Door Openings On Celestial Craft
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From: Ernest Moyer
Subject: Jacques on UFOs - #2
Date: Sat, Dec 3, 2005, 3:52 AM
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This material is a repeat from the above post I recently sent to the List.
I have updated it to complete the citations and remove errors.

I then also sent it to two senior investigators for their comments. They offered none. This was my note:

Recently a man inquired about my knowledge on visitors from space. This served as an opportunity to list one item from a series of reports where the individuals claimed to be in contact with celestial intelligence. I selected from the following eight reports.

I solicit your thoughts and comments.

I shall now express a few thoughts concerning this material.

There are eight reports involving ten people. Where two people were involved together, Betty and Barney Hill, and "Michael" and "Janet," I combine their reports. Four of the report were under open conscious memory; four were from hypnosis.

Regardless of how the reports come to us, every single person in these reports had an experience that showed similarity in detail. I believe them when they say they had a first-hand experience. The reports may be clouded, under handicap of false time frames (Adamski), from hypnotic recall (Betty and Barney Hill, "Karen Morgan," Betty Andreasson, "Michael" and "Janet," or from the myths of the past (Hatcinondon), yet they all mutually support one another.

The material is powerful. In totality it is highly impressive. The witnesses could not have come to such similarity of detail except through first-hand experience.

The report from Hatcinondon is so powerful we can only wonder at the detail that came through an unknown route to find its way into the Cherokee Indian myths. It is almost miraculous that such detail could come down to us.

Two of the witnesses reported visiting with God on some celestial sphere: Betty Andreasson and Hatcinondon. We can make no other sense out of those reports.

The time to travel through Space and return in a few short hours shows that the Space Visitors can compress or circumvent time, as well as Space.

I now show the eight reports.

I scarcely knew where to look first. I marveled anew at the unbelievable way in which they were able to fit parts together so that joinings were imperceptible. Just as I had been unable to find any trace of an entrance door into the Scout of my first encounter, now there was no sign of the door that had closed behind us; only what looked like solid wall. (A small disk craft.) Page 36

(The kitchen) appeared as an almost bare room with plain walls. But the appearance proved deceptive. (The space man) told me these walls were lined from top to bottom with cupboards and compartments which, like all doors in these amazingly constructed craft, were invisible until opened. (A larger disk craft.) Page 92

George Adamski
Inside the Space Ships
Abelard-Schuman Co, New York, 1955

"I would certainly like to see the inside of your ship," I replied. "And I would give anything to be allowed to ride in it, but how can I get in? I have been completely around the ship and saw no sign of an opening . . ."

Then I heard a single click come from the surface of the ship, ...and a portion of the hull just to my left moved back upon itself for a distance of several inches and then moved sideways, disappearing into the wall of the hull, leaving an oval shaped opening about five feet in height and three feet wide.

Daniel Fry
White Sands Incident, 1954
In several editions including They Rode in Space Ships, Gavin Gibbons, Neville Spearman, London, 1957.
Quote from To Men of Earth, Merlin Publishing Co, Merlin, OR, 1973, Page 53.

And then they put my head, there was like a dentist, not like a dentist, something like, you know, the brace of a dentist's chair. You have this thing that holds your head, I don't know, it seemed to pull out of the back of the stool, somehow or other, and they put my head in that. Page 193

. . . And so then I said, I asked him where he was from. And he asked if I knew anything about the universe. And I told him no. I knew practically nothing. That when I was in graduate school we were taught that the sun was the of the solar system, and there were nine planets. And then later, of course, we did make advances. And I told him about seeing, I think I met him at one time, Harlow Shapley; he wrote a book, too. And I had seen photographs that he had taken of millions and millions of stars in the universe. But that was about all I knew. So, he said that he wished I knew more about this, and I said I wish I did, too. And he went across the room to the head of the table and he did something, he opened up, it wasn't like a drawer, he sort of did something, and the metal of the wall, there was an opening. Page 208

Betty Hill under hypnosis. Incident took place September 19, 1961
Reported by John G. Fuller, Interrupted Journey, Dial Press, New York, 1966.

There's a panel, a door, except I don't see the door, and I think they open it somehow, but I don't see that part either. It's (suddenly) just like a normal door. Page 274

‘Karen Morgan' under hypnosis. Date of event unknown.
Reported by David Jacobs, Secret Life, Simon & Schuster, New York, 1992
‘Karen Morgan' was a pseudonym created by Jacobs.

The lighting was excellent, the same as broad daylight. But even so, it was impossible to make out where the entrance door had been only a second before, for when it closed by lifting up, it became a part of the wall. Page 47

. . . the door led into another, smaller room. It was small, squarish, and it was lit up in the same way as the others. After we had gone in, me and the two other men, the door closed again behind us. I looked back and saw something that can't be explained; there was no door anymore, only a wall like the other behind me. I do not know how that was done. Page 49

. . . My guide pointed to the metal stair and signaled to me to go down it. I obeyed and when I got down I looked up to see if he was coming too, but he was still there. He then pointed to himself, then to the ground, and then in a southerly direction to the sky; he again signaled me to step back, and forthwith disappeared inside the machine. The metal ladder began to shrink, each step fitting into the other like pile of boards. When it reached the top, the door (which, when open, was part of the floor) began to lift until it fitted right into the wall and so rendered itself invisible. The lights from the metal spurs, the headlights, and those of the rotating saucer got brighter, and this last kept turning round faster and faster. The machine began to lift slowly straight up. At the same time the three legs of the tripod began to lift sideways so that the lower part of each (which tapered, was round and ended in a broader foot) began to fit, or telescope, into the upper part (which was thicker and square). When this was over, the top contrivance entered the bottom of the machine. Finally nothing was to be seen of the legs, and the bottom looked as smooth and polished as if that tripod had never been there at all in the first place. I couldn't see any sign of where the legs had disappeared. These people really knew their business. Page 59

Antonio Villas-Boas to Dr. Olavo Fontes, February 22, 1958, a few days after the event.
Reported in Carol and Jim Lorenzen, Flying Saucers Occupants, Signet Books, New York, 1967

And so, the two – one went in front of me and one in back of me, and we went over to the furthest right-hand end of the quarter bubble. And whoosh! Another door opened. And you can't even see those doors! They just go up when they open. Page 38.

I'm getting in back of him, and the other one's in back of me. And the door is lifting up – couldn't see the door before. The door just looked like a tube – straight-through tube. Page 43

And I banged on the side there, and I said, "I'm ready." And the door whooshed open again – went up somehow. Page 48

Betty Andreasson under hypnosis. Incident took place evening of January 25, 1967.
Reported by Raymond Fowler, The Andreasson Affair, Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, 1979

Upon awakening, Michael realized that his craft had entered the large one. The guide, he asserted, ‘takes me by the hand' and ‘we walk through the bottom of the saucer.' Queried on this statement, he explained that a portion of the floor opened before we touched it – just disappeared. Page 116.

According to the witness, the interpreter instead stationed himself beyond the examiners ‘off to the right of my right foot' near the door through which Janet and her escort had entered. The door appeared to be a flat screen of the wall that somehow opened and closed. Page 144.

Incident took place August 7, 1968. "Michael" and "Janet" were pseudonyms created by Webb. They were older teenagers serving as counselors at a vacation camp on the shores of Lake Champlain in Vermont.
Reported by Walter Webb, Encounter at Buff Ledge, J. Allen Hynek for UFO Studies, Chicago, 1994

The story is given of a Seneca chief named Hatcinondon. He was caught in a battle with the Cherokee. They chased him into a canebrake which they set on fire to force him out. He ran to a neighboring brake where he lay down and fell asleep because he was so tired. After both canebrakes burned the Cherokee could not find Hatcinondon's body in the ashes.

"At night, while he was still asleep, two men came and took him by the arm, saying, 'We have come for you. Somebody has sent for you.' They took him a long way, above the sky vault, until they came to a house. Then they said, 'this is where the man lives who sent for you.' He looked, but could see no door. Then a voice from inside said, 'Come in,' and something like a door opened of itself. He went in and there sat Hawennio, the Thunder god."
"The door opened again of itself, and Hatcinondon followed the two Sky People until they brought him to the place where he had slept, and there left him..."

James Mooney, Myths of the Cherokee, published by the United States Government Printing Office, 1900, as part of the Nineteenth Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology. Reprinted by Dover, 1996.
Date, time, and location of event unknown. The quotation is direct from the report.