Seeming Contradiction in the Urantia Papers

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From: Ernest Moyer
Subject: Query: Seeming Contradiction in the Urantia Papers
Date: Mon, Jul 11, 2005, 2:56 AM
Topic: General
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Query: Has anyone resolved this apparent conflict in the Urantia Papers?

P 385: Gabriel and the Father Melchizedek are never away from Salvington at the same time, for in Gabriel’s absence the Father Melchizedek functions as the chief executive of Nebadon.

P.1753 - §4 When the three had been fast asleep for about half an hour, they were suddenly awakened by a near- by crackling sound, and much to their amazement and consternation, on looking about them, they beheld Jesus in intimate converse with two brilliant beings clothed in the habiliments of the light of the celestial world. And Jesus' face and form shone with the luminosity of a heavenly light. These three conversed in a strange language, but from certain things said, Peter erroneously conjectured that the beings with Jesus were Moses and Elijah; in reality, they were Gabriel and the Father Melchizedek. The physical controllers had arranged for the apostles to witness this scene because of Jesus' request.

P.1755 - §6 After the formal visitation of Gabriel and the Father Melchizedek, Jesus held informal converse with these, his Sons of ministry, and communed with them concerning the affairs of the universe.

My questions are these:

Were the images of Gabriel and the Father Melchizedek merely a projection; did they not leave their residence on Salvington?

If so, is it possible to project the image of all, or other, high celestial beings in the conduct of universe affairs, without their leaving their functional abodes?

Would this deduction be especially true for Jesus, as Michael, if he should desire to be other places? That is, if he should desire to return to Urantia, might his presence merely be a projection?

Was a functional aspect of Jesus projected to Salvington for this conversation, while still remaining in the presence of his three apostles?

If the three divine personalities were literally on Urantia at the same time, how do we reconcile the apparent contradiction in the Urantia Papers?