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From: Ernest Moyer
Subject: Universe Travel
Date: Thu, Jul 7, 2005, 4:51 AM
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As a group, with the many posts, it appears we here on Ubron are all gradually reaching the conclusion that we cannot travel "through space" with speed-of-light limitations. The question also arises about being enseraphimed, and how combustion bodies are transported through space.


Space Travel Velocities

Orvonton is essentially the Milky Way galaxy. Someone can refute this assertion if they so desire.

The Milky Way galaxy I shall assume is 100,000 light years across. If Uversa is located in the center, then the distance from Uversa to one edge is 50,000 light years. Since we are on the outer edge of Orvonton, the distance between Uversa and Urantia is about 50,000 light years. This makes the distance between Uversa and Urantia about 293,927,486,400,000,000 miles.

Calculating some numbers:

Miles Per Unit of Time

Light travels miles per:











Distance between Uversa and Urantia



Travel time for Trinity-Origin being at 109 days


miles per day


per hour


per minute


per second


faster than the

speed of light

Solitary Messenger miles:


per second


faster than the

speed of light


faster than a

Trinity-Origin being

Solitary Messenger can travel from Uversa to

Urantia in about 4 days.


P 433: There are numerous types of beings, similar to the seraphim, who are able to traverse space, and who also are able to transport other beings who have been properly prepared.


On the face of it, we do not know what it means to be properly prepared, except that some transformation takes place to make beings, combustion bodies or other, ready for space travel. We are not told what these numerous types of being are like.


P 260: An enseraphimed being cannot possibly exceed the velocity of 558,840 Urantia miles in one second of your time.


Assume that Jerusem is about 40 light years away. Using the above table Jerusem is about 235,141,989,120,000 miles away. It would take 420,768,000 seconds to travel between Jerusem and Urantia at the highest seraphic rate. This is about 4,870 days or about 13 1/3 years.


If Salvington were 100 light years away, (perhaps it is more), it would take more than 30 years to travel there at these stated seraphic velocities.


The travel time to Uversa from Urantia would be about 525,960,000,000 seconds, 6,087,500 days, or about 16,667 years at the highest seraphic velocity.


We can see that space travel is highly burdensome, to even the seraphim. A universe could not function with these limitation. If these statements are correct:


P 260: The limit of velocity for most nonenseraphimed beings is 186,280 miles of your world per second of your time; the midway creatures and certain others can, often do, attain double velocity--372,560 miles per second--while the seraphim and others can traverse space at triple velocity, about 558,840 miles per second.


Are we to assume that a nonenseraphimed being is limited in velocity to the Einstein speed-of-light, and that an enseraphimed being can travel three times faster?


We can see that the Einstein speed-of-light limitation is already violated by seraphic transport. The physical mechanisms are not explained, but there must be some connection to that limitation, since the given velocities are integral multiples of that limit. If these statements are true, factors exist in the make-up of space that are unknown to us.


P.222: Trinity-origin beings possess prerogatives of transit which make them independent of transport personalities, such as seraphim.


From the above tabulation the velocity by which Trinity-Origin beings and Solitary Messengers travel far exceeds that of enseraphimed beings. They are "spirits" who do not need transport vehicles. They do not obey Einstein speed-of-light limitations.

I would like to interject some thoughts about these space limitations. I believe that the transport seraphim are not velocity-limited in the fashion described. Remember the remark: By this time the transport seraphim has become an almost transparent, vibrating, torpedo-shaped outline of glistening luminosity. When preparing for departure the seraphim reach into a higher energy state. Under these conditions I believe they transcend space and time. I believe these angels can call upon powers of the Infinite Spirit, whose daughters they are, for their operation. For example:


P 112: The Infinite Spirit is amazingly universal and unbelievably versatile in all his operations. He performs in the spheres of mind, matter, and spirit. The Conjoint Actor represents the Father-Son association, but he also functions as himself. He is not directly concerned with physical gravity, with spiritual gravity, or with the personality circuit, but he more or less participates in all other universe activities. While apparently dependent on three existential and absolute gravity controls, the Infinite Spirit appears to exercise three supercontrols. This threefold endowment is employed in many ways to transcend and seemingly to neutralize even the manifestations of primary forces and energies, right up to the superultimate borders of absoluteness. In certain situations these supercontrols absolutely transcend even the primal manifestations of cosmic reality.


I believe we also have operating in the Universe other mechanisms that transcend time and space. For example:


P 1291 It may be that on the upper limits of the finite, where time conjoins transcended time, there is some sort of blurring and blending of sequence. It may be that the Supreme is able to forecast his universe presence onto these supertime levels and then to a limited degree anticipate future evolution by reflecting this future forecast back to the created levels as the Immanence of the Projected Incomplete. Such phenomena may be observed wherever finite makes contact with superfinite, as in the experiences of human beings who are indwelt by Thought Adjusters that are veritable predictions of man's future universe attainments throughout all eternity.


This is a highly pithy statement, that has not received much attention simply because its implications are so profound, and because it goes beyond superficial thought. It requires great reflective thinking. We see that when beings go beyond the limits of time and space they no longer are bound by time and space considerations.


We are given instruction concerning time and space, but again, this goes beyond the thought of most persons. I believe the seven cosmic dimensions are exactly that -- dimensions above and beyond three. I believe that transport seraphim have the power to attain these higher dimensions, thus to circumvent three-dimensional space-time limitations. (Or one might imagine a space bubble by which they float through higher dimension.)


P 1439: Time is the stream of flowing temporal events perceived by creature consciousness. Time is a name given to the succession-arrangement whereby events are recognized and segregated. The universe of space is a time-related phenomenon as it is viewed from any interior position outside of the fixed abode of Paradise. The motion of time is only revealed in relation to something which does not move in space as a time phenomenon. In the universe of universes Paradise and its Deities transcend both time and space. On the inhabited worlds, human personality (indwelt and oriented by the Paradise Father’s spirit) is the only physically related reality which can transcend the material sequence of temporal events.


Animals do not sense time as does man, and even to man, because of his sectional and circumscribed view, time appears as a succession of events; but as man ascends, as he progresses inward, the enlarging view of this event procession is such that it is discerned more and more in its wholeness. That which formerly appeared as a succession of events then will be viewed as a whole and perfectly related cycle; in this way will circular simultaneity increasingly displace the onetime consciousness of the linear sequence of events.


130:7.6 There are seven different conceptions of space as it is conditioned by time. Space is measured by time, not time by space. The confusion of the scientist grows out of failure to recognize the reality of space. Space is not merely an intellectual concept of the variation in relatedness of universe objects. Space is not empty, and the only thing man knows which can even partially transcend space is mind. Mind can function independently of the concept of the space-relatedness of material objects. Space is relatively and comparatively finite to all beings of creature status. The nearer consciousness approaches the awareness of seven cosmic dimensions, the more does the concept of potential space approach ultimacy. But the space potential is truly ultimate only on the absolute level.

130:7.7 It must be apparent that universal reality has an expanding and always relative meaning on the ascending and perfecting levels of the cosmos. Ultimately, surviving mortals achieve identity in a seven- dimensional universe.


I shall return to the problem of limited velocity through space, and the use of "space warp." I believe transport seraphim do not travel through space, but rather beyond or above space. All the references to limited velocity are true if travel is within space, but if travel is "outside" space those limitations no longer hold. I believe transport seraphim contravene time and space.


Transport of Combustion Bodies
P 431: The angels cannot transport combustion bodies—flesh and blood— such as you now have, but they can transport all others, from the lowest morontia to the higher spirit forms. They do not function in the event of natural death. When you finish your earthly career, your body remains on this planet. Your Thought Adjuster proceeds to the bosom of the Father, and these angels are not directly concerned in your subsequent personality reassembly on the identification mansion world. There your new body is a morontia form, one that can enseraphim. You “sow a mortal body” in the grave; you “reap a morontia form” on the mansion worlds.

Contrast this remark with the following:

P 526: 4. The circles of the Master Physical Controllers. The various orders of the Master Physical Controllers are concentrically arranged around the vast temple of power, wherein presides the power chief of the system in association with the chief of the Morontia Power Supervisors. This temple of power is one of two sectors on Jerusem where ascending mortals and midway creatures are not permitted. The other one is the dematerializing sector in the area of the Material Sons, a series of laboratories wherein the transport seraphim transform material beings into a state quite like that of the morontia order of existence.

The fact that material beings, combustion bodies, can be transformed into a state quite like that of the morontia order is here openly and explicitly stated. In this transformed state they are no longer combustion bodies.

I am correct in assuming that material beings, combustion bodies, are transported through space, but in a transformed state of being.

P 582: Upon receipt of the news that another inhabited world has attained the height of physical evolution, the System Sovereign convenes the corps of Material Sons and Daughters on the system capital; and following the discussion of the needs of such an evolutionary world, two of the volunteering group—an Adam and an Eve of the senior corps of Material Sons—are selected to undertake the adventure, to submit to the deep sleep preparatory to being enseraphimed and transported from their home of associated service to the new realm of new opportunities and new dangers.


P 582: Adams and Eves are semimaterial creatures and, as such, are not transportable by seraphim. They must undergo dematerialization on the system capital before they can be enseraphimed for transport to the world of assignment. The transport seraphim are able to

effect such changes in the Material Sons and in other semimaterial beings as enable them to be enseraphimed and thus to be transported through space from one world or system to another. About three days of standard time are consumed in this transport preparation, and it requires the co-operation of a Life Carrier to restore such a dematerialized creature to normal existence upon arrival at the end of the seraphic-transport journey.


We are safe in assuming that Adam and Eve possessed semimaterial, combustion bodies. That is why they must be enseraphimed. Their combustion bodies must be transformed into a state quiet like that of the morontia order.


P 582: While there is this dematerializing technique for preparing the Adams for transit from Jerusem to the evolutionary worlds, there is no equivalent method for taking them away from such worlds unless the entire planet is to be emptied, in which event emergency installation of the dematerialization technique is made for the entire salvable population. If some physical catastrophe should doom the planetary residence of an evolving race, the Melchizedeks and the Life Carriers would install the technique of dematerialization for all survivors, and by seraphic transport these beings would be carried away to the new world prepared for their continuing existence. The evolution of a human race, once initiated on a world of space, must proceed quite independently of the physical survival of that planet, but during the evolutionary ages it is not otherwise intended that a Planetary Adam or Eve shall leave their chosen world.


This is the passage that shows human beings can be carried to other worlds by transport seraphim. Clearly, the method of preparation for space travel is the same for both an Adam and Eve, and ordinary human mortals possessing material bodies. Their combustion bodies are transformed into a state quite like the morontia order of existence.


P 582: Upon arrival at their planetary destination the Material Son and Daughter are rematerialized under the direction of the Life Carriers. This entire process takes ten to twenty-eight days of Urantia time. The unconsciousness of the seraphic slumber continues throughout this entire period of reconstruction. When the reassembly of the physical organism is completed, these Material Sons and Daughters stand in their new homes and on their new worlds to all intents and purposes just as they were before submitting to the dematerializing process on Jerusem.


Here we see that the condition of an Adam and Eve is, for all intents and purposes, just as they were before submitting to the dematerializing process. The same holds true for all combustion bodies, including ordinary mortals.




Modification of Reproductive Prerogatives

But there is a hitch in this conclusion, as noted by the following:


P 400: The midsonite creatures live and function as reproducing beings on their magnificent worlds until they are one thousand standard years of age; whereupon they are translated by seraphic transport. Midsoniters are nonreproducing beings thereafter because the technique of dematerialization which they pass through in preparation for enseraphiming forever deprives them of reproductive prerogatives.

Midsonite beings are the offspring of a materially modified Melchizedek and a Mother Eve. From the statements made I believe they are material beings, with combustion bodies. This statement does not tell us if the Life Carriers are involved in depriving the midsoniters of reproductive prerogatives. However, other passages do:

P.581 On Jerusem the loyal children of any Adam and Eve are immortal, but the offspring of a Material Son and Daughter procreated subsequent to their arrival on an evolutionary planet are not thus immune to natural death. There occurs a change in the life- transmitting mechanism when these Sons are rematerialized for reproductive function on an evolutionary world. The Life Carriers designedly deprive the Planetary Adams and Eves of the power of begetting undying sons and daughters. If they do not default, an Adam and Eve on a planetary mission can live on indefinitely, but within certain limits their children experience decreasing longevity with each succeeding generation.

P.632 When such an era is attained on your world, no doubt Machiventa Melchizedek, now the vicegerent Planetary Prince of Urantia, will occupy the seat of the Planetary Sovereign; and it has long been conjectured on Jerusem that he will be accompanied by a son and daughter of the Urantia Adam and Eve who are now held on Edentia as wards of the Most Highs of Norlatiadek. These children of Adam might so serve on Urantia in association with the Melchizedek-Sovereign since they were deprived of procreative powers almost 37,000 years ago at the time they gave up their material bodies on Urantia in preparation for transit to Edentia.

(Note that travel to Edentia, if by the described velocity limitations, and assuming that Edentia is more than 40 light years away, would require more than 20 years to arrive there.)

The assumption for most students of the Papers is that the preparation for seraphic transport to Edentia deprived the earthly children of Adam and Eve of this function, and that it was a permanent one. It cannot be undone. This assumption follows after the remarks about the midsoniters. We see also that a modification takes place in an Adam and Eve when they take on an assignment to a planet. On Jerusem they can reproduce immortal children, but on this planet they cannot. Clearly the Life Carriers have options about the reproductive prerogatives of various beings.

A parallel question now arises: it would appear that these earthly children of Adam and Eve were transformed into a different state of being. They are now immortal. Or, at least, they continue to live for hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of years. I feel that if they continue to live for such long times, they are, for all practical purposes, immortal.

What took place in these transformations to make them immortal? I do not believe we have an answer.

The next question that arises is this: Since the reproductive modification of Adam and Eve were performed by the Life Carriers during the rematerialization process, could it be that the reproductive prerogative could have been continued as in the former state? If the Life Carriers had not intervened would they have reproduced immortal children on this world?

We now come to human mortals: Is it possible that the reproductive prerogatives of human mortals are NOT modified by

the Life Carriers, and that they CAN reproduce, after transport by seraphim? Such is the implication of the passage from P 582, and the statement of Rev 14 on the 144,000. But this is more than just an implication; it is a necessity to fulfill those remarks.

How very personal this becomes can be seen from remarks directly addressed to us human mortals:

P 430: The process of being enseraphimed is not unlike the experience of death or sleep except that there is an automatic time element in the transit slumber. You are consciously unconscious during seraphic rest. But the Thought Adjuster is wholly and fully conscious, in fact, exceptionally efficient since you are unable to oppose, resist, or otherwise hinder creative and transforming work.


P 431: When enseraphimed, you go to sleep for a specified time, and you will awake at the designated moment. The length of a journey when in transit sleep is immaterial. You are not directly aware of the passing of time. It is as if you went to sleep on a transport vehicle in one city and, after resting in peaceful slumber all night, awakened in another and distant metropolis. You journeyed while you slumbered. And so you take flight through space, enseraphimed, while you rest— sleep. The transit sleep is induced by the liaison between the Adjusters and the seraphic transporters.

We can see from You are consciously unconscious,  you go to sleep, and you will awake that these remarks are direct address to us. The whole purpose of this transfer to another world would be voided if reproductive prerogatives were removed.

When we reach into our planetary records, we find evidence for transport to other places in the universe that do not obey the velocity-of-light limitations. The report from Isaiah is about 2600 years old. The one from Enoch is about 2200 years ago. The report from the American Indian legend of Hatcinondon is perhaps 500 years old, although we have considerable difficulty in assessing the age. Betty Andreasson traveled to Salvington only a few decades ago. This diverse origin of reports shows that our Planetary Supervisors were providing information that would come into sensible form only within our days. Only with the revelation of the Urantian Papers did we acquire knowledge to understand these transactions. Prior to the Papers we did not understand. Further, a mind formed to recognize the unique nature of these reports is required. That process not only included a knowledge of the Urantia Papers, but also a knowledge of our planetary record. Out of all the people in the world how many are in such a unique position. There is a coincidence in time to the unfolding of this information. As I said before, "they are getting us ready."

We cannot understand the reports from exclusive knowledge of the Urantia Papers. No possible sense could be made of them merely from that isolated source. We must be educated to a broader range of knowledge external to the Urantia Papers. I know individuals who display great physical courage and common sense, but are spiritual cowards. They are afraid to tackle the greater problems of revelation. l also know persons who have great spiritual bravery but may be physically shy. The Apostle Peter was one of those.  I also know some who are superficial in their thinking, and cannot handle the deeper implications of revelation. They may quote massive passages from the Urantia Papers, as if to buttress their views, but fail to gain deep insight into the practical application of revelations.

I shall continue this speculation. I believe we were not fully informed about seraphic transports. I believe there was a purpose to this lack. The Urantia Papers may offer revelation unprecedented in world history, but it also is not giving steam to doubters, cowards and shallow thinkers. It is forcing us to face the problems of reality. It is taking us outside the Revelation to other knowledge and information. It is forcing us to truth, no matter where that truth may originate.

The Urantia Papers were designed by superior powers.