Part I


As given to Judy Tuttle:

The veil has been torn aside. It is no longer the advent of the Antichrist. He is here, now, amongst you, sitting gleefully upon his throne. It is time for the Sons of God to come together. This period will be very intense , but short, ending in the year 2000. You will witness *evil* the likes of which your mind could never possibly conceive. It is not necessary to make physical preparation. You will be surrounded by a cloak of spiritual tranquility and love. Fear not! This has been your purpose. You have our love and protection. "We will foster and conserve the higher spiritual types."  

I understand the veil as that lack of perception in which God held his people for 2,000 years. It was necessary to unfolding planetary destiny that man not jeopardize God's plan. Therefore, although he made these events known to us in various historic revelations, he did not make them discernible to us. Only within the past few years has this revelation been opened to us.

Personally, I did not begin to understand these episodes until around 1990. Although I was aware of the dangers of Caligastia from my fundamentalist childhood, until now I did not perceive how he would come into power. The several revelations in the Bible were an uncoordinated mixture of elements which I could not properly put together. Then it began to slowly dawn on me how this was going to unfold. Members of the local Urantia groups in the Baltimore-Washington area watched my awareness develop and eventually concluded I had been carried away with my intensity. Urantians such as Preston Thomas, Stevie Shaefer, Buddy Roogow, Ellen Walker and others can testify to this personal development.

Hence, I can personally witness to the manner in which the veil has been torn aside.

The key is captured in one simple phrase, "Spirit Entry Into Human Mind." Until I had clarified this concept I do not believe another human mortal had grasped the consequence of such spiritual transactions. Two thousand years of Christianity, and forty years of the Urantia community, failed to capture the mechanism by which Caligastia can wreck his havoc.

Numerous varied and assorted interpretations of the biblical material were offered by Christians over the centuries. They still struggle, assigning the revelation episodes to a malevolent personality who takes on mortal form, who "sits on a throne in the Temple" bringing world dictatorship, who uses the number 666 for his identification, and so on, and so on. Most conspiracy theories are woven around such concept, including the use of the United Nations to rule the world.

These interpretations are all "political" in that they assume this evil personality will take up an earthly throne, and assume world political, as well as evil spiritual rule.

The basis for this view is found in remarks Paul made in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12 but, through mistranslation, this passage has totally befuddled Christian understanding. I shall discuss this problem in depth in this series of posts.

Now that God has opened revelation we can find a different view. This crucial difference is why I am so adamantly opposed to wild and imaginative conspiracy theories.

The coming terror will not be political. It will be spiritual.

Before continuing discussion I should point out some of the elements which affect our assessments.

As far as we can determine, the coming persecutions will take place under a functional social environment. The social circumstances will not deteriorate to rampant police or military slaughter. The slaughter will come from Caligastia's agents, operating under his spirit control, because they gave themselves to him. Society continues, and most citizen's accept it.

How these operations will take place within a functional society is unknown to me. Why would society tolerate such activities? Does a new-age President also become part of that cadre, issuing decrees which permit them to go about their deadly work? I do not know. These details are unrevealed.

We also do not know if economic circumstances may deteriorate to the point that dictatorial imposition will be necessary by national governments to maintain social order. Such imposition is suggested by John's Revelation, in Chapter 13, and the description of a "small beast" with gentle appearance but which wields great power. The corrupt description suggests an image of computers. As I showed in other posts, the number 666 already is used universally as the UPC, the Universal Product Code, and we all are subject to that computer tool when we buy and sell. The other feature of computer social control is the Social Security, or Coded Card, identification now used well nigh universally around the world to coordinate and centralize information for governments and institutions. We cannot buy or sell without such number. Other than this short piece in John's Revelation we have no evidence for dictatorial social control. John may not have intended more than to describe the secular and godless economic and government control through computers under which we all now operate, even though his images carry sinister portent.

I shall now quote from a text which is not found in any modern edition of the Bible, but which is found in ancient manuscripts. In centuries past this passage was included in Bible printings, but in the past two centuries this passage has been excised from the text.

Mark 16: (14-15) And they excused themselves, saying that this age of lawlessness and unbelief is under Satan, who, through the agency of unclean spirits, does not allow the true power of God to be apprehended. Wherefore, they said to Christ, 'reveal now Thy righteousness.' And Christ said to them, 'The limit of the years of Satan's authority has been fulfilled, but other terrors draw near, and I am delivered up of death on behalf of those that have sinned, that they may be turned to the truth and sin no more, so that they may inherit the spiritual and incorruptible glory of righteousness in heaven.'

The New Oxford Annotated (RSV) Bible, 1973, makes the remark that ". . . a few authorities insert additional material after verse 14," but does not quote the text.

Four reasons exist for this not being included in modern Bibles.

First, the text does not appear in the most ancient manuscripts; it appears in later manuscripts.

Second, the character of the writing appears expository, as later Christian commentary, not as something that was part of the original Mark gospel.

Third, the passage is highly disturbing; it makes specific assignment of the activities of the Devil. That assignment is in the sordid practices of spiritualism and spiritism, the agency of unclean spirits. The spirits are unclean (sordid) because they enter human mind. Modern men are unwilling to accept that evil spirit personalities might work through human mind.

Four, confusion exists on the role of "Satan." If his authority has been "fulfilled," how can he be connected to "other terrors" which draw near?

This passage, because of its relegation to obscurity, was a key element in maintaining the veil God placed upon his revelations.

This text is quoted in the International Critical Commentary under the section dealing with John 16:11. It also appears in the exhaustive critical edition of The Greek New Testament by Kurt Aland, Matthew Black, Carlo Martini, Bruce Metzgar, and Allen Wikgren, published by the United Bible Societies, 1968, who included reference to all Greek manuscripts known to that date.

The commentator in ICC goes on to remark that:

"The impending 'terrors' may be the persecutions foretold in John 16:2-3."

Indeed, that is exactly what is going on.

The text in John, runs as follows:

John 16:

2 They will put you out of the synagogues; indeed, the hour is coming when whoever kills you will think he is offering service to God.

3 And they will do this because they have not known the Father, nor me.

4 But I have said these things to you, that when their hour comes you may remember that I told you of them. I did not say these things to you from the beginning, because I was with you.

The parallel text in the Urantia Papers, offering the same warning, may be found on page 1951.

Invariably, Christians believe this passage refers to early Christian persecutions. The phrase "put you out of the synagogues" suggests Jewish persecutions. No Christian will assign this to Roman persecutions because the statement is made that these malevolent forces are "offering service to God." The pagan Romans would not be offering service to "God." Only the Jews would have brought persecutions to offer their service to God is suppressing the new sect.

As I show on my web site, this assignment to Jewish persecution is also fallacious. The ferocious persecutions against the new sect were conducted by Paul, but he barely started when Jesus appeared to him on the road to Damascus, and terminated that activity. His conversion turned him directly opposite. He became a proponent of the new belief, rather than its persecutor.

This appearance by Jesus not only stopped Paul dead in his tracks; it also stifled further efforts by the Jewish authorities to suppress the new sect. Paul was their fair-haired boy, a young man when he ordered the stoning of Stephen, Acts 7:58. Immediately thereafter Paul sought and was granted letters of authority to round up members of the new sect who had scattered to various places, Acts 9:2, 11:19. But the extraordinary experience of Paul scared the living daylights out of Jewish authorities. Many of the Sanhedrin then came to fear they might be in rebellion against God. Unfortunately, discussion of these matters are not included in Luke's text in Acts. Also, it appears that later Christians, working under the burden that the biblical text was speaking of early Jewish persecutions, did not rigorously examine the consequences of Paul's conversion. That aftermath must be deduced from the unfolding of events.

We should remember that the apostles continued to live in Jerusalem, worshiping the new way, preaching and teaching, directly under the nose of Jewish authorities. Paul later visited with them in Jerusalem, Acts 15:2-4. A man named Philip openly proselytized in Caesarea, with a group of disciples, Acts 21. Thus, the Jewish persecutions were limited to the earliest days and were later discontinued. After the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD there was no Sanhedrin, nor were there Jewish authorities to bring such persecutions. Only here and there, scattered in other countries, were a few Christians persecuted by Jews. They became the "martyrs" of such famous reputation. But on the whole, Jewish persecutions were not organized and were not widespread.

The intensity of the historic persecutions described in the book of Acts, including Paul's remarks, must be weighed in the light of this practical reality.

Could the remarks of Jesus in John 16:2 then apply to those persecutions, or did Jesus intend some other episode in world destiny? Did the Catholic Inquisition fit this description? Did other Christian persecutions?

Jesus spoke of a unique episode that derived from "Satan." Historic religious persecutions did not fulfill this prophecy.

The agency of the coming terror is through Unclean Spirits.