The Will of God - Predestination

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From: Ernest Moyer
Subject: The Will of God
Date: Sun, May 15, 2005, 12:07 PM
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You are very, very close to the truth. Now you should bring into it destiny, or how God works around the Will of Man.

I would like to discuss with you but we must break it up because the ramifications are too many. Choose an aspect.


------ On 5/15/05, ron cochran wrote ------

I believe, that JESUS knew, that HE was going to be destroyed, by going to Jerusalem. HE went anyway. In spite of, HIS apostles opposition, for going to Jerusalem. (we must go "there", anyway, too!)

I believe, that our civilization knows, that it is headed for destruction. It may be a, total destruction (a low probability), or it may be a, partial destruction (a high probability).

Either way, it will be MANS WILL, which will be completed or fulfilled. Can there be, anything, that can over-ride, the WILL, of MAN?. Should there be, anything, that over-rides, the WILL OF MAN?. (GOD does not destroy MAN!, ...MAN, destroys HIMSELF!.)

The WILL OF MAN, determined, that JESUS CHRIST, should be destroyed (when HE was a mortal, on earth). It will be this same WILL, which will decide, if MANKIND will be destroyed, or not. (in our modern day, civilization)

GOD allows MANS WILL, to rule the earth. This is confirmed and accepted, as true, in THE URANTIA BOOK. MAN has always been, destroying others, and HIMSELF, throughout, all of human history. (to a greater, or lesser degree)

WARS, and "rumors of WARS", have existed, since time began. THE URANTIA BOOK, says that MAN, in HIS natural environment, is bellicose, and war-like. (the Cain and Abel, syndrome)

MAN is "bent", on attempting to, destroy others, and eventually "bent" on, destroying HIMSELF. MAN, cannot help it, for the most part, because, it is part of HIS "NATURE". (that NATURE, must be transformed, at its core, before these tendencies, have an end)

The #1 killer, in AMERICA is not "terrorists", but "BIG MACS"!. One could say, that, the #1 killer, in AMERICA, and in the whole world, is collective suicide!. (the sub-conscious death wish, of the collective psyche)

Industrial pollution, WARS, man-made "dis-eases", famine/starvation, environmental rape, of limited resources, and the distrust, and violence of the mortal races, towards each other. This does not paint, a very favorable, or complimentary picture, towards MANKINDS "CIVILIZATION"!. (or its future)

But, in spite of all of these facts, and the potential "evil" towards others, and potential "evil" towards ones self. I believe mankind, will make it, to a future "AGE", THE AGE OF LIGHT AND LIFE. (A HOPE)

I do not know, how "bad" things will get, here on the planet (WMD/nuclear) in the not too distant future. But, we are told, in THE URANTIA BOOK, that, if things were to get, "too bad", then, a planetary evacuation, would be necessary. And, certain "procedures", would take place. (emergency procedures, currently, in place)

I do not believe, that, things will get "that bad"!. But, I am sure, that billions of people, are going to starve to death, within the next 100 years, or so (the "boat", can only hold, so many people). But, starving to death, is normal, on this planet!. It has

always occurred, from the beginning, of the EVOLUTION OF MANKIND. ("ye shall always have the poor, with you!", unless they starve to death, and then, they will no longer, "be with you"! )

It will not be a "racial war", in the future, but, a war, between the "rich", and the "poor". The war will be, not over land, nor over oil, but over drinking water, and breathable air. (but, that is 100 years away, from our current period, of human history)

We (present day mortals) will not be alive, at that time, to see that "struggle" (water/air). Our current "struggle", with each other (as mortals), is, between our "GODS", money, and religion. (I wonder, which "GOD", will win?)

JESUS had to "suffer" mankind, also, as do all mortals, who choose to stay, on this planet. Is there another "option"?. I know, that, it is possible to change the world, and improve the world. But, we need to be, realistic also, as JESUS was, when HE chose to go to, Jerusalem, knowing, what would happen to HIM, there!. (should we go there, too?)

We mortals, must go into the future, of this planet, even knowing, what will happen, when we go there (the future). One must have courage, and faith, to enter the future, of MANKIND (even though, MAN is not kind).

Even though, we know, that we will be destroyed (as CHRIST was destroyed, in Jerusalem), we must, take up our "cross" (our responsibilities), and enter the future, accepting the realities, which, we must face. (not a pretty "picture")

And remembering, that, no matter what happens, to us, and to this earth, THE AGE OF LIGHT AND LIFE, will come,......"come hell, or high water"!. (AN ETERNAL PROMISE, OF THE GODS)

It is difficult, to imagine, our planet becoming a "PARADISE", some day. But, it will COME!........and the "BRIDE", and the "BRIDEGROOM" say,...."COME"!. (and so,....we WILL!)

RON COCHRAN (a practical prophecy)

------ On 5/15/05, Ernest Moyer wrote ------


I do not teach fear. If you PERCEIVE fear that is because of YOUR orientation toward reality.

I gave you a considerable number of quotations from the Urantia Papers about God's justice and righteousness. You did not respond.

To put this back to the beginning, I will ask you for your take on this passage:

P.2081 - 5 But beware! this godless philosophy of human society will lead only to unrest, animosity, unhappiness, war, and world-wide disaster.

Is this a true prediction of our immediate future?

(I think I have disposed of the suggestion that it might be merely a warning, to straighten people out, so to speak. The odds against that are billions to one. I have trouble believing the whole world would pay attention to the relatively minor circulation of the Urantia Papers. Therefore it must have another purpose. I am willing to discourse on such a purpose.)

Is this disaster a local phenomenon, like between Pakistan and India, or is it truly world wide, affecting all countries and all people?

What is meant by disaster? Will it destroy our civilization? In what way do you think this disaster would be visited upon us? Is it of our own making?

After we dispose of this first thought, we can go on to the balance of the prediction.