Crop Circles Are Made by Midwayers

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From: Ernest Moyer
Subject: Crop Circles Are Made By Midwayers
Date: Tue, Jul 12, 2005, 1:07 AM
Topic: Current Events & News
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Well, certain properties are sure:

They are supernatural. They do not have a natural cause.

Whether they are from Midwayers or Visitors cannot be determined, and the theories we espouse merely reflect our personal preference.

They have a purpose. They have opened the minds of untold millions around the world to "other worldly" concepts.

They are explicitly mathematical in most cases, or can be reduced to mathematical analysis.

Mathematics has no linguistic ties. Math exceeds language. Everyone and anyone can understand math, if so educated, regardless of native language.

The depth of the math in most cases has not found interpreters among us. We are too busy, or too immature, or insufficiently educated.

They are leading us on, we immature creatures, to other ideas and thoughts. We might say they are pulling us by our noses.

I personally feel it is an excellent introductory course in contact with other worlds.

Here we have it unfolding right in front of our faces, and too stupid to recognize what is happening.

Since a vast majority of our scientists are too preoccupied with chasing electromagnetic signals from space to pay attention to communication taking place in their backyards you can see where we are as a people.

One other point: The conduct of the communicators is very like the conduct in otherwise showing themselves to us. Elusive and enigmatic.

Not forcing any minds, are they?

Decisions, decisions.

Oh, well!