Ubron Theologies

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From: Ernest Moyer
Subject: Ubron Theologies
Date: Sun, Jul 17, 2005, 6:29 AM
Topic: General
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Matt 24: 27 For as the lightning comes from the east and shines as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of man.

The Theologies of Ubron

I wrote a note to dale the dazzling doukhobor, posted it, then suddenly realized what was happening. His quote from the Urantia Papers discussed the difference between theology and the reality of religion.

"And this entire experience constitutes the reality of religion as contrasted with mere theological beliefs." [p 1095]

I know what is wrong.

Ubron is doing theologies. The members are expressing theological beliefs.

What are theologies?

Interpretations. Speculations. Guesses. Intellectual understanding. Regardless of appearance, whether a book or a paragraph, disciplined or informal, discussions on Ubron are theologies.

Ubron is not discussing a real, dynamic, religion. Rarely do we find heart-felt expressions of love for God.

You may have found a path to a belief but you do not express a living religious experience.

Ubron is living in an academic world.

You are not in touch with religious reality.

A number of weeks ago a man contacted me. He has seen my work on Egypt, and expressed an admiration for my analytical finesse. We wrote back and forth, and got to know one another. I explained some things that occupied my time, including Ubron, and he said he would take a look.

I learned that this fellow is highly pragmatic, got a good head on his shoulders, and does not live in illusions, as so many people do. After a week or so he posted this to me:

A lot of those Ubron people just seem to be goof-balls with "brother" this and "Greetings and salutations" that. The "prayers" and those really long posts about Islam and all... who's got time for that stuff?  And what's with the guy who signs himself as GOD. WTF??  It seems like most of them would probably be just as comfortable playing Dungeons and Dragons or some other ridiculous role-playing bullshit game. I'm getting off the list - it's a big waste of time as far as I can tell.

He wanted to know why I wasted MY time.

I agreed with him. Dungeons and Dragons. If you had ended up in some other sand box you would have played just as happily there. The Urantia Papers merely gave you a vaster realm in which to engage your speculations.

Few, very few, of the members of Ubron, and few, very few, Urantians truly understand what it means to have a real living religious experience.

I wondered why Holly Carmichael did not recognize the dramatic revelation contained in the quote at the head of this paper. She said there were many signs. Well, there is no sign like that one. The whole world will be in awe. Which meant that she did not discriminate between real revelation and theology. She did not understand that.


Holly, I am not picking on you here. There is nothing personal here. I merely use you as convenience of illustration.

I wondered why Jacques Lecouturier felt so opposed to that revelation. It unnerved his view of reality. And how many others? Nancy Brown? Steffani Murray? A whole big basketful of Ubroners. And a still larger basketful of Urantians. Jacques became unnerved because he was into academics, into theologies, and not into the real, living reality of God.

Because of my personal religious experience, I felt a need to inform others of the connection between revelation and their lives. (Revelation regardless of source.) That is why I came onto Ubron. I posted numerous pieces, in the hope that some of that would rub off, and somebody, somewhere would get the drift.

Yet, in spite of that effort most of you guys see me as just another Joe trying to do his theology.

This tells me that you cannot distinguish between theologies and vibrant, living, religious revelation. You cannot because you do not have an experience that would give you the understanding to know the difference. And that is why our traditional revelations mean nothing to you. The Bible is a joke for many of you.

We can understand why Ubron is so unfocused, why it is so random in subject matter. We do not have a common theme to hold us together. We are not truly brothers and sisters sharing God with one another.

And we can understand why we do not discriminate between the wheat and the chaff. Are the chaff as important as the wheat? On Ubron they are.

Many of you have noted the religious fervor with which I post. I certainly am different, even if that difference is not grasped. I am different because of my religious experience. I found God. I will never be the same.

Someone said that if you are going to tell the truth, you had better keep one foot in the stirrup.

Yup. You had better be ready to ride away from THAT crowd.

I recall John the Baptist. He did not go around trying to appease people. He was a dynamic, aggressive child of God who did not care where the chips fell. He told truth like it was.

Jesus may have been a diplomat, but he refused to compromise with evil, much less to consort with sin. The Master triumphantly put loyalty to his Father's will above every other earthly and temporal consideration.

Do you truly know what that means? That means I do not compromise with a daughter who married a channeler. I refuse to compromise with evil. I will not consort with sin. Loyalty to my Creator's will is above every other earthly or temporal consideration. Literally. Period.

But where is loyalty to God displayed on Ubron or among Urantians as a crowd? I mean loyalty that is willing to engage in social sacrifice for the sake of religious integrity. You are willing to compromise with evil, to consort with sin, for the sake of earthly convenience. And you have become so callous in compromise you cannot distinguish the difference.

When Jesus comes will that bring us together? How many will fall by the wayside? How many will go over to the Devil and the channelers? How much fear will there be in the land? Who will have a pure relationship with God that can withstand the death and persecution that will come upon us?

Well, I am not into theologies. I am into revelation.