The Return of Jesus

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From: Ernest Moyer
Subject: The Return of Jesus
Date: Fri, May 20, 2005, 11:00 AM
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It has been a year since I became aware of the possible return of Jesus. I wrote a paper for Christians centered around that possibility.

I felt then, and even more now, that I would not have come to those insights unless his return was imminent.  

This event was mentioned in the Marian Apparitions at Garabandal and Fatima. The conditions were given to those Catholic children.

Refer to my papers on the index page of:

and my Marian Apparition papers at:

Note that these are PDF files but you can view them as HTML at:

I hope this gives you further insight into why I take this view.


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P.1025 Section 4 also states, "It is altogether possible that, in some future age when Urantia is approaching the era of light and life, after the affairs of the Lucifer rebellion and the Caligastia secession have been finally adjudicated, we may witness the presence on Urantia, simultaneously, of Machiventa, Adam, Eve, and Christ Michael, as well as either a Magisterial Son or even Trinity Teacher Sons."

I believe it does no good to try and second guess Michael. It probably won't happen in our life time. I am of the opinion that too little time has passed since the introduction of the UB for anything of this magnitude to come to pass. In the above paragraph they're talking about ages and ages from now. And as for a planetary crises, when have we not been in the midst of one? I would have to say that the problems we find ourselves faced with in the present are greatly diminished from the times of WWII.

Also when you state, "The Revelators would not tie these two events together, repeated twice, unless there was a good expectation that Jesus would return prior to or during these events." What is it that you base this assumption on? It appears to me that they are stating the opposite when they say, "From all we know these promises may, or may not, refer to the same event." This is another quote that belies any knowledge of Michael's return other than that he will. "Page 1919: We most positively believe that Michael will again come in person to Urantia, but we have not the slightest idea as to when or in what manner he may choose to come."

I'm not saying he won't show up tomorrow I'm just fairly certain that no one knows when he will other than he himself. Peace