God Controls the Universe
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From: Ernest Moyer
Subject: Reply to Jacques Lecouturier
Date: Sun, Jun 19, 2005, 2:25 PM
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In your post reacting to Spielberg you repeated an Essay you posted to Ubron in 2002.

I shall respond to pieces of that Essay. You said:

This post is for readers having a basic knowledge of the visitations to earth by various cosmic neighbors. It is not intended to educate anyone on the subject but to present ideas on the motives for their visits.

After 40 years of research, examining the records from the past, some of which are in the Bible, determining the record of the present, giving due regard for all the disinformation intended to mislead many amateur UFO students, and considering the promises given to us about our planetary future, I make the following remarks:

God has control over his universe. There is no travel between planets or worlds without his knowledge. You may easily deduce this principle as a fact if you consider our Great Revelation.

Page 46: The long-drawn-out evolutionary processes of peoples, planets, and universes are under the perfect control of the universe creators and administrators and unfold in accordance with the eternal purpose of the Universal Father, proceeding in harmony and order and in keeping with the all-wise plan of God.

This remark holds for our world, especially for our world, since it is Michael's home planet, and the Sentimental Shrine of all Nebadon. No maverick visitor, no rebel personality, no eccentric pirate even lands on these shores. In fact, no such entity exists among the universe circuits of space.

Page 241: After his elevation to settled sovereignty in a local universe a Paradise Michael is in full control of all other Sons of God functioning in his domain . . .

No activities on a world of space, whether by the residents, the local political systems, planetary administrators, or visitors from space is unknown to the Sons of God functioning on that world. Such knowledge is within the cognizance of Machiventa Melchizedek, and the current administration of the Four and Twenty Counselors.

Page 394:

Rebellion by a Planetary Prince instantly isolates his planet; the local spiritual circuits are immediately severed. Only a bestowal Son can re-establish interplanetary lines of communication on such a spiritually isolated world.

Quite clearly, all lines of communication, whether by space circuits, or by seraphic visitors, is reestablished only by Michael, whether before his incarnation, or after.

Many discussions are presented about seraphic transports, and their role in reestablishing contacts with our world.

39:2.17 7. The Reserves. Large reserves of all types of the superior seraphim are held on Salvington, instantly available for dispatch to the farthermost worlds of Nebadon . . .

39:3.11 7. The Reserves. General reserves of the supervisor seraphim are held on the headquarters of the constellations . . .

39:5.17 7. The Reserves. The Satania reserve corps of the planetary seraphim is maintained on Jerusem in close association with the reserves of the Material Sons. These abundant reserves repletely provide for every phase of the manifold activities of this seraphic order. These angels are also the personal message bearers of the local systems. They serve transition mortals, angels, and the Material Sons as well as others domiciled on the system headquarters. While Urantia is, at present, outside the spiritual circuits of Satania and Norlatiadek, you are otherwise in intimate touch with interplanetary affairs, for these messengers from Jerusem frequently come to this world as to all the other spheres of the system.

Other reasons exist for understanding why all visitors to our world are under the supervision, direct or indirect, of our Creator Son.


Page 224: Each Creator son . . . is personally conscious of every act and emotion of every descending Son of God serving in his domain.

Since all inhabitable planets have Planetary Rulers, descending Sons, Jesus is fully aware of every act and emotion of each of those worlds within his universe. This includes the rebel Sons, such as Caligastia. Michael knows his every thought and act immediately that it occurs. No visitors land on our shores without Michael's personal knowledge and consent.

You stated:

After reading much literature by authoritative authors on the subject, the possibility remains that at least some aliens may not have the best of intentions toward earth. This pre-disposition seems quite frequent in public opinion and appears to be derived from endless portrayals of cosmic invaders by Hollywood.

No authoritative authors exist on this subject. This includes all the agencies of all earth governments, and the many purely speculative creations of numerous investigators. All are full of deceptive error -- because they lack the benefit of Divine Revelation.

I shall not further respond to your post, except for the list of disinformation you present.

Some arguments come from disinformation sources, as any informed person can logically deduce.

1. They need body parts from humans to rejuvenate their own bodies

2. They capture humans to use as forced labor for colonizing planets

3. Their planet is dying and they want to invade earth to make it their new home

4. They retrieve certain minerals that are abundant on our planet

This shows the purely speculative nature of many of these UFO works, and is contrary to all we know from Revelation.

5. Earth is endangering cosmic gravity with its atomic explosions and it must stopped

6. A global atomic war would throw earth off-course and endangers its neighbors

This is not an idle concern. Atomic explosions do not endanger "cosmic gravity" as such, but the explosions will upset earth gravitational equilibrium in the Solar System. This concept requires a thorough review of our present human knowledge and how the Solar System is locked together in synchronicity from one planet to the next. Obviously I cannot cover such broad discussion here.

7. Humans are spoiling their planet and need to be assisted to prevent an irreversible course.

8. Humanity will destroy itself if it does not change its course.

9. Earth has reached a critical stage in its evolution and celestial assistance would be most beneficial to eradicate wars and diseases.

All of the latter three are true.

An examination of the loss of biological species is sufficient to alarm any knowledgeable person. I have personally wondered if God has established on that other world, to which the 144,000 will be removed, and which now holds the children of the abductions, many of those lost species, and if they will be returned to this world when it settles down.

Jesus himself said: If those days had not been shortened no human life world survive, Matt 24:22.

The coming nuclear holocaust will help to cleanse the earth, remove unwanted and detrimental human kind, and cause changes in the biological environmental conditions that we presently operate under.


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