Dubbed the Galaxy

Avebury Avenue

June 30, 1994


A similar Galaxy Formation


Sometime in August, 1994



July 26, 1994


Bratton Castle

Early June, 1995


Telegraph Hill,

Cheesefoot Head

June 13, 1995

Note that these two formations have identical

external double signature circles, suggesting

they were man made.

This formation is suggestive of a solar system.

Decidedly a solar system

A stabilized solar system?


Bishop Sutton

June 20, 1995


Gander Down

June 20, 1995


Longwood Warren

June 26, 1995


Sometime in July, 1995


Wallop, nr Andover

May 3, 1999

If we eliminate the two man made circles in 1994, and the questionable design in 1999, those formations based on circular solar system representation, all come in 1995.