The Habakkuk Scroll

Part II - The Qumran Role of the Kittim

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This scroll is an expository on events to come at the end of days.

The discourse centers around the activities of the Kittim, and the role

of the Teacher of Righteousness.


The Role of the Kittim


The name Kittim is used nine times in the scroll. We can obtain an understanding of the characteristics of this nation by listing the descriptions given by the translators.


Note that this is one nation, not a multiple of nations in alliance. I offer alternative phrases to show how the translators differed on the proper description to assign to this nation. I do this in order to better obtain an idea of the features of this nation.


Hab 1:6 For lo, I am rousing the Chaldeans, that bitter and hasty nation,

(cruel and determined, wild and impetuous, brutal and reckless).

Column II, lines 12 - 16 Interpretation of the Kittim
Martinez and Tigchelaar Parry and Tov Gaster
swift and powerful in battle swift and mighty in war swift and mighty in war
to slay many annihilating many bent on destroying peoples far and wide
take possession of many countries inherit many lands subduing them to their own dominion
will not believe in the precepts of God have no faith in the laws of God do not believe in the ordinances of God
they go across the earth they range across the land over low land and plain they come
to take possession of dwellings not theirs to seize dwellings not theirs to smite and pillage the cities of the land

God reserved the New World for himself. For a million years it sat here, untouched. When stone age people came they lived off the natural bounty of the land, and left it in nearly the same pristine condition as they found it. The Maya, the Inca, and the Aztec, of more recent times, built great civilizations but did little to disturb the natural functioning of the land. They knew the wheel but refused to use it. Meanwhile North America remained primitive.

But then came White Man. With his technology. And his dream of God that evolved into materialism.

We were God's country. We had opened to us the opportunity to use this blessing from Him. We had excellent minds applied to the organization of a new social order. We declared liberty, one nation under God.

How well we were described:

Isaiah 48
17 "I am Yahweh your God, who teaches you to profit,
who leads you in the way you should go.
18 O that you had hearkened to my commandments!
Then your peace would have been like a river,
and your righteousness like the waves of the sea;
19 your offspring would have been like the sand,
and your descendants like its grains;
their name would never be cut off
or destroyed from before me."

This is what we could have been. But now an exhortation is given.

20 Go forth from Babylon, flee from Chaldea,
declare this with a shout of joy, proclaim it,
send it forth to the end of the earth;
say, "Yahweh has redeemed his servant Jacob!"
21 They thirsted not when he led them through the deserts;
he made water flow for them from the rock;
he cleft the rock and the water gushed out.
22 "There is no peace," says Yahweh, "for the wicked."

Greed, social power, and material gratification began to dominate our lives.

This process was carried out in the context of western white man the countries of Europe, and the New World, especially the United States taking their technology, social power, and culture to the rest of the world. The Colonial Empires opened the door for western white man to spread his influence everywhere.

Coming out of the 19th century into the 20th the United States began to feel its economic and social power.

The difficulty is that greed and economic power soon were exercised in the name of democracy and freedom. Eventually the United States began to impose its will upon the entire world. We did so in reaction to an alternate economic system: Communism. But we fought a losing war in Korea. We fought another losing war in Viet Nam.

Behind all of this was the perceived right to develop capitalism, the use of natural resources to satisfy greed. To sustain such system we committed to a technology and material power that was founded on God's natural gift of coal and oil. Without that energy to power our automobiles, our trucks, our aircraft, and our electric generators we could not have developed the Great Enterprise that became a monstrous enslaving economic engine. Managed by a social elite the common citizens of the United States could not perceive the difference between social freedom and economic bondage. We enjoyed unprecedented personal freedom but became enslaved through credit cards and banking techniques. The souls of America were bought through material pleasures.

We then attempted to force the nations militarily who we perceived as a threat to that economic regime. We tread upon the nations.

The rise of terrorism was the result of common people who had no military strength to oppose that capitalist system. They saw a means to destroy an economic regime that was becoming increasingly dangerous to their belief system. The rise of terrorism was due to a religious philosophy that had its origins in the spiritual machinations of the Devil, Islam.

In this complex boiling pot the United States, with its godlessness, tried to salvage an ever-increasingly threat to its economic system.

When the United States invaded Iraq, without provocation, it showed how swift and mighty in war it truly was. It used tactics it called "shock and awe." Within a few short days it had conquered that nation.

As the United States swept over the land it encountered resistance. In an effort to gain control of the country it slew many, not only men who banded together to fight but also women and children. It was bent on prosecuting its designs.

The United States set up puppet governments in Afghanistan and Iraq, governments inclined to obey the will of this cruel and determined nation. The stated policy of  the United States government was to establish "democracies" in those countries in order that they would have the same political and economic philosophies. This was extended by proxy to Lebanon. In Korea, Viet Nam, and now other nations we attempted to take possession, subduing them to our own dominion.

The United States has long since forgotten God. We forsook the precepts and ordinances of God.

The United States charges across the earth, over low land and plain, to take possession of dwellings not our own. We smite and pillage the land to prosecute our designs.

Hab 1:7 Dread and terrible are they;
their justice and dignity proceed from themselves. 

Column III, lines 4 - 6 Interpretation of the Kittim
Martinez and Tigchelaar Parry and Tov Gaster
fear and dread of whom are on all the peoples fear and dread of whom are on all the nations terror and dread of whom are upon all the nation
all their thoughts are premeditated to do evil By intention their every thought is to do evil Moreover, when they meet in their council, all their plans are directed to doing evil;
with cunning and treachery they behave towards all the nations in deceit and trickery they conduct themselves with all the peoples with knavery and deceit they behave towards all peoples

The United States has brought fear and dread upon many people. Where will we invade next? Upon whom will we next impose our will?

When those who govern in the United States gather together in their council chambers they plot to exercise control over their perceived enemies.

We do not now behave with truthfulness and honesty. With cunning and treachery we conduct ourselves toward the nations of the world.

Hab 1:8 Their horses are swifter than leopards, more fierce than the evening wolves; their horsemen press proudly on. Yea, their horsemen come from afar; they fly like an eagle swift to devour.

Hab 1:9 They all come for violence; terror of them goes before them. They gather captives like sand.

Column III, lines 9 - 15 Interpretation of the Kittim
Martinez and Tigchelaar Parry and Tov Gaster

trample the land with their horses and their animals

trample the land with their horses and with their beasts. thresh the earth with their horses and their beasts.
come from far off, from the islands of the sea, to devour all the nations they come from the sea-coasts, to eat up all the peoples Like a vulture they come from afar, from the isles of the sea
like an eagle insatiable. like an insatiable vulture they are insatiable.
With fury they are heated, and with burning wrath and livid faces they will speak to all the nations. In anger and hostility and in wrath and arrogance they speak with all the peoples In the heat of fury, in searing rage, in scorching anger and with tempestuous miens they speak with all the peoples
The breath of their faces is like the East wind.   their faces ever forward. the serried mass of their faces is a veritable east wind,
And he gathers captives like sand. They will gather captives like sand. and they amass spoil like sand.

Broken Text

How often have we watched as the United States sent her machinery of war into foreign countries? Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, and now where else? We trampled the land with our war horses and our military beasts.

Where did we come from? We came from the isle of the sea, from distant sea-coasts, to devour all the nations.

Like insatiable vultures we spoke in burning anger. With arrogance and livid faces we pounced upon all the nations. All of this they did in reaction to an act of terror, but without logical provocation. This was the first time in history that the United States acted peremptorily. We gathered captives like the sand of the sea. I remember watching the war of early 1990 on Television when the United States went into Iraq the first time. I was amazed how we gathered captives from the Iraqi army in battalions arrayed, thousands upon thousands of men displayed in front of my eyes.

Hab 1:10 At kings they scoff, and of rulers they make sport.

They laugh at every fortress, for they heap up earth and take it.

Column IV, lines 1 - 9 Interpretation of the Kittim
Martinez and Tigchelaar Parry and Tov Gaster
they deride the powerful and despise the honored men they sneer at leaders and deride the nobility they scorn the great and mock the noble
at kings and princes they jeer they jeer at kings and princes make sport of kings and princes
and sneer at a huge army and ridicule a throng of people and scoff at any numerous people
leaders of the Kittim who despise the fortresses of the peoples and with derision laugh at them the rulers of the Kittim who deride the fortresses of the peoples and with a sneer laugh at them. This refers to the rulers of the Kittaeans who scorn strongholds of the peoples and tauntingly deride them
they surround them with a huge army to capture them With a great army they surround them to capture them surrounding them with a great host in order to capture them
And through dread and fear they surrender to their hands, and they demolish them because of the wickedness of those who dwell in them  with fear and terror the fortresses fall into their power. Then they destroy them because of the crimes of those who dwell there Through alarm and terror the latter are surrendered into their hands; and they overthrow them through the iniquity of those who dwell in them

I will not continue to draw out the similarities between the Qumran Habakkuk document and the United States. You can apply these as you see fit. l would suggest you consider how the United States invaded Iraq because of the iniquity that existed there.

Hab 1:11 Then they sweep by like the wind and go on, guilty men, whose own might is their god!

Column IV, lines 10 - 16 Interpretation of the Kittim
Martinez and Tigchelaar Parry and Tov Gaster
who on the advice of a house of guilty people, who enter the land by the advice of a family of criminals: In their guilt-ridden Council Housel
 go by, one before the other. Their leaders, one after another, will come to raze the earth in his turn, their rulers come, one after the other, each to devastate the land. they keep replacing, those rulers one after another; and each comes in turn to destroy the earth
And this one has made his might his God They made might their god Another whose might is his God

Broken Text

Does the United States have guilt-ridden Council Houses? Consider all the secret assemblies that go on in order to not let us citizens know. Our rulers do not want to inform us of earth shattering planning in order that they can operate without restraint. Their might is truly their God.