The Apocryphal Mayan Prophecies

February, 2010

Allen J. Christenson
Dennis Tedlock
David A. Freidel
David Stuart
Michael D. Carrasco

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Among the manuscripts of the several Books of Chilam Balam are apocryphal prophecies. These are memories of prophecy from other times and places that did not get preserved as integral writings. While they contain information important for us they are unreliable and speculative in their content. I shall give some of them here in order to help you understand the Mayan prophetic traditions.

They are assigned to "Priests" who carried importance to the Maya, but this assignment probably is not their true source.

The following are from The Codex Perez and The Book of Chilam Balam of Mani, [translated by] Eugene R. Craine and Reginald C. Reindorp, University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, 1979, pages 172 to 174.


  • Prophecy by Napuc Tun, Priest

  • 1.We burn on earth.

  • 2.There is a rising with pride in the future.

  • 3.We burn on earth, having developed we burn, in a future time.

  • 4.The soul will see, it will be fulfilled.

  • 5.There will be weeping over misfortunes.

  • The interpretation is: In the final age, according to this determination, there will be a final worship of the vain gods, and the world will be purified by fire. He who may be there will be called blessed, if he should weep for his sins with sorrow.


My commentary: The burning of the earth is widespread throughout biblical prophecy, and in the traditions of many people. This remark is compatible with a great nuclear holocaust that will bring unprecedented suffering world wide. The "future time" has finally come to fulfillment. Mankind everywhere will suffer so greatly that they will be beyond weeping. The vain gods that we now worship are the gods of materialism, and sensual gratification. Indeed, the world will be truly purified by fire.


  • Prophecy by Ah Kauil Chel, Idolatrous Priest

  • 1. At the end of the Katun, Lord

  • 2. Even though it may be bitter to you to know it, at that time there will come

  • 3. Some one who will give to you for rolling up his mat.

  • 4. Will come when we shall see sorrow coming

  • 5. From everywhere

  • 6. In that time there will not be seen

  • 7. Any priest or fortune teller

  • 8. Who will know how to read the signs

  • 9. Within the Katun 9 Ahau

  • 10. Although it is better to know it, there will be great discord on the earth.

  • The interpretation is: At the end of the present age, those of you who do not know the future, what age do you think will take place? Know, then, that such things will come from everywhere because of our sins. I tell you that in the ninth age no priest will declare to you scriptures that you do not know.


My Commentary: The remark of the idolatrous Priest may be a reflection by the writer on the attitude of the Spanish about native priests. The Spanish simply did not comprehend the depth of the Mayan religious belief; the writer was being sarcastic.

We can imagine how bitter it will be for the Maya to know that the end has come. Then they will see deep, deep sorrow coming from everywhere. No Mayan priest, nor any Catholic priest, or any Protestant minister will know how to read the signs. They will be at a complete loss. Indeed, there will be great discord on the earth, with Priest against Priest, Bishop against Bishop, Cardinal against Cardinal, as it was given in the Catholic Marian prophecies. See the several papers at

  • There will also come a time of the hardest trials for the Church. Cardinals will be against Cardinals and Bishops against Bishops. Satan will put himself in their midst. In Rome, also, there will be big changes. What is rotten will fail, and what will fall must not be maintained. The Church will be darkened and the world plunged into confusion.

From the last secret given to Lucy of the Fatima revelations.

Indeed, what age does anyone of the current population of the planet know is coming. It was the rampant sins of mankind that brought on this momentous change in the planet and among men.

  • Isa 48:18-19  O that you had hearkened to my commandments! Then your peace would have been like a river, and your righteousness like the waves of the sea;  your offspring would have been like the sand, and your descendants like its grains; their name would never be cut off or destroyed from before me."

Now men everywhere will go seeking the truth and the knowledge given to us from of old. No longer will they listen to their priests and ministers. Their priest will be only God. They shall read and study the Holy Books for themselves.


  • Prophecy by Nahau Pech, Priest

  • 1. At the time when the sun is seen on high, Lord,

  • 2. There will be seen governing on the earth,

  • 3. Within the Katun 4 Ahau

  • 4. The bearer of the true God

  • 5. For this reason, bear in mind my counsel, Lord.

  • 6. Your guest, Itza. will be among you

  • 7. The master of the earth comes to us

  • 8. Beginning the reign of the priest Pech

  • 9. In the days of the Katun 4 Ahau

  • 10. As the Katun ends.

  • The interpretation is: Four ages from now, on the day when the sun shines brightest through the compassion of the Omnipotent one, there will come those who are to bring news of God. With great affection I command you, Oh Itzas, to wait for the coming of our guests who are the parents of the earth. Nahau Pech, the priest, prophesied its beginnings in the days of the fourth age.


My Commentary: When Itzamna-Michael rises, when he comes to this earth, it will seem that a new star is shining, a new sun about our planet. At that time those who bring the true revelation of God, the bearded ones, will show the News of the True Kingdom of Heaven. Then men will learn who is Ruler over all, and who Commands the Heavens and the Earth. 


  • Prophecies by Natzin Yabun Chan

  • 1.When the word of the true God is preached in Peten

  • 2.The houses of rubblework, from which issue

  • 3.The priests, will be destroyed.

  • 4.Although it may be bitter to you to hear of the power of God

  • 5.Your souls will truly receive him.

  • 6.In that age, Oh Itza, hate.

  • 7.Forget your perishable gods, already lost,

  • 8.You are going to worship the true God.

  • 9.Everything is under His power.

  • 10.To be the Creator of all things.

  • Interpretation: Itzas, you are to wait for the word of the True God, for his priests will bring that word to you. Learn their words and their preachings. Blessed are those who learn. Oh Itzas, hate your gods now, forget those that are fusible. Everybody, worship the God of truth, who is powerful everywhere, and is the Creator of all things.


My Commentary: We can clearly see the apocryphal nature of these prophecies. Mixed with great truth is the phrasing and attitudes of ordinary men. Now come the bearded ones, his true prophets. Indeed, it will be bitter to hear the power of God. Social turbulence and destruction of traditions will be everywhere. Itza should hate and forget their perishable gods. They are surely lost for eternity. Now it is time to worship the true God! He is the Creator. Everything is under his power. 


  • Prophecies by Chilam Balam

  • 1. When the Katun 13 Ahau is coming to an end

  • 2. Itza at that time will be in Tancah.

  • 3. The sign of the true God on high, there will come to us

  • 4. The upright beam, it will manifest itself

  • 5. To light the world.

  • 6. The union ended, envy ended,

  • 7. When the bearer of the future sign came to us,

  • 8. The priest Lord,

  • 9. You shall see it from afar

  • 10. Coming. The fame of the beam comes

  • 11. To awaken us. From everywhere

  • 12. It comes to us. To the power of Itzamna

  • 13. Approaches our master, Itza.

  • 14. Your brother is coming now.

  • 15. Receive your bearded guests from the east,

  • 16. Bearers of the standard of God.

  • 17. Receive the word of God which

  • 18. Comes to us on the day of resurrection

  • 19. Which is feared by all in the world. Lord,

  • 20. You are the unique God who created us.

  • 21. Take advantage of the word of God

  • 22. Whose sign you raise on high

  • 23. Whose beam you raise upright

  • 24. That you raise upright so that it may be seen.

  • 25. It changes the splinters that come out of it.

  • 26. It changes them after the rainbow appears.

  • 27. Shown throughout the world,

  • 28. It is the sign of the true God of heaven.

  • 29. That is the one you shall worship, Itzas,

  • 30. You are going to worship its ensigns on high,

  • 31. You are going to worship the true faith,

  • 32. You are going to worship the True God.

  • 33. Believe the word of the One God,

  • 34. For his word came from heaven,

  • 35. And it counsels you, Itzas.

  • 36. It awakens them in the world, makes them believe.

  • 37. Within another Katun

  • 38. I wept for my words, I, Chilam Balam,

  • 39. When I explained the word of the True God,

  • 40. Lord forever over the earth.


My Commentary: As we work our way through the statements we see time and again how the exhortations come to us to guide us. The Upright Beam is the Upright Tree, the Cross. Indeed, it will light the world. That will be the day of Resurrection, when God's servants give of themselves for His glory. It shall be shown throughout the world. Then the men of Itza will understand, where they spent all these centuries groping in the dark. What weeping, indeed, shall fill the world?


Note attached at the end of this list of prophecies reads: "Copied by D. Juan Pio Perez on October 25, 1837, in the village of Ticul, Yucatan" (PMS:170;ACP:337).