The Third Secret

I return now to the material published by Brother Michael, TWTAF, Vol III, pg 642ff. I show his work here in its entirety, because of its fundamental importance. The yellow background shows his remarks; the green the remarks of Louis Emrich, the white is the text of the Third Secret. Brother Michael's remarks are not always accurate.

The False Secrets


Since 1960, several texts have been proposed successively to the press as being the Third Secret of Fatima. Since the Vatican has taken refuge in an absolute silence, they were not expressly denied. This tended to give credence to the hypothesis of their authenticity. With the passing of time and in the light of all the historical facts we have gathered, today we can shed light on these false secrets which continue to cause prejudice against the only true one.




The text of Neues Europa, the first of the "false secrets" to appear, is the one which enjoyed the widest and most lasting distribution. Certain groups continue to spread it at the present time as the authentic Third Secret of Fatima. Therefore we will quote at length the two articles of the German magazine which made it public in 1963.





In Neues Europa of October 1, 1963, we already announced to our readers the publication of the following inquiry. Louis Emrich was able to obtain information of the highest interest on the third part of the message of Fatima. We are able to give our readers the content of the third message of Fatima under the form —  that is, an extract — in which it was presented to the diplomats of Washington, London and Moscow, — The Editor


What Neues Europa had already forecast in 1956-1958, i.e., that during the years 1963-1965 the conclusion of accords of worldwide significance would be reached between the Anglo-Saxon countries on the one hand and the Soviet Union on the other, has become reality with the agreement of August 6, 1963, at Moscow on the cessation of all further atomic testing in the air, on land and under water. To date over 90 governments have signed this agreement.


What is not as well known, on the other hand, is the fact that the Moscow accord was not only a happy result of worldwide diplomacy, but also of Vatican diplomacy. In effect it was the first time in the recent history of humanity, that in the conclusion of a political agreement of worldwide significance, the participants took into account essential factors originating from religious data. Pope Paul VI permitted not only Kennedy but also Khrushchev to look at certain parts of the third message of Fatima which the Mother of God had revealed on October 13, 1917, to the little Portuguese seer Lucy. This message is so pressing that it even deeply impressed the circles of those persons who were employed in concluding the Vatican-Moscow accord.


I have done everything possible to procure for myself the marginal text of the third message of Fatima, but all my efforts remained futile, The Vatican has made all the arrangements for this document to remain a papal secret until a new order.


However, today I am in a position to communicate to readers of Neues Europa in all countries an extract of the content of the third Secret, in the form made available on inside information, in diplomatic circles of Washington, London and Moscow . . .


This extract of the third message of Fatima was also passed on to President Kennedy, to Prime Minister MacMillan, and to Khrushchev, so as to let them study it personally. This text played a great role during the signing of the Anglo-American-Russian accord at Moscow. The leaders of the two world political blocs were all shaken by its contents, just as were Pope Pius Xll, Pope John XXIII, and Pope Paul VI. According to rumors emanating from diplomatic circles, the conclusion of the accord banning all further testing of atomic bombs was in great part the consequence of the profound impression left by the extract of the third message of Fatima on the competent diplomatic circles of Washington, London and Moscow. Although this document is not the original text of the message of Fatima such as it was revealed on October 13, 1917, by the Mother of God to the little seer Lucy, essential points of the original are nevertheless found there. It says:


It was the thirteenth of October, 1917. On that day the Holy Virgin appeared for the last time to the little visionaries, Jacinta, Francisco, and Lucy, at the end of a series of six apparitions in all. After the manifestation of the miracle of the sun at Fatima, the Mother of God revealed a special secret message to Lucy, in which she particularly stated:


The text of the Third Secret was inserted here.


I add once more that this is not the text of the original message such as the Mother of God revealed it on October 13, 1917, to the little seer Lucy, now a Carmelite, but an extract of the third message of Fatima such as is circulating this moment in diplomatic circles, I am assured that the authentic text of the message is even harsher and more overwhelming than the extract related above. However, it is not inevitable in its conclusions, because it places the conversion of humanity before its perdition. How will humanity decide? This question, before just as after, remains open.

Louis Emrich.

Brother Michael continues here with his remarks: 




On November 1, 1963, Neues Europa added this additional information regarding the Secret of Fatima:


In the last edition of Neues Europa, we stated formally that the text we published there of the third message of Fatima constituted only an extract of it which is known in diplomatic circles. The most important part, the quintessence of the revelations of the Mother of God was unavailable to us. In this case it concerns words of the Holy Virgin predicting events that will take place at Rome and that will happen to the Vatican and the papacy at the dawn of judgment day, when humanity will be delivered to the divine chastisement.

The passage related to it, and which forms the basis and conclusion of the third prediction of Fatima, was integrally detached from it and remains a state secret of the Vatican, until a new order is given.

We know, however, what is said in the passage in question. It is related to the future of the Holy See and all the institutions attached to it. All the Vatican circles which were solicited to reveal the authentic text of this passage have categorically refused to make any kind of pronouncement on this subject.

This intransigent attitude of Vatican diplomacy is the result of formal instructions emanating from Pope Paul VI who decided that neither the wording of the third message of Fatima nor its principal part would be made accessible, for the moment, to public knowledge. Such a papal prohibition can only increase in a very considerable proportion the interest attributed, up to the present, to the affair of Fatima.

At what period will the Pope judge it opportune to lift this prohibition? Nobody knows.

Theoretically this restriction can cease tomorrow, but it could equally well remain in force for a more or less long period of time. The political situation at the world level will decide, according to its favorable or unfavorable evolution. But here and now it is certain that the third message of Fatima will be communicated in full and without any omission to the entire world, when the needs and the seriousness of the hour demand it.

Dr. Angelo S., Rome

What are we to think of this text? When it first appeared, it was difficult to say. A Fatima expert as competent as Father Messias Dias Coelho saw fit to publish it in 1964, in his review Mensagem de Fatima. In 1971, he was still hesitant, and refused to reject it as completely inauthentic, for two reasons:

l. The affirmation recently made to me by an eminent Cardinal, whose name we will keep secret for the moment. According to him, the text in question contains some exaggerations (which we had already noted in 1964), but fundamentally it corresponds to the truth. 2. The fact that the central nucleus of the text in question, as moreover everybody recognizes, is the prediction of a future climate of division within the Church, a prophecy which was unbelievable eight years ago (the publication of Neues Europa dates from 1963), but is a reality today!

For several years, the fact that no denial came from Rome while this version of the "third secret" had been translated into many languages, and spread all over the world, seemed to indicate that the Vatican recognized it as having at least a certain authenticity. In fact, it seemed unthinkable and with good reason that Rome, totally heedless of the truth and of the good of souls, would allow millions of Catholics to be taken in by an imposture without reacting. Alas! As we study Cardinal Ottaviani's conference, we shall see how little concern the Vatican had for the truth, when it was a question of preventing the faithful from knowing or even guessing the true contents of the Secret of Fatima.


The part of the Third Secret excised from the text by the Vatican was the revelation of the destructions to take place in the Church in Rome. Judgment will now come down on that godless and apostate crowd. We do not need to know the text in order to make that assessment. It was revealed in other Marian Apparitions. Our pity goes forth to those many who gave of themselves in continuing faith in a real living God when the apostate crowd had usurped Godly authority. The fact that Cardinal will be against Cardinal, and Bishop against Bishop need not be censored by the Vatican in order for us to come to grips of unfolding events.

I shall not engage in further discussion of this Third Secret. Does anyone doubt the essentials? Is it necessary to go beyond Biblical prophecy, except to remind us that the fulfillment of God’s promises is now, today, in our time, and that none of us can escape his Judgment?



Don't worry, dear child. I am the Mother of God speaking to you and begging you to proclaim in My name the following message to the entire world. In doing this, you will meet great hostility. But be steadfast in the Faith and you will overcome this hostility. Listen, and note well what I say to you: Men must become better. They must implore the remission of the sins which they have committed, and will continue to commit. You ask Me for a miraculous sign so that all may understand the words in which, through you, I address mankind. This miracle which you have just seen was the great miracle of the sun! Everyone has seen it — believers and unbelievers, country and city dwellers, scholars and journalists, laymen and priests. And now, announce this in My name:

A great punishment shall come to all mankind, not today as yet, nor even tomorrow, but in the second half of the 20th Century. What I have already made known at La Salette through the children Melanie and Maxirnin, I repeat today before you. Mankind has not developed as God expected. Mankind has gone astray and has trampled underfoot the gifts which were given it. There is no order in anything. Even in the highest positions, it is Satan who governs and decides how affairs are to be conducted. He will even know how to find his way to the highest positions in the Church. He will succeed in sowing confusion in the minds of the great scientists who invent arms with which half of humanity can be destroyed in a few minutes. If mankind does not refrain from wrongdoing and be converted, I shall be forced to let fall My Son's arm. If those at the top, in the world and in the Church, do not oppose these ways, it is I who shall do so, and I shall pray God My Father to visit His justice on mankind.

"There will also come a time of the hardest trials for the Church. Cardinals will be against Cardinals and Bishops against Bishops. Satan will put himself in their midst. In Rome, also, there will be big changes. What is rotten will fail, and what will fall must not be maintained. The Church will be darkened and the world plunged into confusion.

"God will punish men still more powerfully and harshly than He did by means of the Flood, and the great and powerful will perish just as much as the small and the weak.

"The greatest World War will happen in the second half of the 20th Century. Then fire and smoke will fall from the sky, and the waters of the oceans will he turned to steam, hurling their foam towards the sky; and all that is standing will be cast down. Millions upon millions of men will lose their lives from hour to hour, and those who remain living will envy those who are dead. There will be tribulation as far as the eye can see, and misery all over the earth and desolation in every country.

"The time is continually approaching, the abyss is growing wider, and there is no end in sight. The good will die with the wicked, the big with the small, the princes of the Church with their subjects. Satan's henchmen will then be the only sovereigns on earth.

"This will be a time which neither king nor emperor, Cardinal nor Bishop expects, but it will come, nevertheless, in accordance with My Father's plan to punish and take vengeance. Later, however, when those who survive all this are still alive, God and His glory will once more be invoked, and He will once more be served as He was, not so long ago, when the world had not yet become corrupted.

I call on all true imitators of My Son, Jesus Christ, all true Christians and apostles of the latter days! The time of times is coming and the end of everything if mankind is not converted, and if this conversion does not come from above, from the leaders of the world and the leaders of the Church. But woe! Woe if this conversion does not come about, and if all remains as it is, nay, if all becomes even worse!

"Go, My child, and proclaim this! I shall always remain by your side to help you.”