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Our Celestial Visitors 

Introductory Commentary

A Letter to Godless Scientists

on UFO Abductions

Other Contactees or Abductees Daniel Fry
The Abduction Phenomenon 
and Human Genetics
Betty and Barney Hill
The Sea of Glass Antonio Villas-Boas
Seraphic Transports

The Transport of

Flesh and Blood

Object Properties Craft Design

Flying Objects,

Today and With Moses

Craft Acceleration
Details of Internal Operations Craft Materials
Visits With God Celestial Astronomers
American Indian Legends

 on Celestial Visitors

What The Stars Are Like Lighting

The Man Who Married

The Thunderer's Sister

The Thunder Boy Material Control
Jonathan Swift Jonathan Swift Insignia
Flying Islands Ft. Belvoir Photo
Flying Saucers The Abductors
The Scriblerus Project The Purpose and The Message
The Remarkable Moons of Mars My Experience With The US Government
Brazil Disk with Four "Basins" Samples of Disk Photographs A Chariot of Fire
St. George, MN, 1965
Propulsion Mechanism Object Over Farm
McMinnville, OR, 1950
Craft Flutter Motion Superimposition of a Chariot of Fire with McMinnville Photo
George Adamski George Adamski

Comparison of McMinnville Object with One From France, 1954

Photographs of George Adamski Communication In Crop Circles Semitic Script Symbols
Alton Barnes, England
July 11, 1990
Adamski with Telescope and UFO Alton Barnes Photograph
Adamski's "Garbage Can" UFO  Semitic Script Symbols

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