Drawn by Betty Andreasson

Refer to The Andreasson Affair, Raymond Fowler, Prentice-Hall,
Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1979



1. Floor track described by Adamski, American Indian Brave, and others.

2. "Air tubes" are strictly Betty's invention out of her subconscious mind.

The purpose behind the "turtle" seats is to seal off the human passenger from high intensity electro-magnetic fields during interplanetary flight.  Air tubes would void that seal.

Betty's description of the ensuing episode was strongly conditioned by her fear, and by the suggestive remarks made by her hypnotist questioners.

"Terror filled Betty's heart when she was told that she was to be immersed in a liquid."

"Betty cringed as a liquid of a grayish color flowed onto her head and down the sides of her cheeks.  She closed her eyes and grimaced as the trickle became a constant flow of inrushing liquid."

"As the watery substance filled the chairlike enclosure, Betty felt soothing vibrations pulse rhythmically through her submerged body."

"The tranquilizing oscillations continued.  The feeling of heaviness that had attended Betty from the onset of her experience dissipated.  She became one with -- in perfect resonance with -- the undulating fluid."

Betty then reports that they gave her a thick syrupy fluid to swallow.  This detail is uncertain.  She was forced to breath the substance which was surrounding her, but for which she felt highly alarmed.

Breathing of the thick syrupy fluid was reported by David Jacobs in his investigation of abductions.  See Secret Life, Simon & Schuster, New York, 1992.

"In one common ancillary procedure, the aliens bring the abductee into a room with a large tank or even a small 'swimming pool' in it.  The aliens tell her to get into the tank. 

The liquid is clear and at first glance looks like water, but is not water.  The abductee is told to submerge herself in the liquid and stay there.  She may be scared that she will drown, but the aliens reassure her that she will be all right.  She gets in over her head and then is told to breathe.  She finds that she is able to breathe normally even though her head is under 'water.'"

One abductee reported, after sinking in the viscous fluid, "And I start to breathe, that's the neat thing"  ". . . That's when I start to feel blacking out and stuff."  "The water feels slimy almost, now.  When I come out it's still on my body, it doesn't run off like water.  You have to take your hands and slop it off."

The "blacking out" is the result of the strange liquid inducing the "seraphic slumber."

The Urantia Papers, page 431:

The process of being enseraphimed is not unlike the experience of death or sleep except that there is an automatic time element in the transit slumber. You are consciously unconscious during seraphic rest. But the Thought Adjuster is wholly and fully conscious, in fact, exceptionally efficient since you are unable to oppose, resist, or otherwise hinder creative and transforming work.

When enseraphimed, you go to sleep for a specified time, and you will awake at the designated moment. The length of a journey when in transit sleep is immaterial. You are not directly aware of the passing of time. It is as if you went to sleep on a transport vehicle in one city and, after resting in peaceful slumber all night, awakened in another and distant metropolis. You journeyed while you slumbered. And so you take flight through space, enseraphimed, while you rest-sleep. The transit sleep is induced by the liaison between the Adjusters and the seraphic transporters.

As reported by Ray Fowler:

"Betty felt as if she had been transported somewhere during her immersion in the enclosed chair.  She later speculated that the strange tanklike apparatus somehow shielded her body from harmful effects while enroute."