The most fearsome component of celestial activities today is in the abduction phenomena. Our visitors violate human kind by first taking us away without our permission, and then by performing clinical studies upon us. A heavy obvious concentration on human sexual characteristics, and reproduction of human kind, appears at the heart of their activity. Certainly this is an invasion of the most fundamental possessions of human mortals.

Reaction to these unexplainable agendas then created fear in a vast majority of the researchers. After all, here were beings of transcendent physical and mental powers who could do with us as they pleased. Why, then, should they not be feared? Through such reactions the researchers unconsciously transferred their visceral responses to the human subjects of their investigation. This complex of human emotions then became widespread throughout the general population. It spawned countless stories, movies, and TV shows, ranging from the most benign interpretation to the promotion of abject horror.

But the fear was unfounded. It was strictly a gut reaction. As far as we know every human mortal used in this exercise was returned to his life. If we were to list the characteristics of the abductors, first on the list is their concern for the personal welfare of the abductees. They were objective observers, performing a task which had to be done, but then removing themselves from the lives of human mortals.

Some persons were mightily moved in spiritual ways by the experience. Others carried the fear within themselves, multiplied by the attitudes of the investigators. Still others were nonchalant. While these human emotions modified the attitudes of the abductees, they continued with their lives, not too far removed from where they began before their experiences.

A clear picture should have emerged from this pattern of behavior. The Abductors were not attempting to interfere in human life, except to the extent necessary to accomplish their objective. They definitely were not out to subdue mankind to slavery. In fact, in many conversations with the Abductors, the abductees reported a great concern expressed for the future of mankind.

Some other explanation had to be found. Many researches resorted to speculations about interbreeding with celestial races, somehow with purpose to compensate for loss of genetic potential by that superior race, thus to produce a hybrid race. But the absurdity of such suggestion should have been apparent to every researcher and every abductee. Any group of beings with the power displayed by their vast superiority in conquering space, and ability to remove human mortals at their will, would possess the genetic abilities to improve their race without resort to breeding with human kind. This kind of inferior logic should have been enough to show that such a superior race could only be degraded by interbreeding with us.

Concern over genetic qualities, of course, lay with the human race, not with the space visitors. Exactly as they said.  The concern was over deterioration of human species, not deterioration of the space species. Many discussions of this human plight may be found in The Urantia Papers. I refer the reader to those sections. Here I concentrate on the descriptions we have of the space visitors.

Detailed descriptions of the abductors were in our possession as far back as 1960. But those accounts are mostly unknown to later researchers, and hence to the general population. The picture now circulating is a composite of different accounts, some by promotions for monetary gain, such as Whitley Strieber, who was a fraud, to garbled descriptions by investigators, to the imaginations of Hollywood and Television writers.

In order to help bring some sense back into this nonsense, I offer two accounts. Both were unaffected by the more recent hysteria, and therefore, are more objective.

The account by Antonio Villas-Boas is the most clear headed and objective that we possess. Although the man had to find explanation for the oddities he saw, and introduced some speculations into his account, this report is by far the most valuable. The report by Betty and Barney Hill is also highly valuable. Although their experience followed that of Villas-Boas by several years, I offer the Hill descriptions first. Barney was particularly disturbed by this experience; his details reflect that concern.


Betty and Barney Hill

The Hills provide three different methods of report. The first by Betty was of her vivid dreams shortly after the experience, the second came from the hypnotic regression, and the third in conscious recall during therapy sessions with Dr Simon. After that point they had full conscious memory and could discuss it openly. The following is from Betty's written account of her dreams.

During this time (in her dream experience) I became conscious of several things. First, only one man speaks, in English, with a foreign accent, but very understandably. The others say nothing. I note their physical appearance. Most of the men are my height, although I cannot remember the height of the heels of my shoes. None is as tall as Barney, so I would judge them to be 5' or 5' 4". Their chests are larger than ours; their noses were larger (longer) than the average size although I have seen people with noses like theirs - like Jimmy Durante. 

Their complexions were of a gray tone; like a gray paint with a black base; their lips were of a bluish tint. Hair and eyes were very dark, possibly black. 

They were very human in their appearance, not frightening. They seemed to be very relaxed, friendly in a professional way (business-like). There was no haste, no waste of time. 


Here we see how Betty invented details to reconcile her memory to ordinary elements.  The hair, the lips, the large nose were all created to make the visitors "normal."

Betty and Barney offered the following during later conscious recall.


The men had rather odd-shaped heads, with a large cranium, diminishing in size as it got toward the chin. And the eyes continued around to the sides of their heads, so that it appeared that they could see several degrees beyond the lateral extent of our vision. This was startling to me. And something that I remembered after listening to the tapes, is the mouth itself. I could not describe the mouth before, and I drew a picture without including the mouth. But it was much like when you draw one horizontal line with a short perpendicular line on each end. This horizontal line would represent the lips without the muscle that we have. And it would part slightly as they made this mumumumming sound. The texture of the skin, as I remember it from this quick glance, was grayish, almost metallic looking. I didn't notice any hair - or head gear for that matter. Also, I didn't notice any proboscis, there just seemed to be two slits that represented the nostrils. 



In a sense, they looked like mongoloids, because I was comparing them with a case I had been working with, a specific mongoloid child - this sort of round face and broad forehead, along with a certain type of coarseness. The surface of the skin seemed to be bluish gray, but probably whiter than that. Their eyes moved, and they had pupils. Somehow, I had the feeling they were more like cat's eyes. 


In these descriptions we have a definite forecast of the beings who would later prove to be so horrendous, without foundation, to wide segments of human population.


In his usual vivid manner, this young farmer from Brazil left us with his deep, and fully conscious, impressions. Antonio never was in a hypnotic state, thus to make his report especially valuable.

I must declare that up to that moment I hadn't the slightest idea as to how these weird men looked nor what their features were like. All five of them wore a very tight-fitting siren-suit, made of soft, thick, unevenly striped gray material. This garment reached right up to their necks where it was joined to a kind of helmet made of a gray material (I don't know what it was) that looked stiffer and was strengthened back and front by thin metal plates, one of which was three-cornered, at nose level. Their helmets hid everything except their eyes, which were protected by two round glasses, like the lenses in ordinary glasses. Through them, the men looked at me, and their eyes seemed to be much smaller than ours, though I believe that may have been the effect of the lenses. All of them had light-colored eyes that looked blue to me, but this I cannot vouch for. Above their eyes those helmets looked so tall that they corresponded to the double of what the size of a normal head should be. Probably there was something else hidden under those helmets, placed on top of their heads, but nothing could be seen from the outside. Right on top, from the middle of their heads, there spouted three round silvery metal tubes (I can't tell whether they were made of metal or rubber) which were a little narrower than a common garden hose. The tubes which were placed one in the middle and one on each side of their heads, were smooth and bent backward and downward, toward the back. There they fitted into their clothes; how, I cannot say, but one went down the center, where the backbone is, and the other two, one on each side, fitted under the shoulders at about four inches from the armpits - nearly at the sides, where the back begins. I didn't notice anything at all, no hump or lump to show where the tubes were attached, nor any box or contrivance hidden under their clothes.


We can see Antonio also attempts to reconcile his observations with normal human properties.  A very tight siren-fitting suit was his way of seeing these beings as human, fitted with a suit, rather than seeing the "suit" as the covering of their mechanism.  His description of eye lenses show the same desire to see other humans under the "suit" but now with  "goggles" rather than perceiving an actual visual mechanism.

The "tubes" which came from out of the "helmit" is not reported in other accounts, of which I am aware.  Perhaps they were part of Antonio's attempt to reconcile his beings to his normal world.



Their sleeves were narrow and tight fitting to the wrists where they were followed by thick five-fingered gloves of the same color, that must have somewhat hindered their movements. As to this, I noticed that the men weren't able to double their fingers altogether, so as to touch the palms of their hands with the tips of their fingers. The difficulty did not prevent them from catching me and holding me firmly, nor from deftly manipulating the rubber tubes for extracting my blood. Those overalls must have been some kind of uniform, for all the members of the crew wore a red badge the size of a pineapple slice on their chests, and sometimes it reflected a shiny light. Not a light of its own, but reflections such as those given by the rear lights of a car, when another car lights it up from behind. From this center badge there came a strip of silvery metal (or it might have been flattened metal) which joined onto a broad tight-fitting claspless belt, the color of which I can't remember. No pocket could be seen anywhere, and I don't remember seeing any buttons either. The trousers were also tight fitting over the buttocks, thighs and legs, as there was not a wrinkle nor crease to be seen. There was no visible hem between the trousers and the shoes, which were actually a continuation of the former, being part of the selfsame garment. The soles of the shoes were different from ours; they were thick, about two or three inches thick, and a little turned up (or arched up) in front, so that the tips looked like those described in the fairy tales of old, though the general appearance was that of a common tennis shoe. From what I saw later, they must have fitted loosely, for they were larger than the feet they covered. In spite of this the men's gait was free and easy, and their movements were swift indeed. Perhaps the closed siren-suit they wore did interfere slightly with their movements because they kept walking a little stiffly. They were all about my height, perhaps a little shorter because of those helmets, except for one of them, the one who caught hold of me out there - this one did not even reach my chin. 


Antonio is obviously attempting to explain his observations. The "suits" of these beings have no seams or means of connecting -- from the turned-up "shoes" to the very top of their heads. In other words, they were not wearing suits as Antonio so greatly desired, but were actually constructed of materials without seams or openings of any kind.

The large craniums are obvious in both accounts, and agree with all other reports. They eyes are "cats eyes," as Betty said, reaching around the side of their heads. She and Antonio speak of pupils, but these eyes are those of robots. In fact, the descriptions show machine-like qualities to these beings in their semi-automatic responses to situations, and in their features, but of a refinement beyond the steel and rubber of human resources.




Adamski reported on these beings, but we did not understand his report.

"Also in the room was a robot instrument which I was cautioned not to describe. I had noticed a miniature version of this robot in the Scout, page 46." 



Adamski was cautioned not to describe it because it would become so important to later activities. His "miniature" version was exactly the counterpart of what we find in so many of the abduction reports, with the small "workers" and the larger "supervisors."

Indeed, these beings are not truly living beings. They are highly sophisticated sentient machines, with powers beyond human capacity to measure. Modern science fiction writers would label them "androids."