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From: Ernest Moyer
Subject: Answer to jonathan zoba
Date: Tue, Jun 28, 2005, 3:35 AM
Topic: General
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Consider cosmic appearances that are new on our world:

1. The Urantia Papers (circa 1935, published 1955)

2. Our Celestial Visitors (circa WW II, 1946, sudden contact person-to-person 1954)

3. Crop Circles (circa 1975)

4. Animal Mutilations (circa 1965)

Why would there be such a coincidence in time?

"They" are getting us ready.

Ready for what?

Great earth events, with cosmic implications.

Consider planet earth environmental, political, and spiritual conditions.

1. Great unhappiness in the human race. (Divorce rates, breakdown of school systems, breakdown of industrial systems, breakdown of social mores, leading to HIV, loss of social cohesion.)

2. Animosity and social unrest: world-wide tensions, evident in wars and genocide everywhere. (Consider mass group murders.)

3. Multiplying of nuclear nations, heavy slide into nuclear disaster.

4. Abrupt increase in mediumship, or channeling. (You can get numbers from the book trade business.)

Clearly we are headed for social and political disaster.

Anyone who goes around with grand dreams of a brave new world without paying the cost is living in foo-foo land.

William Sadler was told that the Urantia Papers were not intended for this day and age. See my book and other

reports. Then why were they given now? To prepare Teachers and Leaders. These Teachers and Leaders most likely are part of the Cosmic Reserve Corps of Destiny. Secretly rehearsed, they will appear as part of the spiritual contest now shortly coming down upon us.

Some weeks ago I posted a piece on the Return of Jesus. You can find it by going to my list of posts. You should expect a grave world spiritual crisis. Jesus will be here to lead his people. Caligastia will be freed to perform his attacks upon mankind. This contest among the "Gods" will be expressed at the human level; mortals will be the soldiers on either side. There will be vast death and destruction.

From out of this spiritual storm some of God's people will be salvaged to carry on into the brave new world.

THEN they will be able to understand the Urantia Papers in ways we do not even begin to comprehend today.


Message: 72276
From: jonathan zoba
Subject: crop circles/communication/FER
Date: Mon, Jun 27, 2005, 5:27 PM
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I agree that one's priority on earth is love. that is a given. i just don't think that speculation neccisarily distracts you from that purpose. do not the celestials indulge in some degree of speculation? Cannot a Son of God find a healthy degree of mindal stimulation through it?

granted, speculation should never be taken for anything other than speculation. it should not affect our duty in the here and now regardless of where our imaganitive mind takes us.

if you would be willing to indulge me then, i speculate that there must some global plan in motion by the fact that we have recieved a text book or a manual, the FER. to what benefit is it to our mortal career to know the names of of so many different orders of universe personalities when we have no perception of their presence?

perhaps that more directly points to the question i ask/speculate: why so much evidently useless information in the FER unless it will soon be useful.