Antonio Villas-Boas lived and worked on a family farm near the town of Sao Francisco de Salles in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. He was next to the youngest of two brothers and three sisters, twenty-three, unmarried, and in good health when his experience took place.


Refer to the account published in Flying Saucer Occupants, Signet #T3205, New American Library, New York, 1967.

It started the night of Oct 5, 1957. There had been a party at his house, and they had all gone to bed later than usual, about 11:00 PM. He was in his room with his brother Joao when, because of the heat, he decided to open the window which looked out on the farm corral. As he was opening the window he saw directly in the middle of the corral a silvery flourescent light, brighter than moonlight, casting a brightness all around. The light was unusually white but he could not understand where it came from. It seemed to be coming down from high above, as a beam of light does from the headlight of a car. However, he could see nothing in the sky that might be producing the light. He called to his brother Joao, but his brother, being an incredulous person, told him to forget it, did not look, and advised him to go to sleep. Even though the night was hot Antonio closed the shutters to keep out the bright light and returned to his bed.

He could not sleep. He was so disturbed he decided to look again. The light was still there, and then, as he watched, it came toward his window. This frightened him so much he closed the shutters with a bang. The noise woke his brother, who had fallen asleep, and together they watched the light appear through the crevices of the shutters and shine through the tiles of the roof, lighting up their room. After a while it disappeared.

The second episode occurred on the night of Oct 14, between 9:30 and 10:00 PM. He was in a field plowing with his other brother. They suddenly saw a very bright light at the northern end of the field. It was large, about the size of a cartwheel to their view. It seemed to be hanging in the air about a hundred meters up, with a red light shining over a large portion of the ground below. Antonio felt there was a solid object behind the light but he could not see anything because the light was so bright. He called to his brother to come with him to examine the object but his brother refused. He started alone. When he approached the object it suddenly moved to the southern end of the field with extreme rapidity. He walked the opposite direction across the field to approach it again when the maneuver was repeated back to the north. He stated that this sequence was repeated perhaps twenty times. By then he was tired of chasing it. He went back to his brother. The light continued to glow in the distance, now and then throwing forth rays like a setting sun, sparkling in appearance. Then suddenly it disappeared, as though it had been turned off. Neither he nor his brother could determine what caused the light or where it had gone.

The main experience took place the following night, Oct 15. He was alone, plowing with the tractor in the same field as the previous night. It was a cold night with a clear and starry sky. About 1:00 AM he suddenly saw a red star in the sky. It looked exactly like a large bright star, but he soon realized that it was not a star, for it began to grow larger. It appeared to come in his direction. In a few moments it had grown into a very bright, egg-shaped object, flying toward him at terrific speed. It moved so fast it was on top of him before he could decide what to do. It stopped suddenly, hovering about fifty meters over his head. It was shining so brightly, lighting the tractor and the ground around it from the red glow, he could not see the headlights of the tractor.

At that point he became terrified. He thought of running but felt it would be useless because of the tremendous speed the object could produce. The ground was freshly plowed; he knew he could not run fast through the soft soil. He also feared he might break a leg in the rough ground. He sat in this terrified state of mind for about two minutes without knowing what to do. Then suddenly the bright object dived forward and stopped again about ten or twelve meters in front of his tractor. There it sank to the ground, but rather slowly. As it went through this maneuver he could see that it was a strange type of machine. It was rather round and had little purplish lights all around it. Antonio, in remembering it later, thought it had a large light in the front from which the red glow emanated. Three metal bars, or spurs, thick at the top and narrow at the bottom, stuck down from the object to hold it off the ground. The color of the metal was not distinguishable because of the bright phosphorescence, or fluorescence, of a reddish hue, emanating from the object. On top of the machine was a mechanism which rotated rapidly. This mechanism slowly changed from a reddish glow to a greenish color as its rotation slowed. As the light diminished he could see something that looked like a round plate, or 'squashed cupola.' He was uncertain about the real shape of the revolving mechanism for it never stopped while the machine was on the ground.

He was very nervous at the time and made no conscious effort to observe particular details. Most of the details he remembered later. He stated that he had watched the tripod bars extend downward from the bottom of the craft while it was still in the air, but he was in such a state of fright that he could not remember everything clearly. While the craft was hovering overhead the tractor had stopped running, and the lights had gone out although the power switch was still on. When he had overcome his fear sufficiently to act he tried to restart the tractor but it would not start. Then, as the craft had settled down on the ground, he decided to try to run. He jumped out of the tractor on the side opposite the craft and was starting away from it when his arms were caught.

His first pursuer was a small figure, coming only to the level of his shoulder. In his despair he gave the figure a violent push which sent it reeling off-balance to the ground about six feet away. As he tried again to run he was caught by three other figures, slightly taller than the first. They all were dressed in strange clothes. As they lifted him off the ground his only maneuver was to twist and turn, but they held him so tightly he could not get free. As they carried him toward the machine he began shouting and calling for help. They were surprised at this and stopped to watch every time he opened his mouth, although they never loosened their grip on him. They carried him around to the opposite side of the machine where he could see a door had opened and folded outward with a ladder like affair. The door and ladder were narrow, not being able to hold more than one person at a time. It was flexible, swinging from side to side as he struggled to escape. It had a railing which he grabbed as they went up. They were forced to unclasp his hands several times as they carried him into the machine.

Villas-Boaz then went on to describe a most unusual experience while inside the craft. I shall return to consider that experience as well as other items of his report when we discuss those individuals who have been forcibly taken on board craft for various purposes.

He became the first forced abduction onto a celestial craft, in a fully conscious state, of which we have record.



A number of items from this report can be compared against the descriptions given by Ezekiel:

1) Fiery Brightness:

Villas-Boas said the craft glowed very brightly, so brightly he could hardly look at it. The glow was a reddish hue. Ezekiel says that in the midst of the living creatures there was something that looked like burning coals of fire. The fire was very bright, 1:13.

2) Sparkling Lightning:

Villas-Boas said the craft seemed to throw off rays of light in all directions, like a setting sun. It sparkled brightly. Ezekiel said that lightning went forth out of the fire, 1:13.

3) Torches:

Villas-Boas said there were little purplish lights all around it. Ezekiel said the rim (ring) was full of eyes round about it, 1:18. The burning coals were like torches moving to and fro, 1:13.





4) Crystalline Cupolas:

Villas-Boas said that over the machine was 'something' which rotated at a great speed, and that this revolving part was like a round plate, or like a squashed cupola. Ezekiel said that over the heads of the living creatures there was the likeness of an expanse (firmament), shining like crystal, spread out over their heads, 1:22. The construction was like a wheel within a wheel, 1:16.

5) Gleaming Chrysolite:

Villas-Boas said the ladder appeared to be made of the same silvery metal as the walls of the craft. When inside he said the walls looked like polished metal. Ezekiel said the appearance of the wheels was like gleaming chrysolite, 1:16.

6) Feet:

Villas-Boas described bars, or spurs, protruding from beneath the craft. These metal props formed a tripod, as it were. The legs were straight, thicker at the top, thinner at the bottom. Ezekiel said that when they stood still they let down their wings, 1:25. He also said their legs were straight, the soles of their feet were like the soles of a calves foot, and they sparkled like burnished bronze, a brightly polished metal, 1:7.

I analyze Ezekiel's report in greater depth later.