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From: Ernest Moyer
Subject: An Outline of Planetary Destiny - Holly
Date: Thu, May 19, 2005, 2:10 AM
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In order that you have a better understanding of where I am coming from I should give you some information about myself.

In less than a month I will be 75. I have 8 grandchildren and 2 1/2 great grandchildren. I have lived long enough to know the repercussions of family policies, derived from life philosophies, on grandchildren, and now coming along, great grandchildren. I have learned that the way you conduct your life, based on your views of reality and your philosophies, can have a tremendous impact on the next generation. I have watched one daughter who was dedicated to God, and what that meant for her children. It did not matter what church she attended, or what faith she followed; the important thing was her devotion. For example, she would not permit her children to play with war toys, or "transformers" because they contained a pull toward the dark side of humanity. One of her children has graduated from college, another is in college, and the third is well on his way to a constructive participation in life. I have watched another daughter, inclined to a more intellectual and tolerant view of life, who became divorced, next married a channeler, and has two sons who cannot find themselves, who take drugs, and who have sired two bastard children. I know from first hand experience what liberal policies can do to destroy lives.

I also know what "pull" means when you are contending with all the elements of raising children.

When I used the word "pull" I meant it the way Ubron discussions go: here, there, and everywhere, with tolerance for the channelers, and tolerance for great diversity of philosophies. I know from first hand experience what tolerance can do to the structure of human associations.

What Urantians have not learned is that devotion to God does not have too much tolerance.

Ubron is filled with "philosophical" discussions: debate this, contest that, quote abstracts about the Supreme Being that do not "touch" anyone, and so on.

A world-wide disaster is going to touch everyone. You won't have a choice about it. You will be forced to live or die with it. And all this "tolerance" will be washed down the toilet.

God, meaning our Creator Son, will be merciful. He will give us an opportunity to make up our minds where our devotions lie before he permits the nuclear holocaust. That is where tolerance will disappear.

Jesus did not compromise with the wisdom of the world, page 1520; Ubron is filled with such wisdom. Jesus refused to compromise with evil, much less to consort with sin, 1521. Ubron, and the vast majority of Urantians, compromise with evil and they consort with sin. Now, you must understand this has nothing to do with morality. I speak of the vast body of people who do not object that a Spirit can enter the human mind, and give those channelers all manner of twisted philosophy and false religious teaching. Such tolerance is compromising with evil, and it is consorting with sin.

I was surprised when I joined Ubron. I thought that we would have made some advances in spiritual understanding over the past six or seven years. We have not. Matters stand pretty much among Urantians as they stood that many years ago.

I must somehow make you realize that we do not have another six or seven years. We are at the end of our collective rope. There is no expectation of a "normal" way of life for any of us.

If you were attuned to reality you would recognize this by our national policies, and the great degradation of our social systems. It is only a matter of time. Then, if you were in touch with reality, you would ask what is God's schedule for that "time."

I shall use my passage here at Ubron to offer other religious instruction, in the hope that we will reach a few out of the many.