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A Warning From Jesus A Warning From Jesus About the End of the Age A discussion of the grave persecution about to descend upon us.

The Release of the Prince

A presentation of the freedom now given to the former Prince of this World, and his wicked designs.
Spirit Entry Into Human Mind

A discussion of the reality, and examination of case histories

Part I A general discussion of spirit entry into human mind.
Part II Sordid Spiritualism.  Examples from the research of Marcus Bach.
Part III John Ballou Newbrough and OAHSPE
Part IV An angel of light.  Edgar Cayce and Sun Myung Moon
Part V Jane Roberts and Seth.  Also assorted nefarious communications.

Part VI

The Devil's Bible -- A Course In Miracles
Photographs of Jane Roberts under Devil Possession 
A Course In Miracles A Course In Miracles An assignment of authorship of that blasphemous work
Jesus Names In A Course In Miracles Analysis of use of the name "Jesus" to demonstrate that the author of ACIM was not Jesus.




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