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List of Destiny Papers


GENERAL The Second Coming Comparison of statements by Jesus in the gospel record and in The Urantia Papers
The Great Persecutions The deadly persecution of God's Messengers
Seven Heads and Ten Horns An examination of prophecy from the Books of Daniel and Revelation
Great Babylon,  The Harlot of the Nations The role of the United States in unfolding planetary destiny
World Judgment A description of the coming judgment
The Nuclear Holocaust A correlation of reality with Revelation
The Great Planetary Transition The Coming of the New Earth
THE MILLENNIUM The Coming Millennium A correlation of information from The Urantia Papers and the Bible

Part I  --  Millennium Details:

Gog and Magog

An examination of prophecy in Ezekiel and Revelation
Part II  --  Seventy Weeks of Years Daniel Timetable
Part III  --  Joy In The Morning The great promises of the new age
TWO SERVANTS Part I  -- Prophecy and Prophets Sources, purposes, constraints, human agents, of prophecy
Part II  --  Deuteronomy, Elijah, and the Dead Sea Scrolls Correlation of different prophecies
Part III  --  The Isaiah Servant Songs A servant forecast in unique prophecies
Part IV  --  The Fourth Servant Song A forecast of Paul, a great servant

















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