Part VI
Our Imminent Service

"We Will Foster and Conserve the Higher Spiritual Types"

As given to Judy Tuttle:

The veil has been torn aside. It is no longer the advent of the Antichrist. He is here, now, amongst you, sitting gleefully upon his throne. It is time for the Sons of God to come together. This period will be very intense , but short, ending in the year 2000. You will witness *evil* the likes of which your mind could never possibly conceive. It is not necessary to make physical preparation. You will be surrounded by a cloak of spiritual tranquility and love. Fear not! This has been your purpose. You have our love and protection. "We will foster and conserve the higher spiritual types."


In Part V I postponed discussion of the remark about "our purpose."

If you consider the address of this message you can see how it was intended. This message did not appear to the world outside the Urantia community. Judy felt impelled to make it known within the Urantia community. Therefore, when the planetary supervisors provided Judy with the message they must have expected how it would be made known. They knew her associations. "Your purpose" would indicate members of the Urantia community, and would appeal to those who are part of this "reserve corps." We are referred to as the "Sons of God," meaning human mortals who are willing to give themselves to God in holy dedication.

Elsewhere I have discussed the role of Urantians in the coming revelations and trials. Refer to my letter to Bobbie Dreier, this series on our imminent service, and so on.

Our purpose will be dedicated to two crucial tasks:


We shall take the gospel of the kingdom to the world.

From page 1930:

"So long as the rulers of earthly governments seek to exercise the authority of religious dictators, you who believe this gospel can expect only trouble, persecution, and even death. But the very light which you bear to the world, and even the very manner in which you will suffer and die for this gospel of the kingdom, will, in themselves, eventually enlighten the whole world and result in the gradual divorcement of politics and religion. The persistent preaching of this gospel of the kingdom will some day bring to all nations a new and unbelievable liberation, intellectual freedom, and religious liberty."


When you consider this passage you may reflect on our religious history. Does "the authority of religious dictators" refer to Jewish authorities who permitted the apostles to live peacefully in Jerusalem after Paul's conversion, until the destructions of 70AD? Does it refer to Roman authorities who widely tolerated many different religions throughout their empire, and who reacted only when Christians gave allegiance to God and not to human emperor?

Or does it refer to the authority of religious dictatorship which will appear today, when those who have given themselves to Caligastia impose upon the world their philosophies, spiritual practices, and allegiance to their "God"?

If so, and as I have maintained in many of my writings, we can expect only trouble, persecution, and even death.

But consider the fruits of our service. "The very light which you will bear to the world, and even the very manner in which you will suffer and die for this gospel of the kingdom, will, in themselves, eventually enlighten the whole world."

Can you recognize how your complete allegiance to our Creator, in defiance of the imposition of worship of that false "God", and the manner in which you die, will impress itself upon mankind? Can you imagine a gospel which teaches allegiance to the kingdom of heaven, and not allegiance to "New Age" doctrines? Will not that dedication, and that cosmic view, be a mighty mover for the conversion of men toward God?

In just such manner we will bring the gospel of the Kingdom to the whole world.

What a magnificent service! That we would be willing to lay down our lives for God and for our brothers and sisters.


Our service will contribute toward fostering and conserving the higher spiritual types.

This element of purpose by our Planetary Supervisors is indicated on page 1207:

"For many thousands of years, so the records of Jerusem show, in each generation there have lived fewer and fewer beings who could function safely with self-acting Adjusters. This is an alarming picture, and the supervising personalities of Satania look with favor upon the proposals of some of your more immediate planetary supervisors who advocate the inauguration of measures designed to foster and conserve the higher spiritual types of the Urantia races."


We can gain insight if we speculate on the measures designed to foster and conserve the higher spiritual types.

Ask these questions:

1. What constitutes a "higher spiritual type?" Can they be described? How would we recognize them?

2. Since this goal is stated in the Judy Tuttle message does it become part of our endeavors?

3. If we are to contribute to fostering and conserving those types how would we accomplish that feat?

4. Would plans by our planetary supervisors be exclusively under their execution, or might we, and the higher spiritual types themselves, be asked to contribute to that conservation?

5. What actions might be taken by the planetary supervisors, as expressed through severe planetary spiritual trauma and through us, which would appeal to those higher spiritual types?

6. Do these actions depend upon an awareness by, and decisions of, those human mortals to help conserve themselves?

7. In what way might we help to bring that awareness to them?

8. If we accept that the planet is about to see great upheaval, both spiritual and physical, what is necessary to preserve those higher spiritual types through the coming trials, while the rest of the world may die?

Caveat: I do not mean literally that the rest of the world may die, but that substantial portions may experience physical death. If physical preservation is a key part of this process then physical actions become crucially important to preserve the higher spiritual types. They must get out of harms way.

Consider statements made within our Great Revelation:

"Mistake not! there is in the teachings of Jesus an eternal nature which will not permit them forever to remain unfruitful in the hearts of thinking men. The kingdom as Jesus conceived it has to a large extent failed on earth;

for the time being, an outward church has taken its place; but you should comprehend that this church is only the larval stage of the thwarted spiritual kingdom, which will carry it through this material age and over into a more spiritual dispensation where the Master's teachings may enjoy a fuller opportunity for development. Thus does the so-called Christian church become the cocoon in which the kingdom of Jesus' concept now slumbers. The kingdom of the divine brotherhood is still alive and will eventually and certainly come forth from this long submergence, just as surely as the butterfly eventually emerges as the beautiful unfolding of its less attractive creature of metamorphic development."

Obviously, Christianity contains the brotherhood but that brotherhood is not now visible. It also contains the kingdom of Jesus' concept but that concept now slumbers.

In other words, Christianity contains the teachings of Jesus, as Jesus taught them, but those teachings are now buried beneath apostolic doctrines. Those teachings are also buried beneath the illusion of gross materialism.

Hence, Christianity is the vehicle, from the days of Jesus until now, by which we should expect to see the future spiritual rehabilitation of the world.

But how will all of these elements emerge?

If the doctrines of Christianity are so confused, what will bring about a major revision of the thinking of Christians? How will they come to recognize and implement the steps necessary to wake from this slumber? How will they fulfill God's will?

This emergence can come about only under a planetary crisis of such proportions that Christianity will cast aside its dependence upon apostolic doctrines, and which will shake itself out of its dependence upon the current materialistic institutions.

This means that the earthly Church organizations, from the Roman Catholic and Lutheran, to the Presbyterian, to the Methodist, to the Church of God, and all other sects of that slumbering body, will be abandoned.

When the Satanic forces of this world demand allegiance, in the name of their "God," under the penalty of death, and Jesus does not return, in some miraculous Second Coming or Rapture, to rescue them from this supreme distress, they will look for escape and liberation from those Satanic demands. They will be far more willing to receive instruction about the true kingdom of heaven.

They will truly want to know what is going on. And only Urantians, or those with cosmic training, will be able to tell them.

If Jesus does not come down here to rescue us, and if he does not send his angels to instruct us, then the unfolding of this destiny plan must depend upon human mortals.

That is where Urantians, those who are members of the Cosmic Reserve Corps, will assume their role in the salvation of the world.

That will be our task.

Note the elements in this task.

We must depend upon revelation. We have no other way to understand God's purpose.

Hence, how we perform this task, and how we direct our efforts, will depend upon our understanding of revelation.

How that body of devoted Christians (or Jews) will decide for the future of the world will also depend upon revelation.

God has placed upon all of us, those who serve to enlighten their brothers and sisters, and those Christians (or Jews) who decide to act to salvage themselves for the future, an extreme exercise. We must depend upon revelation. We have no other choice. But our dependence upon revelation will depend upon our faith in God. Do we truly believe in, and accept, revelation? Does this become the foundation for our service, and our decisions?

If so, we must have within us those combinations of intelligence, ability to think, loyalty to God, sincere devotion, and faith to accept this path to the future. Then we show a higher spiritual sensitivity to God and his methods. Thus, by faith in, and acceptance of, revelation, God is selecting the higher spiritual types.

Only the higher spiritual types will follow this path of faith and decision.

The rest of mankind will be lost in the coming destructions.

Now we can better understand our task. We must make these factors known to our brothers and sisters in the Christian and Jewish communities. But we can do so only if we, ourselves, have such faith, and take the action necessary to fulfill this goal.

That is why we are members of the cosmic reserve corps. We have such faith, we have the intelligence to reach such understanding, and we have the rehearsal in our deep minds which has prepared us for this day.

We are the keys to the future salvation of the world.

When you consider these elements and factors in your coming decisions you may want to ponder the significance of this episode on the records of the universe.

Remember, we are an experimental world. The experiments now unfolding upon this planet may extend from the lowliest biological levels, through social evolutions with no celestial guidance, to the faith experiment of today.

If the future salvation of this world depends upon a small group of isolated but key human mortals, and upon their faith in God, and they act accordingly, then you might imagine how we will appear to the worlds who are now watching this home of the mortal incarnation of the Creator. Perhaps you can come to some understanding of how we will help build this planet as the Sentimental Shrine of all Nebadon. We will help create a Memorial to our God, and to his mercy.

Our names will be emblazoned on the record books of the Universe. And we shall receive our reward in heaven.

Rev 3:5
"He who conquers shall be clad thus in white garments, and I will not blot his name out of the book of life; I will confess his name before my Father and before his angels."


Rev 6:9-11
"When he opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain for the word of God and for the witness they had borne; they cried out with a loud voice, "O Sovereign Lord, holy and true, how long before thou wilt judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell upon the earth?" Then they were each given a white robe and told to rest a little longer, until the number of their fellow servants and their brethren should be complete, who were to be killed as they themselves had been."


And we shall do it all by faith.

Faith is the Grand Experiment of our Lord, our Savior, and our God.