The Purpose and the Message


The following text in yellow was from my book, Chapter 6 in The Day of Celestial Visitation, Exposition Press, Hicksville, New York, 1975.

I offer it here for documentation purposes, and to show the evolution in understanding that has taken place over the past twenty-five years, both within myself, and in the world. Where helpful I offer commentary.  



From the preceding discussions we can better appreciate the deeper implications of the contactee reports. Included in all of the messenger classes are items so far undiscussed, items which explain the purpose of the UFO activity and the reason for contact, items which are a true message to all earth people.

The primary purpose is observational: the space people are observing changes taking place within the planet, and the effect of those changes upon life on the planet, including man. The observations involve many different types of activity, with measurement of atmosphere, waters, earth crustal structures, earthquakes, plant life, microbes, animals, and man.

The secondary purpose is a specially organized attempt to inform man of certain essential items of knowledge which he may not otherwise know or willingly explore for himself and which are important for man as the planet proceeds farther into changes which have begun to take place. These changes will bring about new planetary conditions that will drastically alter future environment. The changes already have had a strong impact upon the psychological state of man and will continue even more until they terminate near the turn of the century.

These conclusions were immature and naive. In 1975 we had no knowledge of the abduction activity although John Fuller, in his Interrupted Journey, and the strange Villas-Boas incident should have led us to more insightful early deductions.

Furthermore, not until 1988 did I come to a realization of the purpose of the 144,000 described in Rev 14:3.

Even more, it occurred to no researchers that our space visitors might be preserving species against planetary disaster.

But the fact that they were attempting to elevate our concepts of a space administration under God were true. Unfortunately, we did not grasp the unique significance of this planet in universe affairs. This is the sentimental shrine of all Nebadon, the home world of our Creator when he lived as a human mortal.

That is the reason we are receiving so much attention, under a mandate not to interfere in our decisions -- decisions that will lead to worldwide disaster.

The changes are bringing a new planetary age. Such changes and earth cycles from one age to another have been recorded in various ways in the past, but the true significance has remained unrecognized by modern scholars and scientists. This information has been uncovered in numerous archeological excavations, is recorded in worldwide mythologies, and is contained within the geological record of the planet. 

The planetary cycles (earth ages) are variable in length but average about 30,000 years duration. The cycles can be traced geologically beyond 200,000 years. These ages have been identified in antiquity with dispensations of the gods, and recorded in such places as the Mesopotamian Kings List.

The current activity by celestial intelligence in monitoring the changes in minute detail probably is for preservation of the data on other planets. If this is true, it denotes interest by other worlds of the changes which are affecting ours and indicates desire to record the changes in detail.

Ancient mythologies all indicate a religious significance in the earth cycles. The story of the Flood is familiar to everyone and is told as the punishment to men for evil existence. This story was found on clay tablets in the ancient city of Nineveh as well as other ancient cities of the Tigris-Euphrates River Valley. On those tablets the story is told within the context of a fight among the gods, whether punishment should be brought upon man, and the pleading of certain gods to prevent the Flood. The story of a great flood is found in mythologies of peoples from around the world; it is not localized to any one country or group. If these myths can be considered as representative of an event, they suggest that the cause of the Flood was worldwide. We will not enter a full discussion of this event at this time but will defer it for a later chapter; mention of the Flood is for background for the message in the contactee reports.

The religious theme is maintained in the messenger class of contactees: Fry, Bateman, Swift, and Adamski. All mention details of the earth and of the status of man upon the earth which suggest that the earth cycle is related somehow to intelligence of a very high order in the universe, even above that of the UFO operators.



Bateman reports direct telepathic communication from craft hovering outside the atmosphere of the earth. According to his account, intelligence from the craft informed him that planetary changes are related to a re-alignment of crustal stresses within our globe. These stresses create minute alterations in electromagnetic fields about the planet. As the stresses become relieved, the altered fields modify the structure of complex organic molecules and the functioning of animal neural circuits. Microbes and bacteria reproduce rapidly, and thus quickly reflect the altered planetary conditions when earthquakes take place.

Celestial craft collect samples of the primitive life forms from swamps, lakes, and other areas conducive to rapid reproduction during seismic disturbances. The notorious swamp gas incident in Michigan in the early spring of 1965 was a direct result of activity by disc-type craft monitoring seismic disturbances.

Relief of the crustal stresses induces minute alterations in human mental processes, bringing about wider neural ranging and intellectual receptivity. Greater mental acuity, increased intuitive expression, and improved sensitivity to psychic phenomena leads to desires for personal expression, cultural renewal, and reflect true spiritual experience. From these intuitive drives come the great social upheavals around the globe--in church, school, ghetto, city, government, and all social institutions where intuitive drives are frustrated. The earth's physical changes are the events preliminary to a final re-alignment of the planet with space physical field conditions and completion of the cycle of the current earth age.

In the words of Bateman:

"Their past interest in the earth, for four thousand years, has been the observance of the natural earth movements known as earthquakes. The occurrence of earthquakes has had today a great effect upon the lives of the inhabitants of earth. The mind of men and animals functions electrically, and our thoughts are actually tiny electrical pulsations which use a complex series of circuits or "channels" in the brain as carrier routes.

"Drastic cataclysms, like the deluge in the ancient past, caused a serious misalignment of various key layers of strata in the earth's crust. Consequently, the planet earth is producing a distorted field which is not harmonious to the electrical processes in the human brain. Due to this unnatural condition humans find it extremely uncomfortable to use certain portions of their brains ."

Human reaction to the changes as they take place will depend upon the social and moral well-being of all of us resident here upon the surface. If we have accepted our status and have taken appropriate steps to maintain amenable social and moral conditions, the passage through the cycle can be traversed without major social cataclysm to accompany the planetary change. However, if we have not prepared adequately and are at great odds among the various factions of society around the globe, we will suffer social disturbances. These have already begun and are continuing with increased seventy. If they continue without immediate and drastic corrective actions, they will build to a crescendo culminating in atomic holocaust. We can take action to halt this, but it must be done quickly. It can be done only through a total commitment to planetary well-being, a resignation of national, group, or party interests, and an immediate contribution from all phases of national and international society. The planetary events are redected in the UFO reports.


Bateman's report was published in REAL Magazine, Flying Saucers Pictorial, Arizill Realty and Publishing Co., Tucson, AZ, 1967.

It is truly unfortunate this revelation was not more widely circulated.

Adamski provides additional insight into the nature of the changes and relates that they depend upon man's religious development. As explained by a spaceman: 

". . .it may interest you to learn that a gradual tilting of your Earth is even now taking place. If . . . it should make a complete tilt in order to fulfill its cycle, much of the land now lying under water will rise. For years to come, this water-soaked soil will be in the process of evaporation which will once more cause a constant cloudy formation, or firmament around your earth . . .

"This tilting of the earth is one reason for the constant observations we are giving it, for its relation to the other planets . . . is very important. A drastic tilt of one planet would, to some degree, affect all . . ."

"Surely, any violent tilt would cause a great catastrophe to our earth, would it not?" I asked.

"That is bound to happen," he replied, "and although the laws which govern the relationship of man to the world on which he lives would not at this present time be understood by men of earth, I want to stress that the erring path which they have followed so consistently is actually the reason for their ignorance of your planet's present instability. Through the ages, there have been many signs and omens which your people have ignored. Many of these have been recorded in your Holy Writ as prophecies. But your people heeded them not. And although many have already been fulfilled, the lesson has not been learned. It is not wise to become independent of the Creator of All. Mankind must be guided by the hand that has given him life.

"If man is to live without catastrophe, he must look upon his fellow being as himself, the one a reflection of the other. It is not the Creator's wish that mankind turn against itself in cruelty and wanton slaughter."

"I know," I said, "that we are coming into a new cycle of some sort . . . Can you throw any light on this?"

". . . We would say that you are approaching the Cosmic Age, however little you may understand this.

". . . We would rather call it a Cosmic understanding.

". . . All this has been foretold by men of old. They have said in your written prophecies that the whole world will be disturbed . . . The conditions in your world today have placed you, as you put it, under the shadow of death. Your entire world is disturbed.

". . . Let earth man know that his God is not in some far distant place, but ever near in all manifestations and within Man himself."


Swift had some knowledge that they would occur: 

"These people are under continual disquietudes, proceeding from causes which very little affect the rest of mortals. Their apprehensions arise from several changes they dread in the celestial bodies."


From Daniel Fry

. . . it was the first time that it was made clear to Fry that he had a personal duty and responsibility in the effort which [the space people] are making to alter the natural flow of events, and thus avert the holocaust which is otherwise inevitable.

". . . We have expended considerable time and patience in the effort to light a few candles among the races of your planet. It has been our hope that the light of these candles might glow in brilliance until it exposed the terrible abyss toward which the peoples of your world are so blindly rushing.

". . . There are three types or branches of science which are necessary for the proper development of mankind, the Spiritual Science, the Social Science and the Physical or Material Science. The spiritual and social sciences must come first. There can be no development of the material science unless there first exists a foundation of the spiritual and social sciences.

". . . Man, from the very beginning of his development, sensed the fact that there is a supreme power and intelligence which pervades and controls all nature. Man's attitude toward this power has varied from fear and resentment to reverence and love, but always he has had the desire to learn more of the nature of this power.

". . . You now have the problem of a huge and massive [material] structure, growing at an ever increasing rate, standing upon, and supported only by a foundation which is growing at a much smaller rate. It is obvious that unless some means are found to stimulate greatly the growth of the foundation, a time will inevitably come when the structure will collapse upon that foundation, bringing ruin and destruction to both. This has occurred before upon your Earth, and your civilization has now entered the stage where it is likely to occur again.

"Your race is now in constant danger of total destruction by an agency which it has itself produced. Why should a people be menaced by their own creations? Simply because they have not progressed far enough in the spiritual and social sciences to enable them to determine the uses to which their creations shall be put.

"Most of the thinkers of your race are well aware of the danger inherent in the use of nuclear weapons, but there is another aspect to the problem which is not generally recognized. That is the fact that unless unity is achieved between your nations, the very existence of such weapons will eventually bring about the downfall of your civilization, even though they are never used. The truth of this fact can be understood by anyone who will think a little. Civilizations are built and maintained by men of vision, who think and work for the future. What man will be willing to dedicate his life and his work to the benefit of generations yet unborn, when the foreseeable future does not extend beyond the next twenty-four hours?".



These accounts by the contactees all have a common ring: they are all concerned with planetary changes that are taking place, including Swift. He says that the occupants of the flying disc are under continual disquietudes which very little affect the rest of mortals, arising from changes they dread in the celestial bodies. Since he refers to the rest of mortals, he implies they are mortal. The rest of the mortals probably refers to earth dwellers, since we do not believe such ideas. If space people dread changes in the bodies, and the changes are related to earth, then the other bodies must mean other planets in the solar system, which in turn implies that at least some of them contain advanced intelligence. 

This idea is verified by Adamski who insists that other planets within our solar system have civilizations. A drastic tilt of our planet would affect all, and thus the changes are important to the inhabitants of the other planets.

The planetary changes are not new to earth: Bateman says that they occurred during the Great Deluge, and Fry elsewhere says that the last great event occurred about 30,000 years ago.

The changes are due to the rebellious nature of man and will bring concomitant nuclear holocaust unless men make drastic effort to alter the flow of events.

As Adamski puts it: "The erring path which [earthmen] have followed so consistently is actually the reason for their ignorance . . . It is not the Creator's wish that mankind turn against itself in cruelty and wanton slaughter."

In the words of Fry: "Your race is now in constant danger of total destruction by an agency which it has itself produced."

Swift, also, carries through this theme: 

"If any town should engage in rebellion or mutiny, the King hath two methods of reducing them to obedience. The first . . . whereby he can deprive them of the sun and the rain, and consequently afflict the inhabitants with dearth and diseases. And if the crime deserves it, they are at the same time pelted from above with great stones, against which they have no defense, but by creeping into cellars and caves . . . But if they continue obstinate, or offer to raise insurrections, he proceeds to the last remedy . . . which makes a universal destruction of both houses and men."

This account by Swift is the more remarkable in the fact that he mentions that their only defense is by creeping into cellars and caves. We all have been exposed in recent years to the effort of the Civil Defense movement to get each homeowner to build a fallout shelter in his basement or cellar. Likewise, as we walk through the cities, we observe curious yellow civil defense signs that direct the way to the basements (cellars) of buildings. In addition, the government has spent many millions of dollars to provide fallout and bomb protection for the defense services in caves beneath the White House, the hills of Maryland, and Norad headquarters in Colorado. That this defense is motivated by pelting from above with great stones could not be coincidental. Somehow it would appear that Swift was told of the events to come. If so, it raises a very great question, one of the greatest of all, for Adamski tells us also that these things were predicted in our biblical prophecy. 

The intelligence must be exceedingly superior that can determine events so far in the future. But if they can, and they exhibit such great superiority, why don't they alter the course of events?

The passage given by Swift suggests that the pelting from above has origin through the celestial intelligence, but the passage from Fry suggests that we have brought it upon ourselves.


There are dire implications within these seemingly contradictory messages, implications that require even further investigation. 

As Swift phrased it: "The King would be the most absolute prince in the universe, if he could prevail on a Ministry to join him . . ."

Does the King mean the Creator expressed by Adamski? And is the Ministry the earth inhabitants? These apocalyptic remarks certainly suggest so.

Finally, we have that curious remark by Swift that they "have great faith in judicial astrology." It is one thing to believe that the stars and the planets influence our earth and life upon it, but it is quite another to believe that this influence is subject to judgment, for it implies there is a form of overcontrol, not strictly natural, directed from a very high level of intelligence within the universe and brought about as a consequence of willful and wrongful action by earth inhabitants. This certainly agrees with the spirit of the ancient flood myths, where punishment was inflicted upon man.

Adamski carries this even further in that he identifies the planet Saturn as the seat of judgment. His observation craft are "Saturnian"; the Saturnian craft operators carry a symbol of a scale within a ring upon their shoulders, and in his Pioneers of Space he says outright that Saturn has been assigned the responsibility for adjudicating the solar system for a sequence of errors that began many thousands of years ago. The Saturnians share this responsibility because they are the most spiritually advanced planet within the solar system and have learned the laws of right conduct from early in their planet history. Therefore, they have been entrusted with the great responsibility for adjudicating our wayward planet, Earth. Perhaps this is a private interpretation of Adamski's; we have no evidence of civilization upon Saturn.
After all the years we now know that Adamski was misled into believing these matters were confined to our solar system. At that time, from World War II, until well into the 1980's, we just did not recognize the universal significance of events unfolding upon this planet. Adamski and Fry, and even C. S. Lewis, had their vision confined to this solar system.