The Two Modes of Caligastia

P.610 - 2 The last act of Michael before leaving Urantia was to offer mercy to Caligastia and Daligastia, but they spurned his tender proffer. Caligastia, your apostate Planetary Prince, is still free on Urantia to prosecute his nefarious designs, but he has absolutely no power to enter the minds of men, neither can he draw near to their souls to tempt or corrupt them unless they really desire to be cursed with his wicked presence.

Caligastia has two methods whereby he can influence human beings.

One, as a Divine Son still free on this planet he has an influence on the spiritual environment of the world.

Two, he can literally enter our minds if we invite him in.

In the former we can defeat him by holding to righteousness, and giving all our allegiance to God. If we do not maintain righteous standards he can induce us to act iniquitously.

In the latter he can actually control our mental currents and take over our mind and body. He does this without our conscious awareness. He can take control while pretending to be a paternal and benign spirit being.

I shall now detail these two modes.

Mode One

Since early Christian days a ritual was introduced into the church. This ritual was exercised during baptism, or later confirmation. Individuals were asked by a Bishop or other officiating person:

This ritual was performed in a ceremony that included the Apostles' or Nicene Creed.

This ritual would not have been used if Christian believers did not accept that Caligastia was a threat to their daily lives. While this is a formal renouncement of the Devil, Christians have believed for all those centuries that Caligastia could influence them if they did not live righteously.

But this concern has existed since long before Jesus. Abraham bargained with God; God was about to destroy the city of Sodom for its wickedness. Abraham knew that lewd and perverse sexual acts ruled the city of Sodom. (We get our word sodomy from that town.) Abraham asked God, if fifty righteous people lived in the town, would he save it? God said yes. Abraham continued to reduce the number until not even ten righteous people could be found. Genesis 18.

Since ancient times godly men have tried to live righteously, and avoid the influence of the Devil. Dozens of illustrations are given in the Bible.

Job 17:9 -- Yet the righteous holds to his way, and he that has clean hands grows stronger and stronger.

The apostles knew of this difference between righteousness, and iniquity coming from the Devil.

1 John 3:7-8 -- Little children, let no one deceive you. He who does right is righteous, as he is righteous. He who commits sin is of the devil; for the devil has sinned from the beginning.

The Urantia Papers are filled with the concept of the righteousness of God.

P.36 - 6 God is righteous; therefore is he just. "The Lord is righteous in all his ways." "`I have not done without cause all that I have done,' says the Lord." "The judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether." The justice of the Universal Father cannot be influenced by the acts and performances of his creatures, "for there is no iniquity with the Lord our God, no respect of persons, no taking of gifts."

When we follow the temptations of the Devil, when we lose sight of righteousness, we fail in our obligations to God.

The most telling of the machinations of Caligastia is seen in the events of Eve. She succumbed to his suggestions because she did not hold to righteousness. She was not even aware how he used her.

P.842 - 5 Eve had consented to participate in the practice of good and evil. Good is the carrying out of the divine plans; sin is a deliberate transgression of the divine will; evil is the misadaptation of plans and the maladjustment of techniques resulting in universe disharmony and planetary confusion.
P.842 - 8 Even though this project of modifying the divine plan had been conceived and executed with entire sincerity and with only the highest motives concerning the welfare of the world, it constituted evil because it represented the wrong way to achieve righteous ends, because it departed from the right way, the divine plan.

Caligastia did not influence Eve's feelings. Those were truly her own. But he did influence the way Eve and her contemporaries thought about the planetary circumstances. Caligastia worked in their minds, not in their hearts. His methods were so subtle they did not recognize his hand. When once they began to entertain evil thoughts he brought them around to his rebellious ends.

When one reads through the description of events on pages 841 and 842 one can see how the unrighteousness developed in Eve and the other participants.

Serapatatia was altogether honest and wholly sincere in all that he proposed. He never once suspected that he was playing into the hands of Caligastia and Daligastia.

Sincerity and honesty do not protect us from iniquity. We might be wholly sincere and entirely honest, with only the highest motives, nevertheless we may develop schemes to use someone or circumstances to an unholy purpose.

For more than five years these plans were secretly matured.

Eve kept the ongoing plan from Adam. He did not know about it yet she should have told him of every step. She deceived.

Eve had never before met the beautiful and enthusiastic Cano--and he was a magnificent specimen of the survival of the superior physique and outstanding intellect of his remote progenitors of the Prince's staff.  . . . Eve found Cano pleasant to the eyes.

We can imagine how her heart must have raced when she saw the living figure of her scheme.

What was WRONG with this woman?

She was immortal. All she had to do was walk over to the Tree of Life and partake of a few leaves. She would be rejuvenated, as long as the planet existed.

She knew she had a genetic trust. All the future generations of the world would literally spring forth from her.

Was she so short-sighted she did not recognize the consequences of her act? She and her mate had served for more than fifteen thousand years as directors of one of the experimental laboratories on Jerusem. Long before that they had been teachers in the citizenship schools for new arrivals. Did she not have the vision of a few thousand years? Was she truly that impatient?

P.828 - 3 And all this should be borne in mind in connection with the narration of their subsequent conduct on Urantia.

She must have been deficient in religious loyalties, in righteousness. How could she not place her dilemma in the context of a higher purpose?

Of course we must recognize how different this evolutionary world was from the celestial comforts on high. She and Adam and their siblings lived on an idyllic world. On Jerusem she was not subject to the doubt or error she found here. She truly could not be tested for loyalty on such heavenly worlds.

But the Gods knew her character. P. 315: The Gods foresee, hence foreknow. Michael knew what she was.

P.1295 - 5 In the maturity of the developing self, the past and future are brought together to illuminate the true meaning of the present. As the self matures, it reaches further and further back into the past for experience, while its wisdom forecasts seek to penetrate deeper and deeper into the unknown future. And as the conceiving self extends this reach ever further into both past and future, so does judgment become less and less dependent on the momentary present. In this way does decision-action begin to escape from the fetters of the moving present, while it begins to take on the aspects of past-future significance.

Eve must not have had this capacity to any great degree. She was relatively immature.

She left this imprint of impatience on down to the generations of today. We inherited her genetic tendencies.

She must have been impelled by the sexual temptation of knowing another man -- knowing in the biblical sense. Otherwise how could she visualize having intercourse with him?

This whole episode reeks with evil.

No wonder Caligastia could get to her. The deed was done. Caligastia had achieved his purpose. The planet went into turmoil.

The result of unrighteousness is truly sorrowful. Serapatatia drowned himself in a river.

Lust, greed, envy, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, wrath, murders, and drunkenness are all emotions that arise out of the human heart. Only when we succumb to Caligastia's tempting transgress and develop them in our minds do they become iniquitous.

Would another woman, mortal or immortal, with an attitude of righteousness, holding onto God, not withstand the pressures of the circumstances?

Righteousness forestalls how evil will develop in our minds. When we are righteous we cling to the principles of God. We are not corrupted by the Devil. Caligastia operates in the realm of mind. Because it is a spiritual influence we may not even recognize how he can bring us around to his nefarious purpose. We should always remember: "neither can he draw near to our souls to tempt or corrupt us unless we really desire to be cursed with his wicked presence."

When we become unrighteous we really desire to be cursed with his wicked presence.

Jesus told us why it was necessary for him to leave us. He told us we would have a better way to distinguish between sin and righteousness.

P.1951 - 3 "Now that I am leaving you, seeing that the hour has come when I am about to go to the Father, I am surprised that none of you have asked me, Why do you leave us? Nevertheless, I know that you ask such questions in your hearts. I will speak to you plainly, as one friend to another. It is really profitable for you that I go away. If I go not away, the new teacher cannot come into your hearts. I must be divested of this mortal body and be restored to my place on high before I can send this spirit teacher to live in your souls and lead your spirits into the truth. And when my spirit comes to indwell you, he will illuminate the difference between sin and righteousness and will enable you to judge wisely in your hearts concerning them.


Mode Two

The literal entry by Caligastia into human mind was known for millennia. It went by various names: witchcraft, sorcery, magic, necromancy, divination, and intercourse with evil spirits. See 1 Sam 15:23; 2 Kings 9:22; 2 Chr 33:6; Micah 5:12; Nahum 3:4; Gal 5:20 and other passages. I Sam 28:7ff is the story of King Saul consulting a medium. (Saul needed a medium because he himself did not have Caligastia infecting his mind.) Acts 16:16ff is the story of a slave girl acting from the dictates of a spirit. This phenomenon is graphically different from his spiritual influence drawing us into unrighteousness. Just as Caligastia can influence your mind by his spiritual power, as he did with Eve, so can angels and other spirit beings influence your mind by their spiritual drawing power. But your righteousness will determine how you react to those spiritual influences. In the first mode we all can be enticed by Caligastia but he does not control our minds; in the second mode we can consciously choose to accept him into our minds. However it is a voluntary and deliberate act. Our righteousness or unrighteousness will determine which way we will go.

All spirit entities now operating on this planet avoid literal entry into human mind because the human mind has sanctity. That sanctity is not violated by any spirit being -- except two, Caligastia and Daligastia.

P.1245 - 7 Angels do not invade the sanctity of the human mind; they do not manipulate the will of mortals; neither do they directly contact with the indwelling Adjusters.

But if you invite Caligastia into your mind through a conscious act, he can enter. Angels and midwayers also could literally enter your mind but refrain from doing so because they respect the sanctity of your mind.

Cases exist on the human record where angels or midwayers actually controlled the physical body momentarily to perform some exceptional feat. One of those was the production of papers associated with the Urantia Papers. Refer to my book, The Birth of a Divine Revelation. Or go to

Another case was the physical control of young teenage girls at Garabandal in Spain when the angels or midwayers wished to demonstrate their presence. They performed miraculous acts to show the villagers and human visitors of their actual existence.  See:

or go to:

or you may find actual video evidence at:

In these cases the unseen agents did not violate the free will of their human subjects to convey their message. In the first case the body of the human subject was used while he was asleep. He did not make a conscious choice for a Spirit to enter his mind. In the second case the young children were in a state of the worship of God when their bodies were used to demonstrate the presence of spirit beings.

But in both cases the human beings did not solicit spirit entry into their minds. Such entry was involuntary, and caused by celestial agencies other than Caligastia.

How does one solicit Caligastia?

It is childishly simple. All one need do is sit in an easy chair, close one's eyes, and say, "Spirit, come visit with me."

Here the human being makes a conscious choice to be invaded by the Devil.

Could there be any more exact desire to be cursed with his wicked presence?

In that simple act one loses eternity.


To be continued.

Paper 5 of a series.