Exposure of our Mind to Control &/or Evil
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From: Ernest Moyer
Subject: Exposure of our Mind to Control &/or Evil
Date: Sat, May 7, 2005, 2:52 AM
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To Eileene, Dale, Sandor, et al:

This thing has taken so many twists and turns I must respond within the limits of Ubron postings.

Caligastia can work on us in two ways:

One, he can suggest thoughts in our minds without us inviting him in. This is the method he used on Eve.

Two, he can enter our minds to control and possess us but only if we give him invitation.

The first method is not visible or clearly perceivable in any way. The second can lead to visions, both internal and external.

Many within the Teaching Mission have reported internal visions. They see scenes that are vivid to them. Surely you have read or heard their reports.

(Has anyone surveyed the channeling phenomenon outside the Urantia community? A plethora of reports are available that have nothing to do with the Urantia Papers. Walk into any new age bookstore. The phenomena reported are the same. And active solicitation of the spirits is not always recognized. I met a man from Australia who practiced “rebirth.” He did not go out seeking the spirits as such but he set his frame of mind to their working within him. He also came to see visions.)

The following account appeared in the Light and Life Journal, Issue #8, Winter 1999-2000. The man was Allen Wolf. He is married, with grandchildren. He is a counselor by profession, currently working with elementary school children. He has lived and worked in India, South-East Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. He now lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. I have selected pieces from his report.


This clearly loving, spiritual presence said to me, over and over, regularly, day after day, in slightly different ways, yet always basically the same, “I’m coming! I’m coming to you all soon! In your time soon I’m coming!”

It didn’t feel like the spirit-presence of Jesus, though close, or that of our Father or Mother, though also close. The personal presence was overwhelming filled with love, understanding, compassion and comfort, and with the very real power of direct and immediate knowledge of the universal truth and reality of God. My heightened spiritual awareness told me this was, indeed, a new and direct representative of God - a spiritual Teacher, uplifter and sustainer, for ALL of humanity.

The overwhelming power of this sudden, unexpected, direct personal experience, given to me that night - the pure, swirling, light; the deep touch of infinite knowing and connecting, with life-essence and God-presence combined; and the direct communication and contact with a personally, loving, and reassuring spiritual Teacher from, and of, God - remains vivid to me to this day.


Do you see how Caligastia works? He does not come as an evil person. He comes as an angel of light. He produces phenomena that offer “proof” to that individual. Do you think you will convince any of them otherwise? Forget it.

Now back to the technique used on Eve.

We all are susceptible to suggestions from Caligastia. Many times when we encounter temptations they are produced by him. But we can stay clear of such problems by remaining righteous. We must keep our minds centered on God, and on Jesus. We must give ourselves to his care. Then we will remain free of such influences.