Forward Looking Persons
Note made November 14, 2005: The Ubron posts carry a header that identifies the author, date and subject. However, Bruce Schuman has closed these to access, and I cannot now positively identify these elements. The file date of this post is July 10, 2005

Stephen and Sandor:

Stephen Requa and Sandor Szabados

A passage is given in the Urantia Papers that reveals much about our present alarming national and international political and social condition.

P.135 Unspiritual animals know only the past and live in the present. Spirit-indwelt man has powers of prevision (insight); he may visualize the future. Only forward-looking and progressive attitudes are personally real. Static ethics and traditional morality are just slightly superanimal. Nor is stoicism a high order of self-realization. Ethics and morals become truly human when they are dynamic and progressive, alive with universe reality.

A large portion of our national Republican party, as well as most churches, Jewish and Christian, wish to preserve static ethics and traditional morality. They are not forward-looking personalities.

Did you know that they are only slightly superanimal? Given this classification by the Urantia Papers, what do you think their chances are for heaven?

What is a forward-looking personality?

Someone who is concerned about our ecology. Someone who is concerned about the trend of international politics, like yourself. Someone who is unafraid to examine the path of the world.

How many forward-looking personalities have given up on the present institutions? Do you still cling to the present social organizations?

What is the path of our world? Where are we headed?

In spite of all the efforts of all of our political leaders, in spite of all that goes into the crying world conditions, where are we today?

How many on this list are willing to come to grips with the events of the world? How many hide their heads under a basket, and don't want to know? How many have the courage to face the world AS IT IS, and not AS THEY WANT IT TO BE.

Why don't we listen to God, as he expressed it so many years ago:

Jer 8:15 -- We looked for peace, but no good came, for a time of healing, but behold, terror.

Was 9/11 terror? Was the Moscow subway terror? Were the Spanish trains terror? Was the London subway terror? Is Iraq filled with terror? How much, and how much more, must we endure until we come to recognition of where we are, and where we are headed?

Hab 1:5-12 -- Look among the nations, and see; wonder and be astounded. For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told. For lo, I am rousing the Chalde'ans, that bitter and hasty nation, who march through the breadth of the earth, to seize habitations not their own. Dread and terrible are they; their justice and dignity proceed from themselves. Their horses are swifter than leopards, more fierce than the evening wolves; their horsemen press proudly on. Yea, their horsemen come from afar; they fly like an eagle swift to devour.  They all come for violence; terror of them goes before them. They gather captives like sand. At kings they scoff, and of rulers they make sport. They laugh at every fortress, for they heap up earth and take it. Then they sweep by like the wind and go on, guilty men, whose own might is their god!

Do you know what a bitter and hasty nation is? Do you know the bitterness of the United States because of what was done to us?

Have you watched the United States march into Afghanistan or Iraq seizing habitations not our own? How many other nations have we marched into?

Do you know how the justice and dignity of the United States proceeds from ourselves?

Do you know the tanks and guns that press proudly on? How far do we come to mete out our justice? From the opposite side of the world. How like the eagles do we fly, with our aircraft? How swift are we to devour?

I suppose that war is not violence. I suppose that the United States did not bring terror? How many women and children did we kill in Fallujah? I believe the last count was around 600.

How many captives have we gathered? Thousands.

Does the United States scoff at kings? Do we make sport of rulers? What did we do with Saddam Hussein?

Does the United States laugh at fortresses, and then take them?

Then they sweep by like the wind and go on, guilty men, whose own might is their god!

Do you know what astonishing events these are? How many on this list, and in our world, do not believe it when they are told?

Do you know why the name Chaldean? Because we are Great Babylon. We are a wealthy, immoral nation. We speak many languages. Just like ancient Babylon.

Our fate was decreed, from long, long ago, but how many despise such teaching?

How many are not forward-looking individuals? How many cling to the present static ethics and traditional morality, now gone astray?