races or generations in that the word of truth is vouchsafed one age and withheld from another. Commit not the folly of calling that divine which is wholly human, and fail not to discern the words of truth which come not through the traditional oracles of supposed inspiration.

Do you believe, and practice the attitude, that truth did, indeed, come from Moses, Elijah, Isaiah, Amos, and Hosea? Words of truth which did not cease when these prophets of old made an end to their utterances. (Or, otherwise, words of truth that came down to us after 2500 years.)

How do such words of truth translate in your lives?

If you fail to the discern the words of truth that come through these traditional oracles of supposed inspiration, how do you estimate the consequences upon your connection with God?


PS: I believe one word is this passage is an insertion of unknown origin that does not belong to the sense of it. That word is the last "not."