Celestial Banquets

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From: Ernest Moyer
Subject: Celestial Banquets
Date: Sun, Jun 26, 2005, 1:40 PM
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I shall now compare a report from our Bible with that from George Adamski. I do not here justify the authenticity of any of these reports. You must judge for yourself the information value.


Exod 24:9-11 -- Then Moses and Aaron, Nadab, and Abi'hu, and seventy of the elders of Israel went up, and they saw the God of Israel; and there was under his feet as it were a pavement of sapphire stone, like the very heavens for brightness. And he did not lay his hand on the chief men of the people of Israel. They beheld God, and ate and drank.


1. Moses and Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, and seventy of the elders of Israel "went up."


Adamski "went up": "Our little craft glided toward the top of the mother ship, very much like an aircraft coming in to land on the deck of an aircraft carrier, page 43."


The "mother ship" was torpedo shaped: "The spectacle of that gigantic cigar-shaped carrier ship hanging there motionless in the stratosphere will never dim in my memory, page 43."

I had described in previous postings the nature of the disk-shaped craft exiting and entering the "mother ship." Here Adamski is reporting that he was on board a disk-shaped craft as it entered the gigantic cigar-shaped seraphic transport. 

2. From Exodus: there was "under his feet, as it were, a pavement of sapphire stone."

Adamski said the interior of the flying objects, both disk and torpedo-shape, were made of crystalline substances: "I looked up into the translucent dome, page 41." 

3. From Exodus: "as the very heavens for brightness."

Adamski described the interior of the objects as lit by a "heavenly light" of unknown origins: 

"Within the craft there was not a single dark corner. I could not make out where the light was coming from. It seemed to permeate every cavity and corner with a soft pleasing glow. There is no way of describing that light exactly, page 39."

"A soft, mysterious blue-white light filled (the room), and yet I saw no lighting fixtures, and nowhere any inequality in brightness, page 47."

"As I looked around, I saw the familiar bluish-white diffused light, and the same kind of glassy translucent metal walls, page 89."


Lest anyone denigrate the holiness of these matters, each of you should reflect on the source of the mysterious light which fills the seraphic craft and transports.  

Page-47: Of all the divine attributes, his omnipotence, especially as it prevails in the material universe, is the best understood. Viewed as an unspiritual phenomenon, God is energy. This declaration of physical fact is predicated on the incomprehensible truth that the First Source and Center is the primal cause of the universal physical phenomena of all space. From this divine activity all physical energy and other material manifestations are derived. LIGHT, THAT IS, LIGHT WITHOUT HEAT, is another of the nonspiritual manifestations of the Deities. And there is still another form of nonspiritual energy which is virtually unknown on Urantia; it is as yet unrecognized.

Page-143: On the seven sacred worlds of the Eternal Son there appear to take origin the impersonal energies of spirit luminosity. No personal being may sojourn on any of these seven shining realms. With spiritual glory they illuminate all Paradise and Havona, and they directionize pure spirit luminosity to the seven superuniverses. These brilliant spheres of the second circuit likewise emit their light (LIGHT WITHOUT HEAT) to Paradise and to the billion worlds of the seven-circuited central universe.

Other references to divine light are found in the Papers. I have accented the phrase.

4. In Exodus the men "saw God." "They saw the God of Israel."

Adamski saw a "wise man."

"Now, as we sat around the table, all eyes turned to the older space man as he began to speak. Although it was only later that his stature on all planets was explained to me, it was impossible not to realize that I was in the presence of a greatly evolved being, and the attitude of all present clearly indicated that they, as well as I, felt very humble before him, page 63."


Page-389: The Melchizedeks are the first to act in all emergencies of whatever nature on all worlds where will creatures dwell. They sometimes act as temporary custodians on wayward planets, serving as receivers of a defaulting planetary government. In a planetary crisis these Melchizedek Sons serve in many unique capacities. It is easily possible for such a Son to make himself visible to mortal beings, and sometimes one of this order has even incarnated in the likeness of mortal flesh. Seven times in Nebadon has a Melchizedek served on an evolutionary world in the similitude of mortal flesh, and on numerous occasions these Sons have appeared in the likeness of other orders of universe creatures. They are indeed the versatile and volunteer emergency ministers to all orders of universe intelligences and to all the worlds and systems of worlds.


From this passage we know the Melchizedeks can easily make themselves visible to mortal beings. We also know Machiventa Melchizedek was appointed vicegerent Planetary Prince of Urantia, representing Christ Michael. Therefore, it seems safe to deduce that the ancient people of Israel regarded him as the "God of Israel." It was their custom to regard celestial personalities as "gods." This fact is evident from many Old Testament passages. Adamski felt very humble before this celestial personality. Therefore, I conclude that the visits on board the seraphic transports were with Melchizedek. Adamski knew him as Abraham knew him.

5. In Exodus Moses, Aaron, Nadab, Abihu and the elders of Israel ate and drank with their celestial host.

Adamski ate and drank with his celestial visitors.

"A banquet is in preparation . . ." I saw that the large table on one side of the room had been set for service . . . After all were seated, the master rose and for several moments the room was filled with reverent stillness ..., pages 170, 171."

It may be one thing for the men of Israel to visit with this "God" in conversation; it is quite another to banquet with him. Similarly for Adamski. Can you imagine the extent to which our celestial visitors worked to prepare for these celestial banquets? Can you see how important Adamski was to provide this explanation of that very old account, and to elevate our vision to the activities of the heavenly realms? As far as I am aware it was Adamski, and only Adamski, who provided an explanation of that Biblical passage.

This passage in Exodus created great theological controversy. Read the commentators. Matthew Henry, a century and a half ago, recognizing that the Bible says we cannot see the face of God and live, made the literally asinine remark that they saw "his hinder parts."