I express appreciation to the following persons and institutions who contributed to my investigations into the origins of The Urantia Papers.


Buddy Roogow

Buddy and I shared two pleasant field trips together. The first was a visit to Martin Gardner in Hendersonville, North Carolina. The second was to La Grange and Chicago when we still held bright promise of discovering the identity of the Sleeping Subject.

Buddy obtained materials through Patty Grimes at the W. K. Kellogg Foundation in Battle Creek, Michigan which included the letters from Wilfred Kellogg to his uncle W. K. Kellogg, the referral letters from Psychiatry professionals on the reputation of William Sadler, and the review materials on Sadler's book, "Theory and Practice of Psychiatry."

Buddy also obtained membership records from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, (formerly Butter and Egg Board).

Buddy contributed to early investigations from City Directories and Census Reports.


Tim Poirier and Bert Haloviak

Tim is Archivist at the Ellen G. White Estate at the Seventh Day Adventist Headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland. He was exceedingly helpful in supplying copies of extant Sadler correspondence with the Whites.

Bert is Reference Librarian at the SDA Headquarters. He also was very helpful in providing research information on Sadler's many contributions to SDA publications, Sadler's founding and editorship of the "Life Boat," and Sadler's status within the SDA. I also obtained much information on early SDA Church history and institutions through Bert.


Harold Wolff, Private Researcher

Harold gave freely of his time and knowledge. He met with me at the Cook County Courthouse in Chicago where he helped me obtain information on the Sadler real estate transactions in La Grange from 1908 to 1913.


Marilyn Faber and Mary Ann Seward

Marilyn and Mary Ann are the main contributors to the operation of the La Grange Historical Society. They kindly supplied newspaper clippings in the period from 1904 to 1915. They also supplied City Directories and village maps and charts showing all the residence and business properties during the same period. I must apologize to Marilyn and Mary Ann for disappointing them. They shared in our hope for the discovery of the identity of the Sleeping Subject, and made several valuable suggestions.


Walter Osborne and Mrs. P. L. Callaway

Mr. Osborne and Mrs. Callaway are respectively Reference Librarian and Archival Assistant at the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. They supplied the documentation showing William Sadler's attendance at that school, and notations on his scholarly status. Unfortunately, the Institute had no records of Sadler's actual grades.



Mrs. Marlene Steele

Marlene offered kind assistance at the Willard Library in Battle Creek. The history of the development of breakfast grain foods, the genealogy of the Kellogg's, and Battle Creek City Directories were obtained at the Willard Library.


Robert J. Lynch

Robert is manager of the Records Center at the Chicago Board of Trade. He kindly supplied the membership list for 1908, and made valuable suggestions for research.


Owen Gregory

Owen is Chief Archivist for the Chicago Board of Trade, and Reference Librarian at the University of Illinois campus in Chicago. He supplied information on William Sadler's connection to Hull House.


In addition to those individuals I was offered kind assistance at the following institutions:

The Chautauqua Archives at the University of Iowa, in Iowa City, Iowa.  I obtained copies there of the Sadler Chautauqua brochures.  Unfortunately, Sadler's extensive files were lost.

National Archives in Washington, DC and Chicago for Census data.

The Chicago Public Library

The Newberry Library in Chicago

The Chicago Historical Society

The Battle Creek Historical Society