Rules of the Community

(The Manual of Discipline)


Section from Column 4, Lines 15 to 26


A brief description of unfolding destiny.





From Martinez and Tigchelaar

Florentino Garcia Martinez and Eibert J. C. Tigchelaar, The Dead Sea Scrolls Study Edition, William B. Erdmans Publishing Company, Grand Rapids, 1997

From Gaster

Theodore H. Gaster, The Dead Sea Scriptures, Anchor Books, Doubleday, Garden City, 1976


In these (lies) the history of all men, in their (two) divisions all their armies have a share for their generations; in their paths they walk; every deed they do (falls) into their divisions, dependent on what might be the birth-right of man, great or small, for all eternal times. For God has sorted them into equal parts until the last time, and has put an everlasting loathing between their divisions. Deeds of injustice are an abhorrence to truth and all the paths of truth are an abhorrence to injustice. (There exists) a violent conflict in respect of all their decrees since they can not walk together.

It is in these ways that men needs must walk and it is in these two divisions, according as a man inherits something of each, that all human acts are divided throughout all the ages of eternity. For God has appointed these two things to obtain in equal measure until the final age. Between the two categories He has set an eternal enmity. Deeds of perversity are an abomination to Truth, while all the ways of Truth are an abomination to perversity; and there is a constant jealous rivalry between their two regimes, for they do not march in accord.


God, in the mysteries of his knowledge and in the wisdom of his glory, has determined an end to the existence of injustice and on the appointed time of the visitation he will obliterate it forever. Howbeit, God in His inscrutable wisdom has appointed a term for the existence of perversity, and when the time of Inquisition comes, He will destroy it for ever. 
2 Then truth shall rise up forever (in) the world, for it has been defiled in paths of wickedness during the dominion of injustice until the time appointed for the judgment decided. Then truth will emerge triumphant for the world, albeit now and until the time of the final judgment it go sullying itself in the ways of wickedness owing to the domination of perversity.
3 Then God will refine, with his truth, all man's deeds, and will purify for himself the structure of man, ripping out all spirit of injustice from the innermost part of his flesh and cleansing him with the spirit of holiness from every wicked deed. Then, too, God will purge all the acts of man in the crucible of His truth, and refine for Himself all the fabric of man, destroying every spirit of perversity from within his flesh and cleansing him by the holy spirit from all the effects of wickedness.
4 He will sprinkle over him the spirit of truth like lustral water (in order to cleanse him) from all the abhorrences of deceit and (from) the defilement of the unclean spirit, in order to instruct the upright ones with knowledge of the Most High, and to make understand the wisdom of the sons of heaven to those of perfect behavior. Like waters of purification He will sprinkle upon him the spirit of truth, to cleanse him of all the abominations of falsehood and of all pollution through the spirit of filth; to the end that, being made upright, men may have understanding of transcendental knowledge and of the lore of the sons of heaven, and that, being made blameless in their ways, they may be endowed with inner vision.
5 For those God has chosen for an everlasting covenant and to them shall belong all the glory of Adam. For them has God chosen to be the partners of His eternal covenant, and theirs shall be all mortal glory.
6 There will be no more injustice and all the deeds of trickery will be a dishonor. Until now the spirits of truth and injustice feud in the heart of man: they walk in wisdom or in folly. Perversity shall be no more, and all works of deceit shall be put to shame. Thus far, the spirits of truth and perversity have been struggling in the heart of man. Men have walked both in wisdom and in folly.
7 In agreement with man's inheritance in the truth, he shall be righteous and so abhor injustice: and according to his share in the lot of injustice, he shall act wickedly in it, and so abhor the truth. If a man casts his portion with truth, he does righteously and hates perversity; if he casts it with perversity, he does wickedly and abominates truth.
8 For God has sorted them into equal parts until the appointed end and the new creation. He knows the result of their deeds for all times everlasting and has given them as a legacy to the sons of man so that they know good and evil . . . ands to cast the lots of every living being according to his spirit in . . . until the time of the visitation. For God has apportioned them in equal measure until the final age, until `He makes all things new'. He foreknows the effect of their works in every epoch of the world, and He has made men heirs to them that they might know good and evil. But [when the time] of Inquisition [comes], He will determine the fate of every living being in accordance with which of the [two spirits he has chosen to follow].



A description of the natural enmity between the two elements within man, and within community, that will hold until the farther ages of the earth.

Section 1:

The translation of M&T is superior to that of G. It adheres more strictly to the original Hebrew text. G failed to recognize a visitation to this planet by God, although he understood that it involved an "inquisition."  In reality, the planet will take a thousand years to settle down, (Urantia Papers, pg 1086). Human conflict will still exist, and war will go on until the end of the coming millennium, Rev 20:7-8. More than one visitation by Jesus may exist for the world. We can see that he will visit us on more than one occasion, and that major changes can be expected in the planetary regime each time he does.

Section 2:

Finally, truth shall become known across the world. When injustice and iniquity are finally quelled, when the Judgment of the Earth comes at last, then truth shall shine forth among men. What a glorious day!

Section 3:

In our day and age we cannot conceive of the spiritual renewal coming down upon mankind. A major step in this program is to remove from the human race all the bad seed that has cursed us for inestimable millennia. Some of this will be done in the coming judgment, a world cleansing. But many millennia must pass for this to reach high spiritual levels.

Section 4:

An understanding of the changes in the spiritual regime of the world is not possible to us living in the world of today.

Section 5:

Here Gaster fails utterly to discern the meaning behind the text.

Eventually, all the people of this world will contain the genetic seed of Adam. Not the original Adam, who defaulted, but a new Adam and Eve who will come to help renew the world.

Section 6:

Can you imagine a world in which there is no more untruth? As Jonathan Swift said so long ago, "To say the thing that was not." No longer will we say the thing "that is not." Indeed, we have walked in both wisdom and folly. How sad!

Section 7:

Within man is a propensity to truth or untruth. How we cast our lot is dependent upon our genetic makeup. When the world comes to full regeneration those propensities will have been washed away. Or as it was said:

Section 8:

This world will see a new creation. How wonderful to hold in our expectations! All the trouble of the current world will be left behind, and the earth will truly blossom like the rose, not only in the natural bounty, but in a spiritual relationship with God.

This presentation in the Dead Sea Scrolls shows just how much the writers of those scrolls recognized the destiny of our world.

We should pay attention to the revelation of The Urantia Papers: