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Subject: Abductions

I would like to offer some comments on your abduction experiences. In a post to Evelyn Hammond, you said:


Date: Sat, 10 Oct 1998 14:24:34 0700

From: Judy Tuttle <lotus144@USA.NET>


I can only share with you my opinion, but I would say, yes, there is a breeding program. Long have I felt that they were the Melchizedek life carriers with a mission to preserve the human DNA. The human race is so important that they would attempt everything possible to preserve a segment of mankind and perhaps, transplant them to another planet. I've also considered that just as Neanderthal man "suddenly" disappeared with the ";sudden"; appearance of CroMagnon man, so too we might expect to see a "sudden" emergence of an entirely new
species of human being, one that has not been contaminated by the Adamic default.

If you review my several letters and documents you will find that I addressed this concern on different occasions.

It was my speculation that the removal of the 144,000 was to obtain a representative sample of human stock that had not been contaminated by nuclear radiation. Certain conditions applied.  

1. The "twelve tribes" specification was not to find twelve identifiable "tribes" but to indicate descent along certain biological lines with genetic influence from the Abrahamic-Iberi potentials. In other words, whatever genetic concern is being prosecuted it does not include the yellow man, the black man, and so on.

2. This "Abrahamic" descent was recognized in former eras by such myths as "Anglo-Israelism," the "Stone of Destiny" now in Westminster Cathedral, and so on. I am able to show this link in considerable detail through linguistics and folk traditions.

3. The preservation of the New World against human settlement for hundreds of thousands of years was one of the more remarkable indicators of planetary destiny. The subsequent blending of European "higher" stocks in the melting pot of North America has produced profound genetic qualities, exhibited by our mechanical inventiveness, and our propensity to long-term planetary visions. (Our founding fathers in the creation of this democracy is a good illustration.) Even today we serve as a world arbiter out of democratic ideals. Jesus-Michael wishes to preserve this genetic benefit but the United States will be destroyed in nuclear holocaust. How, then, to accomplish that goal?

4. The revelation of the Urantia Papers in the United States was not accidental. It was tied to this genetic potential. But in order to preserve the "Jesus genes," individual decisions had to be made to avoid that disaster. Since "Christianity is the cocoon in which now slumbers Jesus' concept of the brotherhood of the kingdom" something had to be done to awaken Christians from that slumber. Thus the imposition of an awesome cruel tribulation to bring them out of that sleep. But how would they know, unless there were "leaders and teachers" to help them. Thus the role of Urantians.  

Thus the higher current genetic lines will be preserved on this planet, even though possibly contaminated by nuclear radiation. The prophecies all speak to a healthy body of people after the earth settles down into its new world age. Hence, it does not seem that a great danger exists to future survival, in spite of these threats. However, the removal of the 144,000 speaks to a concern that goes beyond "healthy" survivors. Perhaps the nuclear disaster will produce permanent affects that must be counteracted. If you examine my letter to godless scientists on the Abduction phenomenon you will find a summary of the several revelation elements which affect our assessment. We know that a body of "holy children" will return to this planet to recover the Adamic loss but we do not know the biological or spiritual elements which enter into this decision.

I have dream memory (perhaps you do too) of holding on several occasions very small infants and being amazed that the infants could talk. I was filled with great joy and and astonishment at the brilliance of these children. It has been suggested that perhaps humans are abducted as part of a nurturing process for these children. Perhaps, the one thing that we as humans have that other beings don't is a menu of emotions. This may well be the finest part of us. The one thing that continuously finds us in "hot water" but, our most salvageable attribute, the human emotion. Be careful when casting out the devils within you, that you don't throw away the best part.

Judy, I cannot tell you how much your testimony means. So much has been so perverted by the fears of the abduction investigators, including Budd Hopkins, Ray Fowler, and others.

I have truly puzzled over some of the reports. If you consider the development of the brain you should recognize that ability to talk depends on the complexity of the synapse maps. Until the brain becomes large enough to encompass that mass, speech is not possible. Thus the natural growth of human babies to the walking and talking stages. Therefore, it seems difficult to understand how "infants," as you recognized them, would have reached that level, unless we introduce monstrosities. I don't go for that. Everything in creation is rational. Either we do not have enough information, or the abduction experiences have been conditioned by mental programming. But who did the programming: the fearful human investigators, or the abductors?

We should not confuse the human qualities (emotions), which are known just as much on other evolutionary worlds, with the behavior of the abductors. They are not human. They are robotic, or, as the science-fiction writers would say, android. This element has also introduced fear into the experiences. But they are benign, not malicious. The investigators have taken the android behavior and made it into "perverted biological aliens." They then created monstrous imaginary children out of cross breeding between human stock and the androids, an impossibility. This was the best scenario they could devise. (They did not have the benefit of the Urantia revelation to help their thinking.) Bad, bad news.


I also have dream memory of seeing young children. A young girl of five or six shyly approaching me and timidly stroking my hair with the long graceful fingers of a Balinese Legong dancer. I remember saying to her, "You may play with my hair if you wish." These are very gentle folks.

Again, the intensity of current human behavior has been created by our social environment. I recall a statement that the ancients were never rushed, page 773. You can imagine future ages when all of this world trauma will no longer be remembered or come into mind, Isa 65:17.


They seem, for some inexplicable reason, to be fascinated with my hair. Perhaps this has been the reason for my abductions. One always wonders, why me? At the conclusion a very vivid abduction scenario they sniped a lock of my hair and kept it in a large book.

Hair samples, of course, retain a record of DNA in fairly stable form for long periods of time, even thousands of years. Remember, we have partial Adamic genetic material; other worlds might be highly interested in the biological results of the default.


Well, by now you must think me to be a total lunatic. But, perhaps this Urantia is the mental hospital for all the other planets.

No, Judy, we are not the mental hospital for all the other planets. But we are unique.

You can bet that we did not receive all of this attention out of blind curiosity by the celestials.