John the Baptist #2



This is such an important subject I shall treat it in some detail.


I have personally known four men who believed they were the New and Greater John the Baptist. I have either visited them or spent time with them. They were Joe Pope, Paul Bond, Ed Roache, and Preston Thomas.


In 1988 I visited Joe Pope in Vancouver, BC for several days. When younger, Joe was a Major in the Canadian Army in public relations, a respectable position, and then went later from an evening TV newscast co-anchor in Philadelphia, to a lower paying job in Ohio, to no occupation in Vancouver where some of his relatives lived. I believe he now lives off his Military pension with some part time contract work. He tried to promote himself as the NAGJTB among Urantians as the Elijah ministries. See


but was badly alcoholic, and slid from some fame into obscurity. The purpose of my visit was to find out what Joe knew about the 144,000. I came to understanding of the 144,000 by Margaret Jewitt, a Jehovah Witness woman here in Hanover, now deceased. Not that she knew, but that she led me to understanding.


I spent several hours with Paul Bond in Flagstaff, AZ in 1996 but was warned against him by Betty and Ken Glasziou. He did financially well when he sold his contracting business in Australia, but left the country to avoid paying tax and did not return until the statute of limitations ran out. As far as I am aware he stills promotes himself as this personality. I would describe him as someone who blows his own horn very loud.


Ed Roache is an MD who had some personal problems. His wife and two children left him for some years but returned. He attended one of my weekend seminars in Coolfont, WV. I have visited with him in Binghamton, NY and at his office in Watertown, NY. I have a lot of respect for Ed in spite of his strange beliefs. He is a meek and retiring person. He has written a book about his insights into coming events, entitled The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand. You will note how that title meets one of the requirements of NAGJTB.


I knew Preston Thomas quite well. I visited in his home several times, traveled together with him to Urantia conferences, and spent other time with him. He runs the Einstein school near Charlottesville, VA, which receives financial support from a sizeable group of Urantians. Although Preston sees himself as that personality, he has been careful to maintain a silence about it.


I give you this information so you may reach a better grip on how the prediction has influenced some highly intelligent people.


Perhaps there is seeming fame that these intelligent people saw in the UB passage and felt an impulse to try to fulfill it. Otherwise they were rational beings. In contrast, I have a theory that there is a spiritual influence about our planet that has caused these people to go off in that direction, and that they were responding. (Perhaps you also are responding to that spiritual tug.) But all of them failed to recognize the full spiritual gamut of the coming and imminent work of NAGJTB.


The manner in which the NAGJTB will appear depends on the world spiritual environment. This is not an ordinary or common exhibit. His appearance will be most extraordinary to match coming events.


If you were to read my Urantia paper on The Return of Jesus, you might come to some insight about the environment in which this personality is to appear. He will not appear until Jesus returns!!


Without that recognition you will not come to a proper understanding of events and his role in those events.


After you read that Urantia paper, you might go on to a New Age paper I have posted about the Return of Jesus. Harold Sherman, (yes, the infamous Harold Sherman), was shown visions about this event, but translated it into a fiction he thought would fit social understanding of 1946.


From there you would be ready to graduate to the Christian paper on the Return of Jesus.


Next you would be ready for my papers on the Marian Apparitions. These were visits by Celestial Agents to Catholic children, including Fatima and La Salette. Melanie Calvat, age 15, and Maximin Giraud, age 11, experienced only one visitation on September 19, 1846, but were told about a pair of personalities they named Enoch and Eli.


This information from the children at La Salette was related to two witnesses that show up on Revelation 11. You can see their fate by reading that passage, although not exactly literally correct.


Finally, when you put all of this together you then might come to an understanding of how events will unfold on our planet, and how the NAGJTB fits in with them.


You should recognize that the remarks in the Urantia Papers about this personality cannot be understood apart from the other revelations. If you take them in isolation you will not understand. You must go Biblical Prophecy and Marian Apparitions. You must go to other revelations.


Now I shall address several issues.


As you noted, this personality will not refer to the Second Coming of Christ. That is a mistaken mythological Christian term, involving images of Jesus as the Messiah. He would not speak in such blindness. However, he will talk about the Return of Jesus. You must elevate your thinking to distinguish that important difference.


He will also not refer to the visible church on earth. That visible church shows itself in the Orthodox faith, the Catholic faith, and numerous Protestant faiths. He will approach members of that visible church without regard to their expressed faith. He also will speak to Jews as important members of the coming salvation. He cannot perform his important work unless he goes beyond the contemporary religious scene. God is not a respecter of man-made religious institutions, churches or synagogues, Christianity and Judaism, that He would distinguish among them.


If Jesus is to return, then a Magisterial Mission would not be part of the unfolding world scene. World events will be exclusively under the command of our God, Jesus.


You should be able to understand that the work in which NAGJTB is involved in no way refers to any current religious, social, or secular institution, but is directed by this mandate:


P.2082 - 9 Religion does need new leaders, spiritual men and women who will dare to depend solely on Jesus and his incomparable teachings. If Christianity persists in neglecting its spiritual mission while it continues to busy itself with social and material problems, the spiritual renaissance must await the coming of these new teachers of Jesus' religion who will be exclusively devoted to the spiritual regeneration of men. And then will these spirit-born souls quickly supply the leadership and inspiration requisite for the social, moral, economic, and political reorganization of the world.


Can you understand that there will be startling spiritual performances in addition to that of the NAGJTB. In fact, our whole world will be turned upside down, spiritually, socially, politically, and even economically.


Now ask yourself how Urantians fit in with these events.


In this context I am sure that the NAGJTB will have a heightened sensitivity to the "end of the age" and "world judgment." He will be repeating the same outlook as the first John the Baptist, but now in the context of immediate world affairs.


If you wish to achieve greater understanding of these matters you must review the prophecies of old, all of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and the minor prophets. You will not come to grips with destiny until you are so prepared.


You said:


> These olden style prophets were also referred to as "messengers of heaven"
> and the teachings are explicit that John went through a mental process
> wherein he became fully cognizant of his mission and special status. So when
> the new John arises I would expect that this person will undergo a similar
> process, and when finally reading this passage in the Urantia Book, will say
> with recognition "Oh...this is me, I know what I am to do..."


I fully concur in your conclusion. The men I illustrated at the beginning of this letter felt so impressed. Without question, this person will certainly understand the role he is to play, and all the ramifications that go with it. As I pointed out, the full gamut of that role was spelled out in different revelations in order for him to come to grips with it. It involves the study of numerous elements, as I have shown above. You cannot get this depth strictly out of the Urantia Papers. I am sure he would be fully conversant with the work of the "messengers of heaven."


But just as the first JTB worked by faith, so will this second work. His will not be a commission handed to him directly by God. This is a highly important element in unfolding world destiny. The critical performance of today, and the imminent spiritual exercise, will involve decisions by all of God's people as acts of faith. Jesus will not tell any of us what to do. He will leave that decision up to us. The NAGJTB will work within such faith confines. And by so doing he will set an example for others.


He will not boldly proclaim that he is the NAGJTB. Such act would be a travesty. If this is a faith exercise he cannot in all honesty make such proclamation. But he can and will interpret the prophecies of old, and the new prophecies, to focus on God's saving grace.


You should understand that many, many people will reject his proclamations. Tons of Urantians are too arrogant to recognize his work. Even more tons of Jews and Christians are so caught up in their mythologies they will not be able to see. But the coming spiritual crisis will be so intense that no one will be able to shirk this process. I can assure you, it will not be a pleasant time.


I know of very few Urantians who pay attention to their Revelation. How many have heeded this warning:


P.1908 - 6 "But even now I offer you in my Father's name mercy and forgiveness; even now I proffer the loving hand of eternal fellowship. My Father has sent you the wise men and the prophets; some you have persecuted and others you have killed. Then appeared John proclaiming the coming of the Son of Man, and him you destroyed after many had believed his teaching. And now you make ready to shed more innocent blood. Do you not comprehend that a terrible day of reckoning will come when the Judge of all the earth shall require of this people an accounting for the way they have rejected, persecuted, and destroyed these messengers of heaven? Do you not understand that you must account for all of this righteous blood, from the first prophet killed down to the times of Zechariah, who was slain between the sanctuary and the altar? And if you go on in your evil ways, this accounting may be required of this very generation.


Do these many Urantians not realize that they have gone their evil ways? Do they not understand that by "this very generation" Jesus places that responsibility directly on their own shoulders? Do they not recognize that they will be held accountable?


Jesus will reject all who reject his great truths.


I would like to send this reply to others, and need your permission. May I?


You may distribute this letter in any way you see fit.



April 16, 2007


Michael gave me his permission to post this letter.