Ubron Files


Introduction Forward Looking Persons Is God So Cruel?
Truth in the Prophets God Controls the Universe Judgment and Salvation - I
Judgment and Salvation - II Thoughtless Living

The Bible and the

Urantia Papers

Ernest, you worry too much... Tolerance Ubron Theologies
An Outline of Planetary Destiny Reflections on Jude Words of Truth
Words of Truth - II What of Revelations? Who Are These?
You Want A Sign? You Want A Sign? - Response State of World Affairs
 Seeming Contradiction in the Urantia Papers The Return of Jesus Bitter and Hasty Nation
Melting Pot A Note to Paul Wellen A Note to Edgar Paternina
Andite Pyramids Crop Circles At Monkton Crop Circles by Midwayers
Space Travel Universe Travel Transport Through Space
The Sea of Glass Celestial Banquets Visits With God
Seraphic Transports - Part I Seraphic Transports - Part II Seraphic Transports - Part III
Seraphic Transports - Part IV Teachings of Islam

How Well Does

Caligastia Know Us?

Really Cursed? Exposure to Evil Recognize Caligastia?
Caligastia, God Of This World

Caligastia as a Brilliant

Being of Light - I

Caligastia as a Brilliant

Being of Light - II

Caligastia as a Brilliant

Being of Light - III

Allen Wolf and

David Morningstar

The Will of God
The Will of God - Blindness The Will of God - Sudden

The Will of God -

Nuclear Missiles

The Will of God - God or Man? The Will of God - Predestination

The Will of God - Righteousness

The Will of God -

Service to Others

Door Openings on

Celestial Craft

Electrical Storms

on the Moon

John The Baptist, #2 Purpose of the Urantia Papers