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The Judy Tuttle Letters

A series of letters from Judy Tuttle with commentary by Ernest Moyer 

Demonstration of contact from the celestial realms, 
and revelation of our imminent religious service.

Note made September 1, 2005: This material from Judy Tuttle was so harmonious with other, divine, revelation I felt I must give it space on my web site, as part of my message in reaching out to others. While the dates Judy gave were wrong, we can see the sense of imminence she felt, along with others of us. I sincerely hope the material will assist all of us in our decisions.

Fishers of Pearls (Reference to the Pearls among men)
October 7, 1998 (Date of Publication)
Judy's Abduction Experiences October 10, 1998 (Date of Publication)
 Judy's Dream Experiences November 11, 1998 (Date of Publication)
For What It's Worth Judy's Special Message 
 November 14, 1998 (Date of Publication)
Exposition of Judy's Concepts
Cover Letter Our Imminent Service
The Veil Has Been Torn Aside
He Is Here, Now, Amongst You
The Coming of the Sons of God
*Evil* The Likes of Which Your Mind Could Never Conceive
Tranquility and Love
Fostering and Conserving the Higher Spiritual Types




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