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January 28, 2012

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When the Spanish arrived on the Yucatan peninsula in the early 1500's they made an extraordinary discovery. Scattered throughout the Maya countryside were Christian Crosses. Sometimes these Crosses would appear solitary, sometimes in pairs, sometimes in groups of three. Often they would have brush attached to their arms, sometimes green, sometimes dried. The dried brush appeared as though “on fire.”

See attached figure.

The superstitious Spanish immediately assigned these Crosses to the Devil. They proceeded to destroy them. They never did eradicate them. These Crosses appear yet today, inextricably mixed with Christian traditions, as the Maya continue to pursue their ancient beliefs.

We know the tradition was truly old; the Crosses have appeared in royal tomb burials dating as far back as 500 AD. The strength of the tradition indicates it may be much older.

None of the Maya Crosses had human figures. They were as uniquely bare as the Christian Cross today is configured with the body of Jesus.

Christianity does not want to know about the Maya Crosses. They do not know what to do with them. It is easier to ignore them. 

The Mormons do not want to know about the Maya Crosses. As proud as they are of Old World evidence in the New World they are equally at a loss where to fit the Crosses.

But we know how the Maya understood the Crosses. The Crosses they planted in their front yards, their courtyards, and their public squares predicted the future. That is why they were presented as bare. They had not yet been populated with human figures.

The Chilam Balam prophecies from the Maya holy literature told us about the Crosses.

Itzamna Kauil in Maya is the same as Michael Jesus in the Bible. He is the Lord. The Maya understood him as their brother, he had lived as a man. His Return as God is imminent.

He will cause the bearded ones to appear. They are the prognosticators. They will announce the Judgment of the nations.

Great bitterness shall arise over their pronouncements.

When they have completed their work they will be crucified on the Crosses.

The bare Maya Crosses will now become populated.

Those men will bear the sign of God.

Then they shall be resurrected. That act will stun mankind. See Rev 11.

Then the purpose of the Maya Crosses will become known. Not the Cross of Jesus but the Cross of the Judgment of the nations.