How Well Does Caligastia Know Us?
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From: Ernest Moyer
Subject: How Well Does Caligastia Know Us?
Date: Wed, Jul 13, 2005, 5:01 AM
Topic: Study
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In an effort to understand more fully the current danger of Caligastia I sought information from the Urantia Papers that would help guide us in our thinking. I tried to estimate the capacity of the power of various levels of the Gods and their subordinates.


Evidence From Revelation

P.71 - The personality circuit of the universe of universes is centered in the person of the Universal Father, and the Paradise Father is personally conscious of, and in personal touch with, all personalities of all levels of self-conscious existence. And this personality consciousness of all creation exists independently of the mission of the Thought Adjusters.

Most of us are familiar with this statement. But it means that the Father actually knows, at all times, and in all circumstances, what is going on within our minds and our hearts. He knows everything. He is personally conscious of all self- conscious personalities in this infinite creation. This is captured in another remark:

P.139 - 1 It is a mystery that God is a highly personal self-conscious being with residential headquarters, and at the same time personally present in such a vast universe and personally in contact with such a well-nigh infinite number of beings. That such a phenomenon is a mystery beyond human comprehension should not in the least lessen your faith. Do not allow the magnitude of the infinity, the immensity of the eternity, and the grandeur and glory of the matchless character of God to overawe, stagger, or discourage you; for the Father is not very far from any one of you; he dwells within you, and in him do we all literally move, actually live, and veritably have our being.

On Page 76 we are told that this same power is vested in the Eternal Son.

When we come down to the local creations, the Local Universes, we find the same kind of power vested in the Creator Sons.

P 224: The Creator Sons seem to possess a spiritual endowment centering in their persons, which they control and which they can bestow, as did your own Creator Son when he poured out his spirit upon all mortal flesh on Urantia. Each Creator Son is endowed with this spiritual drawing power in his own realm; he is personally conscious of every act and emotion of every descending Son of God serving in his domain. Here is a divine reflection, a local universe duplication, of that absolute spiritual drawing power of the Eternal Son which enables him to reach out to make and maintain contact with all his Paradise Sons, no matter where they may be in all the universe of universes.

We can see that our Creator Son has this same power. He is personally conscious of every act and emotion of all his descending Sons.

But to repeat, once again, this same power vests in the Eternal Son.

Some may object. They may claim that this power to know every act and emotion is limited to the descending Sons. Consider this remark:

P.1517 - 3 Having settled his policy concerning all personalities of all classes of his created intelligences, so far as this could be determined in view of the inherent potential of his new status of divinity, Jesus now turned his thoughts toward himself. What would he, now the fully self-conscious creator of all things and beings existent in this universe, do with these creator

prerogatives in the recurring life situations which would immediately confront him when he returned to Galilee to resume his work among men? In fact, already, and right where he was in these lonely hills, had this problem forcibly presented itself in the matter of obtaining food. By the third day of his solitary meditations the human body grew hungry. Should he go in quest of food as any ordinary man would, or should he merely exercise his normal creative powers and produce suitable bodily nourishment ready at hand? And this great decision of the Master has been portrayed to you as a temptation--as a challenge by supposed enemies that he "command that these stones become loaves of bread."

Jesus was now the fully self-conscious Creator of all things and all beings in his universe. He is self-conscious of the acts and emotions of every one of us. The view from our traditional religions is that our Creator knows all our thoughts and feelings. We cannot avoid his all-seeing eye.

Ps 94:11 -- Yahweh knows the thoughts of man, that they are but a breath.

I asked how far down the administrative realms, perhaps to the Constellations and the Systems, do we find this power.

P 391: The entire mechanism of spirit intelligence and communication channels is at the disposal of the constellation Most Highs. They are in perfect touch with their superiors on Salvington and with their direct subordinates, the sovereigns of the local systems.

I do not know what the phrase "perfect touch" means but it suggests that the Most Highs have a power similar to our Creator. They not only are in perfect touch with the System Sovereigns, but all other beings as well. I deduce this from the fact that the entire mechanism of spirit intelligence and communication channels is at their disposal.

Note that in each case there is a diminution in scope as we come down the scale of existence. The Father is fully self-conscious of all beings in the entire universe. The Creator Son is self-conscious of every being in his created domain. The Most Highs are in perfect touch with those beings in their administrative domain.

I even find this in the Thought Adjusters:

P 1207 Adjusters are able to receive the continuous stream of cosmic intelligence coming in over the master circuits of time and space; they are in full touch with the spirit intelligence and energy of the universes. But these mighty indwellers are unable to transmit very much of this wealth of wisdom and truth to the minds of their mortal subjects because of the lack of commonness of nature and the absence of responsive recognition.

You can see that the Adjusters are in full touch with the spirit intelligence and energy of all creation.

The question now before us is this: Does Caligastia have similar powers? Does he know every act and emotion of every human being on this world?

I was convinced that he did and he does. Those powers were not taken from him. Study of the phenomena going on under Mediumship and Channeling convinced me.


The Mediumship Evidence
I introduce Marcus Bach:

Bach was born in 1906 and raised in a mildly divided, but religious, Wisconsin family. His father was a member of the Presbyterian church; his mother of the Reformed faith, (now United Church of Christ). Bach's father had an interest in fundamental religionists and their soul- filled worship practices. He would take young Bach with him to holy-roller tent revivals and camp meetings in the years following World War I. With the strong interest of his parents in religious life Bach was initially persuaded to attend Mission House College and Seminary near Sheboygan, Wisconsin. At the end of his third year he devised means to leave and moved on to the secular environment of a state university. He obtained a graduate fellowship which took him to various parts of the country and encounters with a wide spectrum of religious faiths. Bach received a PhD degree and went on to make a study, not, as he said, "in the theological or doctrinal sense, but what religion is and what it does in the lives of people." He later wrote a number of books on the religious practices of people, including They Have Found A Faith, Bobbs- Merrill Company, New York, 1946, Major Religions of the World, 1959, Strange Sects and Cults, 1961, and Spiritual Breakthroughs For Our Time, 1965.

As part of his research he attended a spiritualist convention in Chesterfield, Indiana at the center located in that town. The center is still operating today. In the following days Bach attended three different spiritualist performances. The first was a private session which only he and his friend Pressing had with a trumpet medium, a slightly built young man about thirty years of age. The second was a meeting with a male mind- reader attended by a large audience. The third was with a materializing medium, a diminutive, refined and genteel woman, and a circle of seven observers. The following is excerpted from the first performance. Early in the session he had asked the Spirit, speaking through the Medium, if he could talk to an old friend, Bob Whitehand. Quoting Bach:

"But who are you?" I insisted.

"Sylvia!" said the voice emphatically. "Didn't I tell you? I am Sylvia? . . . I can get other spirits for you, if you want me to."

"How?" I demanded. "With millions of spirits in the spirit world, how do you get them? Call Bob Whitehand for me."

"Bob Whitehand?" The voice seemed to drift from us for a moment. "Bob Whitehand?" It returned reflectively. "I'll try. It is done by vibrations . . . I'll try to get Bob Whitehand after while. But look at the trumpet now, Dr. Bach!"

The Spirit, identifying itself as Sylvia, performed various levitation demonstrations with two trumpets. Then the Spirit said:

"I think I have Bob Whitehand for you."

"Good!" I said, in a tone of co-operation. "Bob? Bob? Can you hear me?"

A luminous head appeared levitated about four feet from the floor. It was not materialized in the way that materializations are usually described. It simply appeared out of nothingness. It was like a

 blurred flashlight reflected on a human face. I made out the unmistakable features of my friend who had been killed in France. This apparition hovered in the room for only a few seconds and then blacked out. How should I explain it? If it were actually a human face illuminated by a flashlight, it must have been shrouded in a curtain in the center of the room. But I knew there had been no curtain. Besides, why would the flashlight diffuse over no other single part of the room, curtain or apparatus -- if apparatus were used? And if it were someone impersonating Bob Whitehand, how could he make up such a marked resemblance to Bob, inasmuch as no one knew that I would request Bob's appearance? It was an inexplicable happening and remained the most vivid of the afternoon's demonstration.

This was truly an amazing demonstration. From whence had the Spirit conjured up Bob Whitehand? Note that there was a delay in response, while the Spirit played with the trumpets.

No one, including Bach, knew beforehand that he would make this request. It was strictly spontaneous. Therefore, it was not possible that trickery of some kind was involved. Yet the Spirit was able to create an image of Bach's old friend, with sufficient detail and authenticity, that Bach could not refute the demonstration.

I could explain this experience from only one view: The Spirit was able to retain Bob Whitehand in his memory banks. But there are untold billions of people, of images, for him to chose from. This simple demonstration left me with an awesome realization. The Spirit, Caligastia, has the power to remember every human being who has ever lived on this world since he arrived here 500 thousand years ago. Not only a single memory, but a complete panoramic memory of every moment of life of all people.

He can remember every moment of my life, of your life, of our grandparent's lives, of our ancestors 5,000 years ago, on back to the beginning of that time. Not only remember, but duplicate in full living resemblance the actual images.

Now that is awesome power.

I could go on to cite other Medium demonstrations of memory of persons who are conjured up in spiritualist sessions. But they reach the same conclusion.

The reason he delayed in responding to Bach was the fact that Bach had randomly requested his old friend to appear, without previously telling anyone. Caligastia needed a few moments to spin through his reels of memory to find Whitehand.

This realization reaches to another: Caligastia knows our every emotion, our every act, can read character, can read personality, can know us intimately to the greatest detail of our lives. He knows what we will do under any situation. If we, as elder people, can forecast the actions of a junior associate, just think what he can do with all of human kind!

When people solicit him he can play them for the children they truly are. He can manipulate them, and wrap them around his little finger, so to speak, or should I say his Spirit whim. And he can cast himself as a brilliant being of light in glorious splendor.