Qumran Cemetery Information

Photograph of the Qumran complex looking south. Graveyard is to the left (east).

We can see how the complex was built on a bluff overlooking the Dead Sea.

Seven of eleven caves containing scrolls were located in the surrounding cliff faces.

Photographs of (1) cemetery and (2) entire complex.

Some excavated graves are shown by dark spots on the left photograph.


Geological Survey of Site and Cemetery

Note that site sits on a bluff, and that the altitude markings show a sloping downward from the site.

The negative numbers indicate distance in meters below sea level.



Map of Cemetery

Except for #38 numbered graves are those excavated by de Vaux.

They do not follow any particular order except as excavated.

The reports from Sheridan and Roehrer-Ertl follow those numbers.



Diagram of cemetery showing  excavated graves only. Numbered graves are from de Vaux. Open oval markings show unidentified excavations by Steckoll and possibly grave robbers. Resurvey done by  J. Rosenberg (WF Albright Institute of Archaeological Research in Jerusalem) and Elaine Myers (University of Toronto). I count 26 new excavations since de Vaux. Steckoll reported 10 done by himself.