PART  I    

Transport of Flesh and Blood

This was a letter written to Bud Kagan, an old time student of the Urantia Papers.  He referred to himself as "Old Timer."

July 16, 1997

Dear Old Timer Bud Kagan:

You and I are very nearly the same age. We come out of an era we both can recognize. I know my recent postings on seraphic transports, and mass evacuations of planets, has created considerable (psychic, emotional, religious, intellectual, etc) disturbance for you. This has led you to announce to the world that seraphic transports are spirit personalities, not mechanical vehicles, that they cannot transport flesh and blood, and that you wish fellow Urantians would describe their UFO experiences, perhaps because you wonder what it is all about, and perhaps because you are afraid to say more for fear you will insult your brothers and sisters.

One of the points I raised in my recent postings is that William Sadler, his family, Clyde Bedell, other Forum members, and other early pioneers associated with the publication of The Urantia Book, were of a mind-set which prevented them from accepting certain advanced or novel concepts. (Your personal difficulties with my analyses, as a member of that conceptual milieu, demonstrates this very problem.) Therefore the Papers were designed to pass through those persons, like yourself, on the way to the outside world. As a consequence of this restriction on the style of the Revelation, many subjects are beclouded with seeming contradiction of statement. One of those is seraphic transports.

In my evaluation of the style of the Revelation I came to the conclusion that it was designed with statements scattered here and there that would permit minds to take off with their private views of reality, while the significance of other statements would slip by them. They would build their religious reality around those conceptual nuggets.

As you now know from postings over the past few weeks, many individuals have had UFO experiences. In many cases those UFO experiences led to spiritual experiences. This has caused those individuals to divorce themselves from, or reduce their trust in, a social environment which denies the reality of UFOs, including governments, universities, scientific communities, and religious communities. This means that a social dichotomy has gradually developed between the traditional and conventional worlds, which you were born into, and the world of those who have come to recognize larger cosmic possibilities. Since there are no "leaders" or "authorities" in this new world many individuals bumble about, lost and confused, some grasping onto "new age" solutions, others exploring psychic phenomena, others joining UFO groups, and so on. This means that the "spiritual," "religious," or "psychic" framework of our social order has become undone. The secure worlds in which William Sadler and Clyde Bedell grew up are now gone. The very unwise "leaders" of our governments, ignorant of how these unfolding events would undermine social cohesiveness, and determined to maintain "authority," then developed policies to mislead the public, or to sidetrack serious attention to these fundamental developments. The sad assassinations of John Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and other similar attempts at social control further contributed to cultural unraveling.

In the midst of this deteriorating social cohesiveness The Urantia Papers have now suddenly come to the attention of the world. Just as quickly as the world latched onto Roswell, or assassination conspiracies, The Urantia Papers can become a source of confusion, further social dissension, religious turmoil, and disrepute. All these years the Papers sat in quiet innocence, but now they are exploding onto the world scene. And all those people long associated with them could also quickly come to the attention of the world.

Are we ready? No, we are not. We know a lot about quoting the Papers, but little about where we are in our understanding. Years ago Paul Snider discussed the disparate views of Urantians and lack of cohesiveness in our world views, which he called pluralism.

Now, it is my view that some of us are being made ready to go out into the world. I fully believe that we are members of a unique group of human beings, destined to help the world as it enters the most severe spiritual warfare this planet, or perhaps any planet, has ever experienced. None of us know how the current view of our Great Revelation, introduced to the world in the framework of UFOs, channeling, and assorted other fringe activities, will influence this receptivity. The present situation bodes no good. But we should prepare ourselves as best we can. And this has been my aim in my recent Internet activities. We should divorce ourselves from conceptual frameworks which are no longer adequate to higher spiritual realities. And this is where you and I disagree.

As part of this effort I shall now address your concern about spirit personalities who transport flesh and blood across space.

Your reference is on page 431.  

The angels cannot transport combustion bodies -- flesh and blood -- such as you now have, but they can transport all others, from the lowest morontia to the higher spirit forms. They do not function in the event of natural death. When you finish your earthly career, your body remains on this planet. Your Thought Adjuster proceeds to the bosom of the Father, and these angels are not directly concerned in your subsequent personality reassembly on the identification mansion world. There your new body is a morontia form, one that can enseraphim. You "sow a mortal body" in the grave; you "reap a morontia form" on the mansion worlds.

This statement led you to believe that flesh and blood cannot be transported by angels. You regarded it as an absolute statement. Note the context. It is about resurrection on the mansion worlds, and that your earthly body is not transported there. You will receive a new morontia body.

But consider other passages.

Page-582: Adams and Eves are semimaterial creatures and, as such, are not transportable by seraphim. They must undergo dematerialization on the system capital before they can be enseraphimed for transport to the world of assignment. The transport seraphim are able to effect such changes in the Material Sons and in other semimaterial beings as enable them to be enseraphimed and thus to be transported through space from one world or system to another. About three days of standard time are consumed in this transport preparation, and it requires the co-operation of a Life Carrier to restore such a dematerialized creature to normal existence upon arrival at the end of the seraphic-transport journey.

I do not know what it means to be semimaterial but there are material attributes to the Adams and Eves you should consider. I am sure Adam breathed oxygen, as we do. If Adam were cut with a knife I am sure he would bleed, as we do. Maybe purple blood. His sperm impregnated ordinary mortal women. The sperm of an ordinary mortal man impregnated Eve. They ate

nuts and fruits and all that good stuff. I am sure they went to the bathroom, as we do. Except for their dual circulatory system they exhibited all of the physical or material characteristics of ordinary mortal creatures.

If I take the first sentence of the foregoing remark I would assume that the Adams and Eves are not transportable by seraphim. That is what it says. But if I rely only on that sentence I am taking it out of context; just as the remark on page 431 can be taken out of the context of the total revelation. However, Adam and Eve can be transported by transport seraphim if certain changes are effected in them. Those changes are effected by the transport seraphim.

What is to prevent me from inferring that all material creatures who breathe and bleed and eat and go to the bathroom can be transported by transport seraphim -- if they have been properly prepared through "dematerialization?"

(For this communique I will not discuss time conditions on these activities, as in three days of preparation. This is an extremely difficult area, and is seemingly contradicted by other revelatory materials available to us.)

You objected to my analysis of the passage on page 582 based strictly on your initial belief that flesh and blood cannot be transported through space, with the passage on page 431 taken as an absolute statement out of the context of the total revelation.

If some physical catastrophe should doom the planetary residence of an evolving race, the Melchizedeks and the Life Carriers would install the technique of dematerialization for all survivors, and by seraphic transport these beings would be carried away to the new world prepared for their continuing existence.

Only individuals who are unfamiliar with the Revelation would deny these clear and unequivocal remarks. Furthermore, other statements about seraphic transport apply directly to us. Why style the Revelation in such manner unless it is intended especially for us? For example:

Page-430: The process of being enseraphimed is not unlike the experience of death or sleep except that there is an automatic time element in the transit slumber. You are consciously unconscious during seraphic rest. But the Thought Adjuster is wholly and fully conscious, in fact, exceptionally efficient since you are unable to oppose, resist, or otherwise hinder creative and transforming work.

YOU are consciously unconscious, not some other entity or spirit being. This direct application to us again is shown by the example of the Thought Adjuster, who is bestowed on human mortals, and not other types of beings, except through special dispensation.

Page-431: When enseraphimed, you go to sleep for a specified time, and you will awake at the designated moment. The length of a journey when in transit sleep is immaterial. You are not directly aware of the passing of time. It is as if you went to sleep on a transport vehicle in one city and, after resting in peaceful slumber all night, awakened in another and distant metropolis. You journeyed while you slumbered. And so you take flight through space, enseraphimed, while you rest--sleep. The transit sleep is induced by the liaison between the Adjusters and the seraphic transporters.

Again, this statement is directed to us mortals living on this planet. YOU go to sleep; YOU will awake; YOU are not directly aware; YOU journeyed. Why make such statements unless they have specific meaning for us earth mortals?

I will state explicitly why these remarks are made. Because there will be human mortals, from this world, who will be carried away on seraphic transports to another world, and who will experience an extraordinary grasp of cosmic insight from their experiences. During that transport the Thought Adjuster will perform creative and transforming work to prepare those human mortals for their experiences on that far-off world.

Obviously, the mortal mind organization must be preserved intact during transport; otherwise the Thought Adjuster could not perform his marvelous preparation work during transit.

Perhaps, in some way, I can help the "144,000" to come to conscious awareness of these possibilities, and the existence of this Great Revelation. From my perspective, these remarks were intended directly for them. Therefore, I have great hope that they will accept the Revelation, at some critical point, and that it will be of service to them as part of the preparation for their continued service to their brothers and sisters, and contribution to the programs of our Planetary Supervisors.

No Bud, it is foolhardy for you to maintain unconditionally that flesh and blood cannot be transported through space.

I shall now present another full paragraph from the Revelation because it pertains to still another transport possibility that has not been explored by Urantians, either in times past by Sadler and Bedell, nor by any one else to the present, as far as I am aware. Unfortunately, this paragraph introduces another difficult area, that of space transport velocities. The velocities prescribed in the Revelation are unreal unless some other, unknown, factor is not explained to us. In order to reduce the length of this communique I shall not enter into a discussion of these difficulties at this time.

Page-433: These transit personalities are so organized that they can simultaneously utilize all three of the universally distributed lines of energy, each having a clear space velocity of 186,280 miles per second. These transporters are thus able to superimpose velocity of energy upon velocity of power until they attain an average speed on their long journeys varying anywhere from 555,000 to almost 559,000 of your miles per second of your time. The velocity is affected by the mass and proximity of neighboring matter and by the strength and direction of the near-by main circuits of universe power. There are numerous types of beings, similar to the seraphim, who are able to traverse space, and who also are able to transport other beings who have been properly prepared.

The portion of this revelation I wish to emphasize is this:

There are numerous types of beings, similar to the seraphim, who are able to traverse space, and who also are able to transport other beings who have been properly prepared.

This revelation is completely open ended. We do not know to what it refers. But it leaves the door open to the many sightings taking place in our skies today, and to the claims of several individuals who described their visits on board cylindrical space transports.

I shall continue this discussion in a communique to Les Rogers.