David Morningstar
An Evaluation

What follows is a repetition of an essay I wrote about Morningstar in 1999.
I add notes and material suitable to my more recent, 2008, correspondence with him.


Subject: David Morningstar -- An Evaluation
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 12:40:30 -0400
From: "Ernest P. Moyer" <epmoyer@netrax.net>
To: David Morningstar <starman1954@excite.com>

I first became aware of your June 17, 1993 letter to the Urantia Foundation on March 1, 1999.

I immediately recognized the great truths it contained.  I wrote a paper based on your letter, with the title  “Marshaling of the Cosmic Reserve Corps.”

Before publishing I attempted to contact you.  Both Rob Crickett and Fred Harris confirm that they sent you my e-mail address, but you did not respond. I do not know why.

Later I learned that you use two e-mail addresses.  The one uses “starman” while the other uses “mstarone.” You cautioned me about using the “mstarone” e-mail address as that of “the other person,” although you use it in responding to some individuals. You also use that address for your web site.

I do not know why.

Note dated April 10, 2008: As I recently learned, Morningstar is a pseudonym. I had suspected this fact from my first contact with him. But I had no evidence. Now I do. His real surname is Trepas. The "mstarone" was the email address for the Trepas name, but he did not reveal this information. Both of these email addresses have since been abandoned.

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I will stand on the bar of truth.

When I see truth I will respond to truth, and I will uphold the truth.

When I see distortions, or denigration of truth, I will condemn untruth.

“ Jesus had an unerring ability for the recognition of truth, and truth he never hesitated to embrace, no matter from what source it appeared to emanate.”

The illustration is the ancient Book of Enoch, the text of which we have today. Jesus loved that Book, reading and rereading it many times for the truth it contained, even though that truth was buried in the midst of great distortions and untruth.

As a human mortal I cannot claim to an unerring ability for the recognition of truth, but I do claim that I have

an exceptional ability for the recognition of truth, no matter from what source it may appear to emanate.  I have used truths from the ancient Book of Enoch, even though I recognize the corruption of the context in which they occur. I have used truths offered us by the biblical prophets, even though sometimes their words have been adulterated over the centuries.  I have used truths contained in John's Revelation, even though it contains great corruption.  I have used truths offered by Betty Andreasson, even though she adulterated her message with wild imagination induced under improper hypnotic recall.  I have used truths offered by other persons, even though adulterated and corrupted in our perverse world.

I saw the great truths of you letter, and responded to those truths. I now see that you have corrupted yourself.  I shall explain.

For all these corruptions and adulterations, I will stand on the bar of truth.

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I have been over your web site with great interest and rapt attention, to say the least.

(Note April 10, 2008: Morningstar's web site is now defunct.)

You now have considerable materials posted that helps me to understand you, and where you are coming from.  Of course, many questions remain unanswered.

Before I make a commitment to visit you, I shall explain why I believe that would be foolish.

Where I respond directly to your remarks, I shall place my comments and questions between solid lines.  I shall place your web site text between asterisk lines. These include all the remarks and questions given to your by others. Please bear with me.

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You tell a dramatic tale of your memory of other lives: in the 1880's as Chief Dull Knife, 1400-1500 as a warrior in Scotland, 250,000-500,000 years ago as a commander of a military extra-solar space craft, and so on. You state that these lives came into your memory but that you never used hypnosis to obtain those memories.

Two thousand years of Christianity, based ultimately on the teachings of Jesus, and our Great Revelation, with origins at the highest universe levels, deny such belief. We live only one mortal life, and our souls do not transmigrate from one body to another.  

For example:

P.1811  “There was, throughout all these regions, a lingering belief in reincarnation. The older Jewish teachers, together with Plato, Philo, and many of the Essenes, tolerated the theory that

men may reap in one incarnation what they have sown in a previous existence; thus in one life they were believed to be expiating the sins committed in preceding lives. The Master found it difficult to make men believe that their souls had not had previous existences.”

How do you reconcile your memory experiences with this revelation? Such belief is a denial of Revelation.

I do not know how you came to this belief but it is a reality distortion that is an immense disservice to your brothers and sisters.

You further expand this belief to the personality of the “bust image” you were shown. This is an even greater distortion of reality, for now you would have God's special messenger also living more than one life!  See further discussion below.

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The Bust Image

I show your remarks and replies with a [D*].
I show the questions of others in bold face.
 My comments and remarks are in Italics.

You stated in your June, 1993 letter:

[D*] “. . . Standing about a foot in front of this wall was a greek or roman column about four feet high with a small one foot square platform. It resembled the type of column one might place a bust upon. In fact there was displayed a bust of an old man (chest high to the top of his head.) It was a beautiful piece of workmanship. An attractive white marble, much in the style of the old masters like Rodin, Rafael or Michelangelo. The voice of "Michael" told me to remember this face, so when I saw that face again I would regain my memory (?) and begin my mission (?) on Earth in preparation for an Arrival(?) The instant I memorized the face I was back on my sofa at home, but in quite a changed state of being.

[D*]“. . . Two weeks ago, I saw the face and since that time I have been feeling strange as if I must follow my internal guidance explicitly on a path leading to some future event. Part of that path is to write this letter.”

I am strongly suspect your letter to the Urantia Foundation was motivated by that sight.

However, I think there is serious question whether your memory is now correct.  I question your memory of the face on the same grounds that I deny your past life experiences.

Several places you state that you have identified the bust image. Other people have asked you about this.

For example:

#1. ***************************

Thank you for telling me the bust you saw was of Aristotle. I am a little confused though. I thought you had to see the actual living person in order to have your "future memories" stimulated to begin your mission. Perhaps I just misunderstood?

[D*]You are correct. I have simply seen and identified the bust image.

#2. *****************************

Have you seen the face from the bust?

[D*]Only as a Bust. The living individual has not yet appeared. The visage was identified to me as Aristotle when I sought its old name.



Here you confirm that you believe the visage was an incarnation of Aristotle. You demonstate time and again that you fully believe in reincarnation.

#3. ****************************

I have a lot of questions, but right now what springs to mind is your experience with the bust. Is it relevant who that was, or was it just a sign to you? I read a copy of your letter to the Foundation to our Urantia meeting last week and everyone was inspired. Your experience has brought blessings and confirmation to many.

[D*]Good Day -----, I am not sure "who" the bust was. I have since identified the visage as that of "Aristotle",. . . . I believe that the spirit energising the body of that personality in his day is alive again in this day. When I meet that personality in this life my veiled memory will be triggered . . . [or so I think . . . : -) . . . ].



You repeat this assertion several places.

But if the “face” is not a mortal reincarnation, your identification as Aristotle is strictly your imagination.  He could not be the mortal we knew as Aristotle, and hence his “face” would now be corrupted by your imaginary expectation.

Of course, famous historic personages often appear in reincarnation beliefs. Usually they reflect persons of importance in the mind of the believer. But such beliefs are entirely false.

#4. *****************************

Did you recently see the face as a picture or a bust? Or, have you actually seen this person walking around on Urantia?

[D*]I have indeed seen a rendering of the sculpted bust I was shown. I have identified the visage as "Aristotle"....However I believe that I must or will be meeting the embodied person in this lifetime who "was" Aristotle in a previous incarnation to "trigger" my memory. The memory I believe has something to do with many of the elements of my experience that I did not release to the U-Foundation in my letter. One such occurrence involves the reading of the UB. I read it over a 30 day period of linear time. In that time period, I was receiving lines of text BETWEEN the original text, which enhanced and clarified what was being shown in the 1934 edition. I have no current recollection of the text but DO get it in spurts when a concept comes up that I need clarified in my life to date. Strange but true. I believe that when I meet the triggering individual portrayed by the bust I shall "remember" this text as well as all my past and future lives . . .but for now it is only conjecture . . . until it happens it is but a mystery to me.



I introduce remarks here to show that I believe you had a valid experience, but that you have since corrupted it by your mind reworking the material to your purely personal expectations.

Did you know of the unique episode of Betty Andreasson (Luca)?  Part of her experience involved a small blue book, in which blank pages were illuminated by a strange spiritual light.  She was told to read it, and that she would remember its contents.  She placed it on a closet shelf but when she went for it, it was gone.

You experience of receiving lines of text BETWEEN the original text has the same implication, that your mind, (and Betty's mind), was somehow reinforced by material which you can no longer see or discern.  I believe that you were part of a special reserve contingent, and that this method was used to reinforce knowledge necessary to that role.

With the corruption you have introduced into your own mind, that role is now questionable.


#5. ****************************

A question has come to mind. I'm curious if your contact with the Urantia Foundation is merely curiosity or if you are reaching out in an endeavour to find your own way into ministerial works.

[D*] I contacted Urantia Foundation for the reason stated. I was trying at the time to come to grips with my experience and thought that dialoging with others who may have had similar experience could shed some light on my understanding. so many 'gifts' were given to me in that experience . . ..



I would like to share with you.

I have been careful in what I said to you in my e-mail messages, for fear I would trigger the wrong reactions.

I had an unusual spiritual experience late in 1967.  I saw no visions; I heard no voices.  I felt that God reached down and touched me.  I can offer no better description.

That experience has driven my life. I have made many decisions, some very foolish ones, in an attempt to obey God, and what I felt was his call.  Since that time many things have opened to me, but only in the way of understanding, not by any psychic or psychological, visionary or audible, phenomena.  Some would call that the work of the Thought Adjuster.  Others might view it as the Spirit of Michael. Perhaps it has other components.

I am thoroughly convinced that God has a particular mission for me, and that it will unfold within the next two years, not within the next ten, as you feel.

Note of April 11, 2008: Clearly my expectation was false. Years have gone by without fulfillment.

This background led to my paper, based on your experience, The Marshaling of the Cosmic Reserve Corps.  You experience flooded me with truth.  I felt I had to respond, as I have responded to other revelations from other people.  Judy Tuttle was one of those.

Therefore, when I examine your experience I do so in the context of a larger program now underway on this planet.  I firmly believe that you are not an isolated individual, and that your experience must be interwoven into the matrix of unusual events now unfolding.

Frankly, I know of no other person who has put these matters together, as God has led me to do.

That is why I said you and I should talk.

That experience also drove me to contact the Urantia Foundation, and to attend their Summer Study Session in 1968.  I must say I was sadly disappointed, as you were when they did not respond to your letter.

David, frankly, the people at 533 do not have an inkling as to what is happening, and cannot handle such strange experiences within the context of their normal world views.

I am an “old” man.  I will be 69 in June. When you described an “old man” it struck especially home.  I felt impelled to contact you.  But you showed serious reservations about responding.  I could only speculate that something caused you to be cautious. 

These are some of the reasons I have serious reservations about meeting with you. The reincarnation belief is only one of those.

You continued with your remarks:

#6. ***********************************

[D*]I have a distinct 'rememberance'/ 'vision' of my future here in which I am to deliver a rather important message to 'multitudes' of individuals AFTER a great turmoil on this planet [over the next 10 years]. I have no idea how I get to that point. I have only a strong vision. For the most part I have not been guided to have any sort of 'ministry'. I have been directed to share my story and other unpublished information with individuals who seek it from me or who I encounter and a "hot spot" appears between and above my eyebrows. This has happened about 20 times in the last 12 years and each individual was set on a new path of some sort.



I believe I fully understand the meaning of that 'message to multitudes.'  I have described it in detail.  You may find it on my web site.  Again, within the next two years, not the next 10.

Note again my erroneous personal expectation.

#7. ***************************************

[D*]I have a very good feeling of DIRECT emotional contact with the CREATOR through some means I as yet do not understand but I have no sense of overall guidance. I have had a couple of direct verbal communications with the voice of Him I have identified as "Michael" but only when I was in dire danger from a malevolent force I came into contact with. Literally an angel under the influence of Caligastia energy. She is still at large doing her malevolent works . . .



A crucial element of my life is the DIRECT emotional (and spiritual) contact I feel with my CREATOR.

Through the past 30 years I have encountered situations which could have caused me to betray the trust my CREATOR placed in me.  This had been like walking a tight rope. One slip and I fall, tumbling down.  This fear has led to many sleepless nights.  To this day I am unsure if, perhaps, I have betrayed my trust, but I go on. That DIRECT emotional (and spiritual) contact has never left me.  Therefore, I am reassured, that in spite of my fumbling he holds out his arms to catch me. ________________________________________

#8. *****************************

Could you tell me a little more about your religious experiences prior to your experience? "...raised as a Lutheran but did not consider myself (and still do not) affiliated that denomination."

[D*]If by experiences you mean the "mystical" sort there are none. If you mean religious "backgound" in more detail I was raised into the Lutheran [Missouri Synod] flavor of worship. I did it all...Church every Sunday, Catechism class, Baptismal ritual, Communion regularly, served as acolyte for church services many years, Kennedy Evangelism Program, etc . . .

[D*]I always had a basic strong belief in God the Creator on a personal level even without this formalized "training" into a particular church doctrine. The problem for me though was I ALSO have always had many fully conscious PAST LIVE memories. This was in direct opposition to church doctrine. When I would ask , what to me were simple questions, I was generally admonished that such thoughts were inherently "evil"....hmmmm...my memory is evil...? Over the years until I was about 19 I slowley but surely drifted away from formalized religious doctrins and just talked with God directly through Prayer. The concept of "Jesus" was always strong but as I was taught, not as I "felt " in my gut. The name just didn't seem right somehow and the historidaal story didn't seem true in many ways from memory...I stayed in this pattern until my EXPERIENCE in 1987.


#9. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Do you recall what was going on in your life at the time of your experience?

[D*]In general yes. I was owning and operating a business in Central Arizona. No trauma or personal emotional problems.

#10 *******************************

Day-time job, what you normally did that time of day, what were you thinking at the time of the event?

[D*]It was 11:00 PM. Ihad been watching the "Tonight" show and had just turned it off. I do not recollect what I was thinking at that moment.

What program had you just turned off?

How is your wife responding to your experiences?

[D*]I am not married at present. At the time, my wife was not told of the experience for about a week. I was too unsure of how to describe it to her without sounding crazy. Her reaction was one of polite disinterest.



This background is one of my criteria for evaluating the trustworthiness of others. If you had come from a new-age or eastern mysticism background, or with channeling, I would have immediately rejected your letter.  Except for you belief in reincarnation you were from a conservative, normal history.  This was reassuring to me.

#11 **************************

The bust you saw was that of an old man. In your 1993 letter you stated you saw the face two weeks prior. Is this man now currently old, that you are to recognize him as such?

[D*]I have not met the physical person. I have only seen the representation of the bust in photo form and have identified it as that of "Aristotle". I do not know if the human person is currently alive at this time but I believe so. I think I shall as yet meet the new incarnation of the personality once known as "Aristotle".



This is where a great concern arises in my mind.  I greatly fear you have encumbered your experience with conjecture, speculation, and imagination.  Betty Andreasson encumbered her report with similar behavior.  Therefore, I do not trust that you would now be able to recognize the old man, and that you have fashioned your expectation to other images after many years of reworking it in your mind.

This concern is reinforced by a response from you to another person.


#12 **********************************

How did you come across 'the face,' was it directly in person, or did you see 'the face' in some media?

[D*]A PBS Special. I do not remember the name.

Could you relate more of the 'future memory' or vision that you were prompted to recall by seeing the face.

[D*]That did not happen. I have not met the triggering personality in the flesh yet.



If you have already seen the “face” via public media, then your mind is conditioned to that expectation.  I can assure you, the “face” has never appeared in public media.

“He made my mouth like a sharp sword, in the shadow of his hand he hid me; he made me a polished arrow, in his quiver he hid me away.”


“Thou hast sheltered me, O my God, in the face of all mankind, and hidden thy teaching within me, until it be shown unto me that the hour of Thy triumph has come.”

Or, as it was said,

“sealed and unsuspected.”

#13. ************************************

Here is my question: When I read the basic message that purports to be that of Maitreya, it sounds fine to me. How do you discern that this is a wolf in sheep's clothing? And how will any one else? I was wondering last night how we could know if a visitation is truly from God? How did Amadon know? Very perplexing. Any thoughts?

[D*]At the risk of sounding contrite, to DISCERN such a message . . . do not listen to the "sound" or content of the message. "Feel" instead the "rightness" of the message in your "gut" or emotional center. To do this you need to get out of your left brain and into your right brain. Do not ANALYZE . . . . instead FEEL.



Again, you have given a very appropriate answer.  I have personally harped at all these loose-as-a-goose Urantians for not understanding what that means.  The old folks understood spiritual discernment, but the new-age crowd does not.

So I toss about, wondering if I should bother to travel to Phoenix, and what I might find if I did.

I ask, “Why do I need a man to authenticate my service to God?”  What's wrong with God giving me his authentication?

But then I am torn by the dilemma of the man who was sitting on the roof of his house in the middle of a flood.  He prayed to God for help.  People in a row boat came by and offered to take him. He said, “No, God will help me.”  People in a motor boat came by and made the same offer.  He said, “No, God will help me.”  Then a helicopter came along and lowered a ladder to climb aboard.  He said, “No, God will help me.” The flood rose higher and he drowned.  When he got to heaven he asked God why God didn't help him.  God said, “I did, but you rejected my help.”

Are you a row boat, a motor boat, or a helicopter?

At this point I think I should forget the whole thing, and stay home.



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Note of April 11, 2008: I was unable to contact David Trepas for nearly ten years. Then I engaged in a dedicated effort and found his criminal record on the Internet. One can find it by searching for either David Morningstar or David W. Trepas. Government documents show that he was indicted and convicted for Income Tax Fraud. You may find the facts in the case by visiting:




and so on.

Trepas and his associates set up a Trust Fund operating under the corporate title Innovative Financial Consultants. They persuaded others that individuals could invest in the Trust, and then take their money back out of the Trust without paying income tax. Trepas is now serving time in Federal Prison at Florence, Colorado. He was convicted in 2006; he is due to be released in 2011. In fairness to him I believe he truly felt he had a legal right to engage in those activities, and that the US Government was stealing the money of individual tax payers. The Federal Government felt otherwise and convicted him.

Early in 2008 I exchanged several letters with David. In addition to the belief in reincarnation that he explicitly states, as shown above, he also describes contact with cosmic aliens of assorted types and varieties. He believes all of these experiences are true. I cannot say from my conversation with him if these beliefs were due to his mind distortions created by hypnosis, or by other mental mechanisms.

As we were told:

P.227 - §3 Urantia may yet be visited by an Avonal commissioned to incarnate on a magisterial mission, but regarding the future appearance of Paradise Sons, not even "the angels in heaven know the time or manner of such visitations," for a Michael-bestowal world becomes the individual and personal ward of a Master Son and, as such, is wholly subject to his own plans and rulings. And with your world, this is further complicated by Michael's promise to return. Regardless of the misunderstandings about the Urantian sojourn of Michael of Nebadon, one thing is certainly authentic--his promise to come back to your world. In view of this prospect, only time can reveal the future order of the visitations of the Paradise Sons of God on Urantia.

As I have shown, Jesus will appear any day or hour.

Thus David does not seem to have a relationship with God that would bring him that understanding.

Perhaps David has a role to play in future events that are now obscure to us. I cannot say. 


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