Ubron is one of a dozen or more attempts at setting up an Internet community forum among those who espouse the Urantia Papers, and express a belief in them. Over time most of them fail. Ubron is fortunate in that it is well regulated, although individual posts are not monitored. Many of its members have been active for most of its duration, starting in 1998. A large percentage of its membership are silent; they listen to the conversations, but do not participate. Active discourse is limited to a small proportion of the membership.

When one signs up with Ubron one is greeted with this message:


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UBRON is the Urantia Community Good News Network!

Love is the Ultimate Reality.
If it ain't love, it ain't real.

-- Sunshine

Welcome to Urantia Book Readers Online Network!

Our aim is to provide a communications center for promoting awareness that all mankind is part of the same family. Our guiding beacon can be found in The Urantia Book, Paper 100, Section 4, Paragraph 6:

"If each mortal could only become a focus of dynamic affection, this benign virus of love would soon pervade the sentimental emotion-stream of humanity to such an extent that all civilization would be encompassed by love, and that would be the realization of the brotherhood of man."


Unfortunately, this greeting is subject to all of the contentions and misgivings among human kind. Susan Sarfaty, who is now deceased, initiated the Forum and the person who identified herself as Sunshine. The technical structure of the Forum was

created by Bruce Schuman and is owned by him. He pays the Internet fees to sustain the Forum. Patrick McNelly took over management of the Forum after the death of Susan Sarfaty and has posted the following for all users of the Forum.


UBRON Guidelines
Urantia Book Reader's Online Network

Dear Members,

UBRON, "Urantia Book Reader's Online Network" is changing rapidly! To meet the constant challenging needs of evolutionary growth we present to you a statement of values and meanings for UBRON and its members. As UBRON is evolving, so are these guidelines.

The restatement is the culmination of much thought and hard work over the past few weeks. We believe this statement clarifies what UBRON is and what guidelines will be used.

This statement reestablishes the mission and guidelines for UBRON to date. The mission and guidelines are a work in progress, and the owner and manager continue to guide the route to UBRON's destiny. You will be kept informed of impending changes and your input is welcomed. UBRON's goals are:

1. Fostering the Golden Rule.
2. Building global fraternity among all religions.

3. Helping others learn more about our Creator in and through The Urantia Book teachings.

The founder of UBRON, Susan Sarfaty, created a motto for UBRON:

"If it ain't love, it ain't real."

Please read the statement below and decide if UBRON's goals match yours. If so, please join with us. If not we wish you well as we part ways. Thank you one and all for what you have done to keep the benign virus of love alive. May your good work be expanded every day through this unique web opportunity and its Forum. It has been created to be a haven for student-readers of The Urantia Book and sincere interested parties of all faiths.

Patrick McNelly - Network Manager

I rejoined Ubron after more than five years absence while I worked on my books and website. I stirred much controversy among the members because of my strong stand on loyalty to my Creator, and because of my adamant refusal to compromise with the iniquity of Caligastia. A substantial portion of the membership were channelers, who tried to promote their practices. Natural conflicts arose between these two views of reality, and led to my being removed from the Forum in its early days. The channeler conflicts later led to tighter supervision by the Forum manager, while the expression of certain elements of their beliefs were forbidden. This made the Forum more attractive to me, and I rejoined in 2005. However, the general blindness of the membership and their interest in secular understanding repulsed me and I became inactive after July.

I show here my posts, during the months of May, June, and July, 2005, and a few that I have added since that I feel may be instructive to others.

    Ernest Moyer