Allen Wolf and David Morningstar

Steffani, you asked:

Message: 72434
From: Steffani Murray
Subject: The Sea of Glass (to Ernest)
Date: Fri, Jul 1, 2005, 8:37 AM
Topic: Study
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O.K. Ernest,

Allowing for the fact that your perceptions of events which are other peoples personal experiences do not seem to be interpreted with any degree of consistency . . . How come when David describes his encounter with Michael as a Being of Light with an overwhelming presence of incredible unconditional love . . . you accept that . . . Yet when you posted a description of a remarkably similar event written by Al Wolf . . . you interpret that one as a diabolic counterfeit of a "visit with God".


Allen Wolf solicited the Spirits; David Morningstar did not.

Allen Wolf had repeated communications from the Spirits; David Morningstar did not.

Allen Wolf was able to visibly perceive the Spirit as that Spirit showed himself; David Morningstar could not look upon God.

Allen Wolf had experiences extending over many episodes, years of time; David Morningstar had one experience, and only one experience.

Allen Wolf described a time element in his experiences, as we normally share when we associate with others; David Morningstar had months of experience compressed into one minute.

Allen Wolf communicated in a form found in all mediumship exercises; David Morningstar had communication impressed upon him similar to those of the Old Testament prophets and John the Revelator.

Allen Wolf had experiences that were centered upon himself; David Morningstar had experiences that were not centered on himself, but were of other places on other worlds.

Allen Wolf had experiences that flattered his ego; David Morningstar had an experience in which ego was left far behind.

I suppose I could come up with some others, but if you do not understand what I outline here, I don't think adding more would suffice.