(The Mechanical Origin of The Urantia Papers)


In the presence of the forgathered hosts of loyal personalities, he displayed the banner of Michael, the material emblem of the Trinity government of all creation, the three azure blue concentric circles on a white background.  From The Urantia Papers, page 605

Ernest P. Moyer
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Early, 1997


The Urantia Papers were revealed in Chicago, Illinois in 1934 and 1935.


The Papers are a divine revelation. They were revealed miraculously. They did not come through the mind of any human mortal.


They were placed in the custody of Dr. William S. Sadler, a noted Chicago physician and psychiatrist.


The following documents are an account of the circumstances and factors which led to their revelation.



The revelation of The Urantia Papers involved three major phases:

    Dr. William S. Sadler was converted to the possibility of divine beings working directly with human mortals. This phase involved the use of another human mortal to adapt Sadler to this possibility. The method employed was to entice Sadler to investigate the man's unusual sleep disorder. Sadler referred to that other human mortal as a "Sleeping Subject." He became a "subject" of Sadler's psychiatric investigations.


    A group of people were gathered together who became emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually attached to the Revelation. Those persons were used by divine agencies to insure the physical survival of the Revelation as it was introduced to the world. They were also used to provide a foundation for historic verification of the events associated with the Revelation. Sadler named this group "The Forum."


    The actual Revelation by invisible divine agents was accomplished by placing the writing miraculously on paper in groups, or sets. The form was in handwriting which was then physically transcribed by Emma Christensen (Christy), a trained secretary and member of Sadler's family, into typewritten form. After proof reading for accuracy the original papers disappeared equally miraculously. (Sadler was unable to identify the handwriting of the final certified version with any person from his family or from the Forum.)