Harold Sherman and his Green Man Visions

(The Return of Jesus)

A Letter to Saskia Raevouri

Introductory Remarks

Dear Saskia:

I think it is time to be more forthright with you. Indeed, you know much of my history, but the effect of Harold Sherman on the evolution of my spiritual insight is something I feel needs to be more fully explained. This revolves around a written work by Harold called The Green Man and His Return. You are the person who told me about this work.

Sherman's work, when presented in the context of revelation, has an important role that I put aside because I simply did not know how to deal with it. In fact, out of such concern I cautioned you about talking with others of my knowledge. The context of Science Fiction is so far from Holy Truth most people will reject it out of hand. It is now time to be more open about this.

 I have in the past hesitated writing everything to you because of your esoteric background. I simply do not know where your friendly relationship with channelers might take you. Yet I also feel a strange attraction that you may have noted in our meeting together at conferences and at Tim and Judy Tuttle's home in San Diego. (Judy gave me the choice of whom to invite.)

I also hesitated because of your relationship with Behz Sarmast. I knew of his doubtful scholarly abilities. His pursuits have now become shadowy. Behz has not openly revealed the results of his sea-faring expedition. Side scanning sonar produces immediate results but he would not reveal what he did or did not find. Only until I made an issue out of it did he partially reveal his results. Perhaps it is his hope of large-sized contracts from big corporations that keeps him operating secretly. Mendacity is certainly involved. While we may toy around harmlessly with intellectual fancies in book publications, when we solicit money from others we subject ourselves to public accountability. I would proceed cautiously if I were you.


You fell in with those crowds, but you also had a productive background that spoke differently. It was my respect for your other efforts that kept me in touch with you.

Background on The Green Man

Now some facts:

The Green Man and His Return was published in 1979. It was a reprint by Amherst Press of stories published in Amazing Stories Magazine authored by Harold Sherman in October, 1946 and December, 1947. They were "The Green Man" and "The Green Man Returns."  (I sent you information on Ray Palmer and Amherst Press.) Here are some cover illustrations of The Green Man, and The Green Man Returns, together with a picture of the cover of the 1979 publication. For amusing but interesting information about Harold Sherman in Arkansas, consult http://www.duff.net/resume/sherman.htm which includes a picture of him as an older man.

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I do not know how many books you sold for Marcia Patterson, Harold's daughter, but you are still advertising, and only 250 copies are available. It sounds like not too many. I offer this remark because public knowledge of HS writing about space ships, a Great Light, and the Return of Jesus may be very limited. (The Green Man and His Return is offered as a book for sale in Germany.)

Remarks by Norman Creamer, Commentator

I am now going to give you an excerpt from an Introduction to the 1979 edition of The Green Man and His Return, written by Norman Creamer. Creamer was into New Age ideas, and seemed an appropriate person to write this Introduction to a work that seemed New Age.

It was Ralph Waldo Emerson who said that anything a man conceives of he can achieve if he but believes in it. And so we are about to embark upon a very strange journey; the journey of a cosmic vision given to a man in the 1940's, telepathically communicated and divinely inspired. While the author, Harold Sherman, is an internationally known author of positive thinking books and pioneer in the field of extrasensory perception, it is my belief that history will record his greatness and his message, not as one of a pioneer in the field of extrasensory perception, but as a man with a vision. If his vision comes true he will be considered by many to have been a modern day "John the Baptist" or a harbinger of the good news.

If, on the other hand, the vision of Harold Sherman in this science fiction story does not take place it will not be because his truth was not pure but only that man collectively was not ready for it.

. . .

Sherman holds out to the reader the possibility of some sort of divine intervention, perhaps not yet understood by man and realized on the inner planes of man's mind by only a few.

I have been exposed to Harold Sherman's cosmic vision since 1961. The vision of divine intervention, through the "GREEN MAN AND HIS RETURN," developed a greater clarity to me when a living master or adept from Egypt shared with me, in Anaheim, California in 1968, the true meaning of Harold Sherman's "THE RETURN OF THE GREEN MAN."

He explained to me how this was an Aquarian Age and how the Bible prophecy of Jesus Christ coming down on the clouds would indeed be realized, but in a manner not yet understood by man because at the time that the Bible was written the prophets had not yet come into contact with the concept of UFO's and their relationship to the return of the Christ consciousness to the planet Earth.

Is it not possible that the "GREEN MAN" is the return of the Christ and that the armada of spaceships accompanying his return are GOD's angels of mercy?

Before engaging in discussion of this rather amazing "forecast" I will include the words Harold Sherman had to say about his visionary experience.

Sometime in the year 1945, when Martha and I were living in Chicago, I had a series of visions wherein I saw Space Beings, possessed of high intelligence, visiting our Earth in space ships of different shapes and sizes, for the purpose of exploration and eventually to fill our skies with large space vehicles, coming in force, hopefully on a friendly mission to help Mankind save itself from self-destruction.

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He then developed those visions into the scenes of his two stories. The first story was his first attempt at trying to capture his experience, but impeded by what he thought would be acceptable to editors and readers. In the second story he "pulled out all the stops," as he stated. But he did not really pull out all the stops. He still was conditioned by his time and place. He reduced the visions to social images familiar to the late 1940's. But it was the conceptual content of the visions that mattered, not his fictional interpretation of the scenes. Reading his text today and comparing it against the ominous threat to our contemporary social order, his hope of world salvation seems downright silly.

Now consider the elements of Creamer's remarks pertinent to our inquiry:

If his vision comes true he will be considered by many to have been a modern day "John the Baptist" or a harbinger of the good news.

Here Creamer uses the phrase "good news" in the sense that the coming of the Green Man (Jesus) was a hope to all mankind. This "good news" would delight people. One can see the hope envisioned by Creamer. Unfortunately, the coming "good news" will be not be so "good"; it will be conditioned by planetary judgment. We may infer from the context of his Science Fiction that Sherman may not have fully understood this himself, or perhaps his visions did not incorporate dramatic world scenes.

Today, after our study of the passage in the Urantia Papers on the promise of "another and greater John the Baptist," page 1866, we would not conclude that Sherman was such a person, even if he did experience a profound vision. Sherman merely offered prophetic pictures that now must be understood in a broader scope of revelation. In that sense he was truly a prophet.

Sherman holds out to the reader the possibility of some sort of divine intervention, perhaps not yet understood by man and realized on the inner planes of man's mind by only a few.

We can see how Creamer uses phrases familiar to New Age people: realized on the inner planes of man's mind. However, the idea of a divine intervention as formulated by Sherman lent a new form to the Christian concept of Jesus intervening in Earth's affairs. Christians normally consider the Return of Jesus as a blessed event without space ships in which he will personally reign in a New Kingdom and restore the world. Unfortunately, Christianity never correctly developed the biblical material. See Matthew 24.

Sherman's approach was expanded by the additional new-age remark "when a living master or adept from Egypt shared with me":

He explained to me how this was an Aquarian Age and how the Bible prophecy of Jesus Christ coming down on the clouds would indeed be realized, but in a manner not yet understood by man because at the time that the Bible was written the prophets had not yet come into contact with the concept of UFO's and their relationship to the return of the Christ consciousness to the planet Earth.

Again Creamer introduces New Age phrases: Christ Consciousness is not what is coming to Earth, but Jesus himself. Jesus is coming as a person, and not some abstract theological power. While new age people thirty years ago might speak about the Aquarian Age we have long passed that New Age idea. Jesus will, indeed, come on the clouds but far differently from the primitive concepts of Christianity. Here is where Sherman attempted to elevate our thinking. Much more important was the concept that Jesus would send his angels and that they are what we had learned to call UFOs. It was the coming of these angelic helpers in what seemed to be mechanical craft that threw such a monkey wrench into our traditional conceptual system. Christians have still not made the needed mental leap. Many of them think UFO's are from the Devil. The flood tide of wild imaginary stories revolving around UFOs has helped continue such blindness. If Christians would change their conceptual images from UFOs to angels they would understand. C. S. Lewis made a remark that parallels this conceptual need when he said, "If we could even effect in one per cent of our readers a change-over from the conception of Space to the conception of Heaven, we should have made a beginning." Christians still think "heaven" is in some far off abstract location, not within space itself.

Is it not possible that the "GREEN MAN" is the return of the Christ and that the armada of spaceships accompanying his return are GOD's angels of mercy?

With Sherman's symbolism substituting for the reality, that is exactly what is happening in our skies today.

We now know God's angels are highly intelligent, that they come in different shapes and sizes, that they are documenting the conditions of the Earth, (not exploring it as an unknown), and that they will not openly interfere in the unfolding of Earth events. Although Jesus will permit current social conditions to continue to the final judgment, and will permit the Devil to perform his dastardly work, He will guide His Cosmic Reserve Corps for the enlightenment of mankind. Exhibition of His Godly powers in a Great Light will not be sufficient to change the minds of all men. Many minds, indoctrinated to godless secular views, will still not be convinced, in spite of world trauma and tremendous turmoil. I have spelled this out in my papers.

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Comparison With Reality

We can easily see how the Sherman images contrast with reality.

1. Sherman described Flash Gordon rocket ships, not the lights and crafts we see in our skies today. If you really want to know how these flotillas of heavenly objects now appear go to: http://www.world-destiny.org/skyobjects.htm You will see different objects with different shapes and sizes, exactly as Sherman understood. Perhaps he reduced his vision to descriptions acceptable within the context of his Science Fiction.

Clearly Jesus has already sent these angels as part of the closing of the age, and as a precursor to His arrival.

2. Sherman substituted the Green Man for Jesus. We do not know if he intentionally created a difference, if perhaps this was his method of how to represent Jesus in a Science Fiction context. Some of us may feel that he perverted the image of Jesus by doing so. This Green Man has attributes of men, but also attributes of immortality. This is the way Christians think about Jesus, with a mixture of divine and human attributes. They normally have not developed Jesus as God sharing human emotions and experience. Perhaps Sherman attempted to reduce the imagery to something he thought compatible with such Christian views, or he himself was conditioned by those views. When Jesus comes he will not appear as a man, as many Christians think. He will appear in all His Godly power, as  a Divine Being, in glorious Celestial Light.

3. Sherman saw the salvation of our current social order, not the cosmic renovation of the Earth. He expected the Green Man to bring changes in the context of our 20th Century system. But God is not preserving this social order. "The new and oncoming social order will not settle down complacently for a millennium, page 1086." We should be able to recognize that the advent of a new social order will mean the destruction of the old. We also should appreciate that when a planet is visited by its Maker it cannot but undergo the most profound changes.

4. Sherman may have chosen this fictional context, and expression within Science Fiction genre, because he could conceive of no other possibility for publication. Could he present such images in a conventional Christian religious magazine? Could he give it to a serious scholarly journal? What traditional outlet would welcome him? Clearly he was caught in a dilemma.

5. Sherman had a background that was familiar within a secular or arcane context, not a religious context. His experiments with telepathic communication was certainly "new age." His dabbling with other psychic phenomena pushed him over into esoteric media. Conventional outlets were not available to him.

6. We must not forget that he was speaking to some future possibility, not one that was immediate. He saw it as a promise for some future time. This gave it a content that was more suitable to science fiction. How could he possibly present himself as a prophet in the sense that we understand biblical prophets?

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Sherman's Description of the Great Light

What follows will give you some estimate of how Sherman visualized this scene. He opens his second book with these remarks:

NINETEEN Hundred and Eighty-seven will be known forever to the inhabitants of this earth as the Year of the Great Light.

It was seen first by the startled peoples of the Eastern Hemisphere. Word of this tremendous illumination, which turned night into day, spread quickly by radio and television to the millions of humans on the other side of the globe. They awaited its manifestation with growing feelings of terror as continued reports and descriptions of this heavenly phenomenon gave rise to the fear that the end of the world was at hand.

This Light was appearing in the east as the sun was setting in the west. Observers said it started first in what seemed to be a new and brilliant early evening star, the luminosity of which rapidly and vastly expanded while yet one looked. Shadows left by the departing sun were swept away by the onrush of this tremendous beam of Light which lit up the countryside with an awesome white glow. No other stars could be seen, not even the moon. The heavens themselves were invisible. As one looked upward, all he saw was dazzling brightness. Strangest of all, the Light was without heat.

In the capitols of Moscow, Chungking, Berlin, Paris, Rome, London and Washington, there was wild consternation for it was in these capitols that the Third World War was being plotted. At secret Army air bases and rocket atomic bomb sites, orders were even now being awaited to launch undeclared warfare. Mighty Soviet Russia and her satellites against the United States, Great Britain and their allies in an intended final test of power to determine the destiny of all humans for all future time!

And now—The Great Light! What could be its cause? What is its meaning? What is its foreboding? Until these questions could be answered there could be no further thought of war. Mankind was being threatened by a possible cosmic catastrophe so colossal as to strike fear into the hearts of rulers and common people alike.

In Washington, high officials gathered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial at dusk to get their first view of this weird astronomical happening. While the President and his aides were watching from an elevation in the White House, all of Washington as in all eastern cities and communities of the United States, Canada, and South America humans were looking skyward. They wanted to see what already had been seen by teeming millions in Europe and Asia, yet many trembled and shook as they saw the sun sinking from sight and knew that the moment for their vision of The Great Light had arrived.

The radio networks of the country had been set up to carry the word picture of this unprecedented phenomenon as it traversed the surface of the earth, from east to west, with the passage of time.

FOR some strange reason this Great Light, unlike the magnetic disturbances caused by Aurora Borealis and occasional electrical storms produced by sun spots, had no effect upon radio transmission or reception. Excited reports had been coming in from foreign observers for some hours. Even now a broadcaster from London was saying:

"It is past one o'clock in the morning, Greenwich, England time, and you people in America and the Western Hemisphere should soon be sharing this tremendous astronomical experience with us.

"As I am talking, the brilliance of this illumination is flooding the broadcasting studio. It is actually lighter than day. We have the eerie sensation that this is just the prelude to some unimagined occurrence.

"Numerous suicides are now being reported. Humans all over England, and I dare say everywhere else where this Light has appeared, are flocking to the churches. There is no one asleep in the Eastern Hemisphere tonight. All emergency services are organized and standing by to take whatever action may be necessary or possible.

"I confess to a feeling of utter futility and helplessness. It seems as though this Light is searching out not only the dark and forbidding places of earth but the dark corners of men's minds. Most certainly it causes you to examine your own self and to wonder what fate may await . . ."

The broadcast was broken off by intervention of the American networks.


"Here it comes, ladies and gentlemen!" an announcer's voice cut in. "This is Carl Rand reporting from the top of the Empire State building in New York. The sun has just disappeared beneath the horizon across the Hudson and dusk is falling but, as I look toward the east, I see a strange white glow and streamers of light beginning to extend into the sky.

"Far below me, the lights of New York City have begun to blink on. Broadway's Great White Way is a blaze of Neon. As far as I can see there is checkerboard of street lights. But apparently our man-made illumination won't be needed for long if this heavenly manifestation is to be like that experienced abroad.

"The roofs of buildings everywhere are pack-jammed with humans. I doubt if any theaters or nightclubs are doing business at this moment. Many people, through fear, are hiding in subways, in other dark recesses or in closets or basements of their homes.

"While I have been talking, these weird streamers of white light have been rapidly fanning out. At this instant they resemble, on a cosmic scale, the Kleig lights of a Hollywood premiere. But not for long, ladies and gentlemen! These streamers have fused into a solid wall of luminosity which now seems to be advancing toward us, lighting up every object on earth.

"Oh! This is sensational! Parts of Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens and surrounding country are standing out, bright as day! It's just as though some mammoth searchlight is being turned on the world. Now it's hitting closer—the ocean is glistening like a mirror. There's Coney Island, lit up so plainly I can see the outlines of the beach. Now the Light's hitting New York, catching the higher buildings first. The Tri-Borough and Brooklyn bridges . . . Oh! I can't keep up with it! It's spreading everywhere! It's right over us! This Observation Tower is bathed in it.

"Looking up I can't see anything but Light! Looking down, you wouldn't know that man-made lights were on. This Great Light is now advancing across the Hudson, driving all darkness before it. There is the George Washington Bridge—the Palisades—Oh! Even the smallest things stand out, miles away.

"But, most awe-inspiring of all, as I'm gazing over New York, are the millions of upturned faces. I'm not conscious of a sound. It seems as though the whole world is holding its breath.

"And now ladies and gentlemen—there is Light everywhere! I can't describe my emotions. There just aren't any words to tell how you feel when this Light hits you. I want to pray; I want to scream; I want to run away. It's not real—and yet, it's happening!

"This is Carl Rand, returning you to the network to which you are listening for the next on-the-spot broadcast of this stupendous phenomenon!"

IN WASHINGTON, a boy of seventeen stood at the end of the Lagoon near the Lincoln Memorial in the company of his parents. His eyes were fixed on the eastern horizon as the first glow of The Great Light appeared.

"What do you think it is, Dad?" he asked.

Senator John Henry Ransom, from Arkansas, shook his head. "I don't know, son. Some of the old folks up in our hills would say it was `the Lord comin' for to fetch His own!' "

"But it's not anything like that," said Helen, the boy's mother. "The Lord doesn't do things that way."

The lad's face was thoughtfully serious. "He'd better do something pretty quick," he said, as he watched the sky. "This world's a mess!"

This is the way Sherman presented his "fictional" portrayal of the Great Light. He called it the Great Light, and understood that it would pervade the entire planet. But he visualized it as coming from the east and proceeding to the west. Of course he attempted to "predict" a future date, and gave this as 1987. We know that was not correct but, from 1947, it certainly seemed a reasonable estimate of the actual time of this Great Light. Even in 1946 and 1947 we had social harbingers of end-of-the age scenarios. Furthermore, fundamentalist Christianity has never let go of its imagery of awesome and explosive Planetary Judgments and the future rule of Jesus.

We can get some grasp of the spiritual environment created by the presence of Jesus, and this Great Light, as Sherman understood it.

"Numerous suicides are now being reported. Humans all over England, and I dare say everywhere else where this Light has appeared, are flocking to the churches. There is no one asleep in the Eastern Hemisphere tonight.

"I confess to a feeling of utter futility and helplessness. It seems as though this Light is searching out not only the dark and forbidding places of earth but the dark corners of men's minds. Most certainly it causes you to examine your own self and to wonder what fate may await . . ."

We had never heard of such a thing in our ideas of the end of the age. From the Bible we could not infer the spiritual conditions of the Return of Jesus. Which human being will not respond spiritually to Jesus? The Creator of a Universe cannot personally come to a world without a reaction on the part of every human mortal. We can understand that a large spectrum of responses will exhibit themselves. Indeed, some may kill themselves. Godless persons -- scientists, intellectuals, and scholars -- will have cause to question the very foundations of their beliefs. I cannot help but believe that religious people will flock to the churches. The entire world will be turned upside down spiritually. We never knew these concepts before now.

Much has been revealed to us about the Return of Jesus, and this Great Light. Indeed, the scenario given by Harold Sherman is confirmed by other revelations.

The Destiny Secret of the Great Light

We have an unusual passage in Habakkuk that gives us some idea of this Great Light.

Hab 3:3-6
3 God came from Teman,
and the Holy One from Mount Paran.
His glory covered the heavens,
and the earth was full of his praise.
4 His brightness was like the light,
rays flashed from his hand;
and there he veiled his power.
5 Before him went pestilence,
and plague followed close behind.
6 He stood and measured the earth;
he looked and shook the nations;
then the eternal mountains were scattered,
the everlasting hills sank low.
His ways were as of old.

We considered this passage as mere poetic expression. We did not see it in its literal significance. While we might question the geophysical origin of God, we will not question that He is here. This is the time of the Great World Judgment when he will measure the nations. There is biblical foundation for the Great Light. The praise will come from those who truly believe in Him.

We were also told of the Great Light, and the presence of Jesus, in Marian revelations from this century. These are revelations by Divine Messengers to Catholic children, found hundreds of places all over the world. (Curiously, we do not find a similar phenomenon among Protestant children, perhaps because Catholics exercise more devout relationships with God.)

At Fatima:

Jacinta Marto to her cousin Lucy dos Santos, Fatima, 1917:

About the war that is coming. So many people are going to die, and almost all of them are going to hell! Many homes will be destroyed, and many priests will be killed. Look, I am going to heaven, and as for you, when you see the light which the Lady told us would come one night before the war, you run up there too.

By "the war" Jacinta meant the final holocaust. Jacinta was told that she was to die as a youth. We can recognize her childish expressions.

Lucy wrote this message received from the Apparition about the Great Light:

"You have seen hell, where the souls of poor sinners go. To save them, God wishes to establish in the world devotion to My Immaculate Heart. If what I say to you is done, many souls will be saved and there will be peace. The war is going to end; but if people do not cease offending God, a worse one will begin in the reign of Pius XI. When you see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign God gives you that He is about to punish the world for its crimes by means of war, famine and persecutions against the Church and the Holy Father.

Here Lucy refers to World War I. Pius XI was born Ambrogio Damiano Achille Ratti, (May 31, 1857 – February 10, 1939), He reigned as Pope from February 6, 1922 and sovereign of Vatican City from 1929 until his death on February 10, 1939. The beginning of World War II was coincident with his death. We should understand that Lucy incorporated many phrases familiar to her from her Catholic background.

She knew of the Great Light that was to come. (Catholics interpreted this to mean a great display of the aurora borealis in 1938, but Lucy never conceded to such an interpretation.)

At Garabandal:

Garabandal is an isolated hamlet of some 300 people nestled in the Cantabrian Mountains of northwestern Spain. Conchita was an 11-year old girl at the time when these events began in 1961. She wrote a letter on June 2, 1965 summarizing her experiences. The letter was published in the Journal de Conchita, a French annotated translation of Conchita's Diary and containing certain other documents relating to the Garabandal event. Apparently, Conchita never received an explicit description of the meaning of The Warning that she was told about. She did not know it meant a Great Light. However, her images are mixed because she understood it would take place in the sky, and that it would produce a lighting effect that only heavenly powers could achieve. These are some of the things she said:

The Blessed Virgin told me about this on January 1, 1965, at the pines. I cannot say what it will consist of, since she did not command that I reveal it. Also, since she did not tell me when it would happen, that is something I don't know. I know that it will be visible all over the world. I don't know if people will die. They could only die from the emotional shock of seeing it.  

You can compare this prediction of death with the phrases of Sherman; some people would commit suicide. Conchita wished to emphasize that the event itself would not directly cause death but people might die because of their fear of it; some might commit suicide. Sherman said it would be visible all over the world; Conchita said it would be visible all over the world.

Conchita understood it as a Warning of other things to come.

The Blessed Virgin told me on the first of January that a Warning would be given before the Miracle so that the world might amend itself. This Warning, like the Chastisement, is a very fearful thing for the good as well as for the wicked. It will draw the good closer to God and it will warn the wicked that the end of time is coming and that these are the last warnings. There is more to it than this, but it can't be said by letter. No one can stop it from happening. It is certain, although I know nothing concerning the day or the date.

. . . Our Lady gave the information about The Warning verbally. I have never had a vision of it.

You can see how Conchita was limited by her revelations. This event, visible all over the world, will be a Warning of other things to come. Nothing can stop this stupendous event of the Return of Jesus. But Conchita does not seem to know that it will be His Return. And the other things will be a Miracle and a Chastisement. We know from our studies that the Miracle will be the resurrection of Two Witnesses found in Chapter 11 of the Book of Revelation. The Chastisement, of course, will be the Great Planetary Judgment. The Warning, the Great Light, will bring everyone to recognize that the end of time, the end of the planetary age, is now here.

"Jesus will send the Warning to purify us so that we may better appreciate the Miracle by which he clearly proves his love for us and hence his desire that we fulfill the message. The Warning will be seen and experienced everywhere and by everyone. It is like a chastisement. We shall see the consequences of the sins we have committed. I think that those who do not despair will experience great good from it and for their sanctification.

Surely, God's people will respond to His presence. Those lost in the mythologies of Christianity, and unable to escape from them, will not be able to benefit from the guiding Spirit of God.

Q. We have heard that some say the Warning may be a natural phenomenon but will be used by God to speak to mankind?

A. The Warning is something supernatural and will not be explained by science. It will be seen and felt.


Q. Conchita, can you explain the statement that during the Warning we will know ourselves and the sins we have committed?

A. The Warning will be a correction of the conscience of the world.


Q. Conchita, what about the many people who do not know Christ; how will they understand the Warning?

A. For those who do not know Christ (non-Christians) they will believe it is a warning from God.

"First, a world-wide Warning will happen in the sky . . . like the collision of two stars that do not fall down . . . it will frighten all humanity regardless of where one happens to be at the time . . .

Here we see how Conchita understood the Great Light.

"The Warning comes directly from God and will be visible to the whole world and from any place where anyone may happen to be. It will be like the revelation of our sins and it will be seen and felt by everyone, believer and unbeliever alike irrespective of whatever religion he may belong to. It will be seen and felt in all parts of the world and by every person."  

"It will happen in the sky, no one can prevent it from happening. We will even prefer to be dead rather than to pass through this Warning. It will not kill us. It will be a "correction" of our conscience. It will cause great fear and will make us reflect within ourselves on the consequences of our own personal sins. It will be like a warning of the punishment to come. In this way the world will be offered a means of purification to prepare itself for the extraordinary grace of the Great Miracle.

I gave detailed descriptions of the meaning of the Warning, the Miracle, and the Chastisement in the Moyer Papers. Clearly this description by Conchita fits the conditions of Jesus when He comes, and the Great Light that He will bring. This is all part of a Great Planetary Judgment.

We can now understand the meaning of Sherman's visionary experience. Unfortunately, his attempt to pass it along to the rest of us was done in a form that nearly the entire world rejected.

These are some of the things we have been told of the imminent event of the Return of Jesus, regardless of the context wherein it may happen to appear.

I will confess: Sherman was the one who crystallized by understanding of the Great Light. My previous insight was cloudy and uncertain. But with him came clarity. I have wondered over and over again: was Sherman used to bring me enlightenment? Will he bring enlightenment to others?

I know you were an instrument in bringing me this understanding. Thank you.

Where will you stand in this Stupendous Earth Episode?


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