The Will of God - Service to Others

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From: Ernest Moyer
Subject: The Will of God
Date: Thu, May 12, 2005, 7:02 AM
Topic: General
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From: Steve Powell
Subject: The Will of God
Date: Wed, May 11, 2005, 8:40 AM

Ernest states: The Will of God is loving service to our brothers in the flesh, but only within the context of coming world events. How can we show that service?

Steve Here: Jesus said "To a God-knowing kingdom believer, what does it matter if all things earthly crash?". I think our service is intended to be given to those around us, within our personal sphere of influence. Most of us will not have an opportunity to "save the world" so to speak. We can only impact those around us. Service is mainly a personal thing person to person.

I am sure that is the Will of God!


My response:

Steve, I noticed in my short sojourn here on Ubron that everyone seems divorced from reality. That it, those things going on around us everyday, in the real world, do not seem to influence our religious thinking. We may talk about world events in different contexts, but we do not seem able to see the Will of God unfolding in those events.

If all things earthly crash, how will your personal sphere of influence change? Will this crash come suddenly, without opportunity to help your brothers and sisters? Or will the crash come in a manner to get you all excited and concerned and puzzled and hopelessly frantic? How then will you help those around you? Would your personal contribution then be useless in assisting your brothers and sisters?

Now suppose, just suppose, that you have an insight how to save your brothers and sisters from destruction in the coming crash. If you went to them and said, "I know what we must do, and this is the way to do it." If those brothers and sisters then heeded your advice and made moves, real physical moves, to save themselves, would you not be then helping to "save the world?"

Now I am going to give you an illustration of the real world and how it might be unfolding according to the Will of God.

A new philosophy has developed out of the thinking of the President of the United States. The philosophy is that we must make all nations "democratic" in order to reduce the extremism of the fundamentalist Muslim mind, and other terrorist threats to our national security.

The President just returned from a trip abroad where he visited various nations exhibiting such new democratic process, former satellites of Russia that made up the former Soviet Union. In the process he angered Putin, even though they got together in what appeared to be open camaraderie.

A few months ago Putin gave a warning that Russia had developed a new nuclear weapon. Chris Matthews of Hardball on MSNBC asked if that announcement was the beginning of a new cold war. I recognized immediately the purpose of that announcement. It came within the context of the US exerting forcefulness over the conduct of the war in Iraq, and what to do with Iran. Putin was telling the US not to use the nuclear option in the Near East. If the US would use such option Russia would use the nuclear option on us. But few people seemed to recognize the interplay in those remarks.

The US "democratic" philosophy is counter to the framework of the true Muslim mind. Since that religion began 1500 years ago they have always believed in a theocratic rule for governing their people. Only more recent Muslim secular minds have modified that attitude, such as Saddam Hussein in Iraq, who ruled a mixed society. We now have in Iraq a fervent insurgency that the US is unwilling to call a civil war. We do not know the ultimate resolution of that conflict but it bodes no good.

We then have two nations, part of the "Axis of Evil," far advanced in their nuclear developments, North Korea and Iran. International forces now prohibit us from using bombs on their installations to halt that work. If we were to bomb them we might enter into the actions Putin was warning us about.

If these international conditions would worsen would we reach a point, perhaps out of frustration, where we might use the nuclear option? Then how would you help salvage your brothers and sisters from the coming destructions?

I am going to carry this a step further. Suppose that God is using this international scenario to accelerate the grave crisis of civilization we are now in. Suppose that God is doing it to screen out the unbeliever from the believer. Then those saved by your work would help create a new world, as the old world passes away.

That is a suggested flow of international events according to the Will of God, and your contribution to "saving the world."