A letter to Bobbie Dreier, a leader in the Urantia community.

August 3, 1995

Ft. Lee, NJ


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The Teaneck Summer Study Session

The "Possess-Your-Souls-In-Patience" Instruction

Saving the World

Epochal Revolutions

Leaders and Teachers

Lena, Christy, Vern, and Martin

The Cosmic Reserve Corps

Our Destiny Role


The Teaneck Summer Study Session

(This initial paragraph has been changed from the original. A meeting of Urantians had taken place at Teaneck, New Jersey about two weeks previously. I had expressed a fond hope for greater religious sincerity within the Urantia community. I was disappointed by subsequent developments. The following reflects that initial hope.)

Dear Bobbie:

This sincere religious mood caused me to reflect on the present status of the Urantia community, and our role in unfolding world developments.  For some time I have attempted to draw a better perspective out of events of the past, and to integrate that perspective into a more precise understanding of the future.  Behind this assessment is my knowledge of details of the creation of our Great Revelation, the history of the Urantia Foundation and the Brotherhood, the fragmentation of the

organizations, the struggle among them, and the hovering presence of the channeling groups, diverting attention from the truths of the revelation, and posing a spiritual threat to all of us. In order to draw out factors which have puzzled many Urantians, but which are critical to understanding, and to show how the hand of God has directed our paths, I shall briefly review the instructions given to William Sadler for the creation of a body of Urantians.  I shall also consider some of the historical episodes, our general attitude about saving the current social order, and then go on to the forces shaping our contribution to the future of the world.


The "Possess-Your-Souls-In-Patience" Instruction
I shall begin with the Instruction given to Sadler for the creation of thousands of study groups, and how this was to yield a cadre of "leaders and teachers."  I provide a complete quotation of pertinent sections in order for those unfamiliar with the Instruction to gain some understanding of the difficulties involved in its interpretation.  (Please note that I recognize a perversion of the original instruction by Martin Myers, and other corruption in the apocryphal version published by Mark Kulieke.  I reviewed these in my Open Letter to Martin Myers, dated January, 1992.  Although the perversions diluted and misdirected the instruction, careful study of the record shows the original content.)
"We regard The Urantia Book as a feature of the progressive evolution of human society.  It is not germane to the spectacular episodes of epochal revolution, even though it may be timed to appear in the wake of one such revolution in human society.  The Book belongs to the era immediately to follow the conclusion of the present ideological struggle.
"That will be the day when men will be willing to seek truth and righteousness.  When the chaos of the present confusion has passed, it will be more readily possible to formulate the cosmos of a new and improved era of human relationships.
"And it is this better order of affairs on earth that the Book has been made ready."But the publication of the Book has not been postponed to that somewhat remote date.  An early publication of the Book has been provided so that it may be in hand for the training of leaders and teachers.  Its presence is also required to engage the attention of persons of means who may be thus led to provide funds for translation into other languages.
"We must learn to possess our souls in patience.  We are in association with a revelation of truth which is part of the natural evolution of religion on this world.  Over-rapid growth would be suicidal.  The Book is being given to those who are ready for it long before its world wide mission.
"Thousands of study groups must be brought into existence . . ."
I will not review the contest which has stormed around this Instruction.  However, a brief appraisal is necessary.

As you well know William Sadler had a great concern for the methods by which the Revelation would be propagated into the world.  His guiding standard, and the standard for Trustees of the Foundation who followed him, was person-to-person contact, not open advertisement or powerful promotion.  A contest over this policy ensued from the early days of the Revelation in the 1930's with the voice of Clyde Bedell, to impediments created by the recent megalomania of Martin Myers and the blind notions of Richard Keeler. This policy was determined solely by the first paragraph of the Instruction, without clear or open discussion of its various elements, and with almost total neglect of the repercussions which might ensue from the establishment of thousands of study groups.

A dichotomy in purpose has continually bubbled beneath the surface, trying to find resolution, but always impeded by lack of clear focus about our moral obligations to mankind, and the natural religious impulses which drive all of us.

Please keep in mind that the Instruction described two major episodes.  The first was the "slow-growth" of the Revelation and preparation for a new world era.  The second was the creation of a body of "leaders and teachers."  The question before us is the direction of the unfolding of the Revelation.  What role were the "leaders and teachers" to play?  Do they exist?  If so, where?  Would their actions not change the world, contrary to slow growth?  Can we ameliorate these apparent contradictions?

Conditioning any resolution are our notions of how the world will proceed into the future.  Our cultural habits cause many to believe the world will gradually progress into a new, and wonderful, era.  However, the Instruction implies otherwise.  And the Revelation also shows otherwise.


Saving the World
In his Overcoming the Barriers of Sectarianism on Wednesday morning Peter Laurence described his dedication to inter-faith ministries.  This work has occupied a considerable portion of his life.  The purpose is to open dialogue and common goals among people of differing religious beliefs.

Other individuals in the Urantia community, for example Ann Garner, also share such goals in their individual efforts.

The warm reception Peter received shows that many share his ideals. The purpose of such dedication is to help save the present social order.  Most everyone believes this present order

can be salvaged, and that the world will go on to become a much better place.  In fact, this faith in the present social order has been a driving motive for many Urantians.  They feel that such a Great Revelation cannot help but transform the present world.

Unfortunately, the contradictions among the instruction to go slow, individual desires to transform the world, and the role of "leaders and teachers" have never been resolved. Can sense be brought into this dilemma?  Can we arrive at a picture which will reconcile those desires we all feel within our hearts, and the limitations imposed upon us by our planetary supervisors?


Epochal Revolutions
Unless our Revelators expected an epochal revolution this remark has no context.  The word epochal means major earth epoch, with end-of-the-age significance.  As you well know our Revelation describes world ages, and the striking changes in administration which take place from one epoch to another.  The word revolution indicates sudden alterations, not slow evolution from one planetary phase to another.  In addition the Revelators used the phrase spectacular episodes, again an indication of dramatic events about to come down upon us.

This expectation is further indicated by the phrases "conclusion of the present ideological struggle," and "When the chaos of the present confusion has passed."  Obviously, our Revelators regarded the present world order as highly confused.  Even more, they considered this confusion as chaotic.  Mankind does not possess a common ideology. Great contests exist over ideological goals. We cannot agree on where we are headed, or how we should get there.

In the face of this great social uncertainty, and lack of clear definition of common human goals, multitudes of individual human mortals over the centuries have attempted to define goals which would appeal to their fellows.

Peter's efforts are merely part of that blind ideological struggle.

Can present man, with his gross ideological confusion, properly define the nature of a new world order?  Can he set goals which will bring about that order when he does not know what the new order should be?  Are we to strive for a new order of affairs on earth defined by people who are embedded in that confusion?

These questions express my inability to support Peter, and all who believe his work is helping to save the world.

Rather have I concentrated on the advice and information provided by our Revelators.  Obviously, they are in a much better position to understand and recognize the nature of our confusion, and the future course of world affairs.

I was impressed by the Instruction given to William Sadler for the reason that it fully agrees with, and supports, statements

within our Great Revelation.  The Instruction must have come from the same source as our Revelation.  

"The new and oncoming social order will not settle down complacently for a millennium, page 1086."

This statement certainly is of epochal significance.  It carries the same dramatic end-of-the-age connotation.

I have always held this revelation as a primary criteria of my goals, and my dedication to God.  We cannot have a new social order unless this present social order is removed.

Governments, universities, factories, economics, religions, and all other aspects or our current order of affairs will be removed.  All of the present human social institutions will be replaced by new institutions to create that new world order.

An epochal revolution will take place, and it will take place soon.  Therefore, all of our goals, our ideals, and our energies should be placed into defining our role in achieving that new world order, and in the accomplishment of that stupendous task.  The clinging of Peter Laurence, or Ann Garner, or a multitude of other Urantians to the present world order is fruitless.  Even more, it is contrary to Revelation.  Anything less than dedication to the achievement of the new world order is a neglect of our responsibilities, and our obligations to God.

Within such context we can understand what it means to become dedicated to the will of God.  If it is his will to remove this present social order and to bring a better order of affairs on this planet we oppose his will by attempting to preserve the current social order.  Such attempts are contrary to the will of God.

If we attempt to preserve or improve the current social order, then it is not our will to do his will.  We then operate in defiance of his will.  All Urantians must come to grips with this crucial personal decision.  We no longer can afford to follow our personal inclinations, desires, or wishful dreams in opposition to God.  He will hold each of us personally responsible.


Leaders and Teachers
Some may point out that we are on the march toward a new and unrevealed planetary destiny, page 1086.  God is carrying us along without our knowledge or consent of where he is taking us.  If that destiny is unrevealed we cannot define a response to God's will.  Therefore, identification of "leaders and teachers," and their possible roles, must be limited to the context of unfolding current events.  If our Great Revelation was given for that new order of affairs on earth, then somehow it does not apply in general to present mankind, but must be limited in use to those "leaders and teachers."

I was startled one day when I came to a sudden realization.

If our Great Revelation had two discrete functions, first, to be carried into that new world, and second, to be used by "leaders and teachers" in the current world, where were those "leaders and teachers?"  If the Instruction was reliable the "leaders and teachers" had to be Urantians; they could not be anyone else.  They had to be those to whom the Revelation reached.

There is only one group of people on earth who fit this criterion: present-day Urantians.  We are the "leaders and teachers."  There isn't anyone else!

This eye-opener led to other realizations.  I now understood the underlying purpose of the contest among Urantia organizations, the struggles we have endured, the fragmentation, and our inability to build a strong social body.

It was not the purpose of God to improve or transform this current social order.  Therefore, it was necessary for our planetary supervisors to limit the social repercussions of the Urantia formal organizations.  Meanwhile, some social vehicle had to be created which would permit the Revelation to be taken to those potential "leaders and teachers."

The concept of study groups is uniquely conditioned to this prospect.  By "study" the social arrangement among serious "students" was passive; it was designed merely to make individuals aware of the contents of the Revelation without

engaging in dynamic social activity.  Religious groups would have felt impelled to evangelize; that is the psychology of religious impulse.  As the Instruction stated, the Revelation was not germane to the spectacular episodes of epochal revolution.  In other words, the Revelation was not to become directly involved in unfolding world developments.

It was important that the Revelation not modify unfolding world events, although still providing instruction to the "leaders and teachers."  This is why the Revelation has never "gone any place." The Revelation was made ready for a better order of affairs upon earth, but it was also necessary to train a cadre of people dedicated to some special role.  That is why it was revealed now, and not in some future century.  Now we can understand how lack of recognition of these separate but connected purposes has been at the heart of our great struggle.  I am even willing to state that it was important that Urantians not become aware of these factors; otherwise we might have interfered with the process.  Even more, my discussion now causes a new recognition.  This signifies that we have reached a point in unfolding developments which makes such exposition no longer dangerous to the plans of our planetary supervisors.

This line of thought also tells us why the formal Urantia organizations have broken down.  They are no longer useful for the purposes of building a cadre of "leaders and teachers."  That task is now essentially complete.  A step-up in planetary activity is about to take place.  But again, I emphasize, this is not to save the current world order.  A great spiritual struggle is about to ensue on this world and we Urantians, we "leaders and teachers," have been prepared for service in that struggle.  If the removal of this present social order, and the establishment of a new order is the will of God, then we "leaders and teachers" must determine how we fit in that program.  We must carefully examine our goals and our actions according to that will.

In order to provide some context for the path in which God has taken us I will now briefly review events which forced us to the current dilemma.


Lena, Christy, Vern, and Martin
When I look back on episodes within the Urantia community which had the most impact on the current status I am struck by a simple coincidence.  Vern Grimsley brought disillusionment; Martin Myers forced liberation of the Revelation.  These two men were fraternity brothers in college.  They also were the two men most favored by Emma Christensen.  She stated to both that they were members of the Reserve Corp of Destiny.  She gave an apartment to Martin at 533 where he lived for twenty-five years, until he was forced out by Richard Keeler.

Vern Grimsley was a catalyst to destroy easy acceptance of human authority within the community.  Many had followed his urgent advice to build shelters from a coming nuclear destruction, including such wealthy men as John Hay.  The detailed report by Hoite Caston removed all doubt about Vern's duplicity and falseness.  No longer would any knowledgeable Urantian follow another human mortal without serious reflection and rational cause.  That episode not only brought disillusionment about Vern; it also created serious doubt about all authority within the community.

Many persons in leadership roles had followed him.  No Trustee, nor any theologian, could now speak without skepticism about their authority.  Even more, organizations built around human personality, or for simple comraderie, were no longer adequate to the religious expression of Urantians.  They were lifted to a state of greater spiritual maturity.

The stifling policies of Martin Myers, with his wild megalomania, generated further rebellion against organizational authority.  The Brotherhood, focused by Dave Elders, could not tolerate his dictatorial policies.  Martin then used the vehicles of commercial law to disenfranchise the Brotherhood.  The result was fragmentation and lack of consistent vision of purpose.  This brought an effective end to a cohesive social body of Urantians.

Martin's further stifling of the Revelation through copyright law also led to legal liberation.  The removal of copyright has now opened a new era.  It was the one method by which the Foundation could control propagation.  That control no longer exists.  The only impediment to wide spread of the Revelation is now economic, limited by the financial resources of individuals and groups.  In attempt to maintain control the Foundation has opened Book distribution.  The motive behind this new policy is the Book imprint; the Foundation hopes to capture contact of new readers.  However, the Foundation is no longer in a unique position to focus the Revelation.  For all practical purposes the Foundation has no further usefulness except as a source of Books.

Also, we should recognize that attempts at control no longer matter; the cadre of "leaders and teachers" is now essentially complete.

The actions of the fraternity brothers, so amazing as key instruments in the liberation of the Revelation and as the cause of fragmentation among Urantia social bodies, cannot be regarded without considerable reflection.  The hand of God surely has been at work.  But even more curious is the role of Christy in favoring those men.  She, mostly through her personal devising, created the conditions for their influence and the eventual demise of a solid body of Urantians.  Christy, as a single individual, initiated those events which caused the shattering of the formal Urantian structures and brought well nigh total disillusionment with human personality.  Many Urantians are still reeling from those shocks.

Then, as we look into the background of Christy, we find a most intriguing circumstance for her entry into the Sadler household.  She was struck by a taxicab in Lincoln Park, Chicago, in July, 1923, and knocked unconscious.  The taxi driver took her to Columbus Hospital, a mere two blocks away, where she came under the care of Lena and William Sadler, both resident physicians.  When she awoke both were gazing into her face.

This was more than coincidence to Lena.  The Sadlers had no daughters.  Their first son, Willis, died as an infant. Their second son, born in 1907, was Bill Sadler, Jr.

Apparently Lena had always desired a daughter.  Some time previous to Christy's accident she had a vivid dream in which she saw a daughter come into their home.  The episode with Christy convinced her this was the daughter she saw in her dream.  Christy was soon adopted, as a 33-year old adult!

I recall several passages in our Great Revelation which describe the lives of men modified as the result of dreams.

Both Zacharias and Joseph, pages 1345 and 1347, had impressive dreams which altered their lives.  Peter had a vivid dream, page 1713, which also modified his attitudes and subsequent decisions.  I cannot believe Lena's dream was a mere floating chemical accident.  Somehow, by whatever process, she was presented with a dream which caused her to view the appearance of Christy as the hand of God, and to convince her husband that they should adopt her.  Christy became more than an intimate member of the household, with contribution to the mechanical processes of the Revelation; she also became an instrument for destiny which still ripples in our lives.

How easy it is to view these personalities and episodes as circumstances created by our planetary supervisors.  I can readily believe their activities did not cease with publication of the Revelation; they created further conditions and brought persons who would carry us to this present state.

I also cannot personally believe any event so great as this Revelation would go adrift without their care.  And if the Revelation has received such attention from upstairs, what then, of this body of aging Urantians, these "leaders and teachers," who have weathered the storms and remained faithful to it?


The Cosmic Reserve Corps
One of the most intriguing and most puzzling pieces of information in our Revelation is that of the Cosmic Reserve Corps of Destiny described on page 1258.  It has a number of notable aspects.

1.  It is a unique group of living human beings.

2. Their insight of cosmic citizenship far transcends this world.

3. They are universe-conscious citizens.

4. They are members of a cosmic reserve; they are distinguished from an ordinary reserve corps.

5. They number more than one thousand.

The first question centers around "living."  Were they living in 1935?  Were they living in 1955?  Are they living today?  Does the "living" refer to those alive when their service comes to fruition?

A second question concerns the unique nature of the "Cosmic Reserve."  The impression we receive in the description of Reserve Corps is individuals who rise to crucial positions in economics, politics, or administration and who, when their time comes, cause a modification in the flow of events.  The idea of "Cosmic" suggests an even more crucial role.  These individuals are important to unfolding planetary destiny in ways which exceed the ordinary Reserve.

Their role need not be economic, political, or administrative; they may be held in reserve for "spiritual" crises, or other "cosmic" transactions, episodes which transcend ordinary social purposes.  Is this what is meant by "Cosmic Reserve Corps?

There are as many answers as there are human ideas.  We do not know.  But we should consider elements of this problem.

I asked this question:  Of all the citizens of the world how many have a vision that far transcends this planet?  Or, to put it another way, who has been blessed with a revelation which teaches the great kingdom of heaven?  Who has been fortunate enough to come to such understanding?

Could this be Christians or Jews bound to the provincial limitations of their narrow theologies?  How many in those groups have risen to the magnitude of cosmic vision afforded by The Urantia Papers?  Even more, how many people outside Urantia groups are able to estimate universe plans over millennia of time?  It cannot be done except through our Great Revelation.

In my estimate this unique group could not be other than Urantians.  I came to the startling conclusion that we are the Cosmic Reserve Corps.  There isn't anyone else!  No one else fits the requirements.

In private conversations several Urantians protested this identification.  They did not want to be burdened with the possibility of a demanding obligation to God.  We come from a spoiled and pampered generation; we have a great reluctance to destiny responsibilities.

We simply cannot bring ourselves around to the idea that we would be chosen for such honor.  We cannot conceive how we would fit the practical implementation of destiny conditions.  We are conditioned to place responsibility on someone else's shoulders.  We do not feel adequate to such possible destiny roles.


Our Destiny Role
With this background it is now possible to a reexamine our historical sources to determine if they can cast light on our problem.

Two passages in the Bible, abhorred by so many Urantians, speak of a teaching mission "at the end of the age."  Both passages fall within a context of the "abomination of desolation."  The first is in Daniel 11; the second in Matthew 24, and remarks by Jesus Tuesday evening on the Mount of Olives which are not included in The Urantia Papers.

In Daniel the statement is made that "Those among the people who are wise shall make many understand," (RSV).  Or, And they that understand among the people shall instruct many," (KJV).  In Matthew the statement is made, "And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached throughout the whole world, as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come."

In both passages a severe persecution is also indicated.

It was evident to me that if a small group of people had understanding and were to instruct many they could not come from traditional institutions.  Those institutions are part of the blindness of the world.  These people had to come from origins which went beyond traditional views and orientations.  They had to have unique understanding.

Again, of all the people in the world, only Urantians fit this requirement.

I was further impressed with the fact that only Urantians have a true concept of the kingdom.  They are the only ones qualified to take the true gospel of the kingdom to the world.  Christians know only the gospel of personal salvation; they do not know the great, grand, and glorious kingdom of the heavens.

More and more I came to realize that dedicated Urantians were destined for a crucial role in the unfolding plans of God.  They were the "leaders and teachers"; there wasn't anyone else.  I now had some insight into their service.

They would come at the end of the age, under conditions of severe persecution, and crucial enlightenment of their fellow mortals.

Events are about to unfold which only they will be able to explain.  The gross confusions of Judaism and Christianity are not adequate to the task which lies ahead.

My personal difficulty has always been an inability to devise a scenario which would bring about such dramatic, sudden, and unique service to mankind.  How could the motley body of aging Urantians ever fit into such an important destiny role?

Not until I began to fit together the pieces of the puzzle, both from The Urantia Papers, and the Bible, was I able to perceive how this unique destiny function would unfold.

It all centered and became focused through the spiritists, the channelers, those active in the "Teaching Mission."  I was truly dumbfounded when I realized how it was all coming together.

The spiritists will bring down upon this planet a great religious terror.  And they will believe they are doing it in service to God.

I have produced papers which detail this development.  Two of those are already published.  Others are in formulation.

I will not attempt a synopsis here.  Rather, I wish to address other revelation on this unique destiny endeavor about to unfold.
Isa 28:9-13 "To whom will he teach knowledge, and to whom will he explain the message?  Those who are weaned from the milk, those taken from the breast?  For it is precept upon precept, precept upon precept, line upon line, line upon line, here a little, there a little.  Nay, but by men of strange lips and with an alien tongue the LORD will speak to this people, to whom he has said, 'This is rest; give rest to the weary; and this is repose'; yet they would not hear. Therefore the word of the LORD will be to them precept upon precept, precept upon precept, line upon line, line upon line, here a little, there a little; that they may go, and fall backward, and be broken, and snared, and taken."

This statement refers to older people, not youngsters fresh from the breast.  Why?  Because they have a large body of collected information, and concepts suitable to their role.

They have knowledge, and precepts, and concepts, and ideas, and thoughts which far transcend the visions of their fellows.  They have gleaned information from multitudes of sources, about strange objects in our skies, and about celestial visitations, about planetary history which goes into the dark remoteness of distant time, and about plans for the equally distant planetary future.  They have gathered this information, here a little, and there a little, with much reading of line upon line.Several notable traits characterize Urantians.  They are extremely tolerant persons, to the point of their own spiritual danger.  They are highly curious people; they want to know a lot about a lot of things.  They are also highly fanciful people, putting together many different ideas of cosmic magnitude.  Of any group on earth I have been unable to find persons more fitting to this statement in Isaiah than are Urantians.

Surely, if they bring messages to their convention and tradition bound mortal fellows those messages will be "alien."  Indeed, their lips will say the strangest things in that service. Urantians are uniquely prepared for such great service to mankind.  And when they take their precepts, and lines of knowledge, and their concepts of cosmic visions to their fellows they will meet much rejection and much dismay.  But out of that service God will salvage his people for a wonderful new age.  Out of the ashes of this present age God's people will rise again, like the Phoenix, in glorious splendor. It is to that glorious new world this Great Revelation has been made ready.  And we are the vehicles by which God will accomplish his purpose.  Providing we have the cosmic stamina, stout courage in the face of severe trial, dedication arising out of love for our Creator, and unflinching conviction that we can be of service to our fellow men. I pray that God guides and helps all of us.  We certainly will need his care.


Ernest P. Moyer

PO Box 1206

Hanover, PA 17331