The Devil Comes

The Devil's Contribution to Judgment of the Human Race

Part One

[52:6.7] 5. Spiritual insight. The brotherhood of man is, after all, predicated on the recognition of the fatherhood of God. The quickest way to realize the brotherhood of man on Urantia is to effect the spiritual transformation of present-day humanity. The only technique for accelerating the natural trend of social evolution is that of applying spiritual pressure from above, thus augmenting moral insight while enhancing the soul capacity of every mortal to understand and love every other mortal. Mutual understanding and fraternal love are transcendent civilizers and mighty factors in the world-wide realization of the brotherhood of man.

From this point in time, December, 2011, nothing could be more difficult than to delineate the coming actions of Caligastia. We know he has been judged; we also know he is free on our world.

His judgment may be final, but his execution has not yet been completed. In between he has plenty of room to bring disaster to mankind.

For many thousands of years he has been misleading and misguiding man. We have degenerated from a relatively religious and coherent world to one of social and religious chaos. God's people have maintained themselves by righteous living, only to slowly decline in their moral and religious standards by the detractions of a materialistic world.

God must bring His people back to Him. His method is one of judgment. He is using the fallen Prince to force His people to reassess their standing of loyalty to their Creator. We should understand that Judgment not only involves assessment, but also rectification. As God judges so does He also bring righteousness back to mankind.

God is not judging the Fallen Prince; that is already done. He is now judging the human race. The Prince is merely an instrument to force mankind to face the consequence of disloyalty and forgotten righteousness.

Buried in the above introductory transcendent statement is the secret of how God will bring His people back to Him.

We now know the tremendous spiritual pressure the immediate presence of Michael will produce upon mankind. Those who have their hearts centered on Him will renew their loyalty to Him. Those who are dedicated to the material world, whether in intellect, in science, or in economic gain, will reject such spiritual appeal.

But the turning of mankind will become amplified when the Devil is brought into play.

Michael will effectively say to the Fallen Prince, "OK, now is your opportunity to show mankind what you are." Our God is merciful and He will display His full measure of mercy. Even though He has judged our Fallen Prince, He will yet give him the freedom to show us all what he is.

Paul had this episode summed up quite well. You may read my dissertation at:


and its parallel presentation at .com.

Paul said that a Great Apostasy would come. That apostasy now pervades our world. The citizens of this planet everywhere are godless. 

Paul also said that the Devil would be unveiled. In all known historical time the Devil has been veiled. While he was free to manipulate the minds of those human beings who gave themselves to him, we did not see him in open display. Our Creator restrained him. That condition is about to change.

In order to understand the full impact of spiritual events on our planet we must keep in mind that Michael will Return in a brilliant Red Light. His Return will cause spiritual stirrings in all of human kind. Men will become sensitive to new spiritual influences now thrust upon our world. But this will be sudden, like a clap of thunder. And multitudes will misread those spiritual impulses; they will choose with the Devil.

At that moment Michael will release Caligastia from his long restraint. Caligastia will now openly demonstrate his presence. He will appear in dazzling displays.

Caligastia, because he is insane, will view this change in his condition as his return to power. He will see himself as sitting in the sanctuary of God. He will proclaim himself as God. As Paul said, he will bring many demonstrations, with great signs, and miracles of falsehood. But this will deceive only those who do not know their Creator, those who are unrighteous. They will follow the works of the Devil in all their delusions.

The God of Urantia

We know that he has been waiting, and waiting, for this moment. He has already told thousands of his minions that he is coming.

http://www.world-destiny.org/spirit/17stormF.pdf and the parallel in .com.

In the quoted text above, 2 Thes 2:1,8,9, the Greek word is perousia. It is translated more commonly as coming. Jesus is coming as Michael, Caligastia is also coming.

Allen Wolf gave this account in the Light and Life Journal, Issue #8, Winter 1999-2000. He had asked the Spirit entity that had contacted him:

On another occasion Wolf asked the question:

We can immediately see the confusion which may arise about the "Coming." Which coming? 2 Thes 2: 1 and 8, or 9?

When Jesus comes He will come as a Spirit Being in a brilliant Red Light. His coming will be spiritual, and all who love Him will respond in like manner to Him. It will be a spiritual commitment.

Caligastia will come in multiple forms. He will show himself as many different lights and appearances in brilliant displays.

The manner in which he has been veiled has been described to us.

His work with ectoplasm: he was able to display his power over human mind by manipulating the mental circuits of those who gave themselves to him. From his well-nigh infinite memory banks he could recreate an exact duplicate of human beings who had lived before. But he needed a human mind to perform these feats. Through the same techniques he could also create new scenes. See:


His display of Spirit Beings: he could appear to human beings by manipulation of visionary forms. See:


His display of himself: he could appear to human beings as a direct visionary form. See:


In all cases these were private displays. They did not range beyond the individual human, or private settings.

But now his unveiling will be public display. He will be able to make himself visible to the entire world.

Will he stimulate the auditory senses of masses of human beings, that they will "hear" him declare himself to be God? In what language will he speak? Or will the stimulation be such that each person will hear it in his individual language?

In December, 2011, I have no knowledge that would permit me to say. If he would demonstrate himself to the entire world will his appeal be broadcast to all of human kind, those who believe in their Creator, and those who believe in Caligastia as God? We just simply do not know at this day and hour.

We do know that he will bring his murderous onslaught upon Michael's people throughout the world. Those who go on their murderous rampages will truly believe they are giving service to their God.

Caligastia will know who is the Red Light. He detests Michael. Michael is far superior to him. Therefore, he will not pretend to be Michael. But he will proclaim himself to be the God of the planet, which he was. Until dethroned. He will try to reclaim that title. But now he is "unveiled." He knows his presentation status has changed. He knows he has been liberated from that confinement. The question: does he know it is short term, or will he think it is long-term, thousands of years?

He will utter blasphemies against our God, and against rulership in the heavens. He will show contempt for Michael, and speak in enmity against our true God. He will curse Him and defy Him. He will place himself superior to all other heavenly powers. He is truly insane. He will lead masses of human kind into such deadly betrayal.

The Murderous Cadre

The Devil will demonstrate his insanity by his technique of using those who believe he is "God."

Over the past many years Caligastia has been building a cadre of human mortals to serve him when he is given that freedom.

That cadre truly believes they have been chosen by "God." They will enter into murderous actions upon their fellow mortals in service to him. And they will truly believe they are serving God.

This was the manner in which Jesus warned us of their murderous actions. Christians and Jews everywhere who love their Creator will be killed.

John, in his Book of Revelation, also spoke of these things. But his text is corrupt and confused, which makes it difficult to separate the themes.

The length of the "forty-two months" is subject to serious question, perhaps inserted by some person who measured by the mythologies of time periods. But the sense of the dire period is described by John.

Can we now, at this time in the on-flow of events, even begin to imagine the dreadful nature of what is coming down upon our heads?

To be continued.