The Unusual 2006 Season



We now come to a highly unusual presentation by our Celestial Friends.


First, there was a lack of crop circles. This caught the attention of

Robert Hartman, in the Daily Mail, who wrote an article on this fact. 


(The British paper has a circulation of more than two million, the second largest circulation of any English language daily newspaper, and the twelfth highest of any newspaper. You can view the full paper, as printed, on the Internet.) As he stated:


This summer will go down as a dismal year for strange apparitions amid the cereal. Numbers are way down and no one knows why.

Those who believe the patterns are extra-terrestrial signals claim the alien messengers have despaired of planet earth and have driven their UFOs off to another galaxy.


As I write this on August 7 the number of crop circles is less than a dozen valid designs. In fact, from analysis of the irregularities in the designs, and the execution, I would place all as fakes except for perhaps two that are not of the 3-D design. Even those two are questionable.  If this is true, the only true crop circles for 2006 are those displaying 3-D design.


Next below are those two special cases.

Old Hayward Farm, nr Straight Soley, Wiltshire. Reported 20th July.

Uffington Castle, nr Ashbury, Oxfordshire.

Reported 8th June.



Is this also a 3-D design? The thinning of the elements as one goes from the center toward the perimeter suggests that it may be so.


I have been unable to see a 3-D design in this figure.


Avebury Trusloe, nr Beckhampton, Wiltshire.

Reported June 30.

This formation shows a rising cone in the foreground, with a sinking cone inside. The farther formation appears in the opposite mode.


Note how the cones appear in this photograph taken from a different angle. The 3-D appearance is striking.




Wayland Smithy, nr Ashbury, Oxfordshire.

Reported 8th July.

Wayland Smithy, nr Ashbury

The Wayland Smithy formation is highly unique. It shows "skyscrapers" rising in an exploded view that looks down on a central courtyard. This is typical of an advertising brochure for a high-rise complex.

This photograph is especially amazing because it uses very narrow lines to show the details of the emerging (visual) blocks, as well as shadows of the flattened grain. Note how the grain is laid differently in various portions to accent the design. Also, a strip of grain is left at the "top" of the blocks to provide visual accent of the blocks.

Three series of four descending (or ascending) blocks circle the center. The blocks are not all direct imitations of one another, but of different dimensions.

Zef Damen of the Netherlands was able to duplicate the construction geometrically. See Crop Circle Connector website for 2006.





This is a slightly different view of the formation, showing visitors. Here the lay of the grain is more noticeable.

Savernake Forest, nr Marlborough, Wiltshire.

Reported 8th July.

This is again a cone design, with flat circle companions.


New Barn, nr Aldbourne, Wiltshire,

Reported July 11.



I have shown opposite views to demonstrate how the formation will appear depending on viewer orientation. In the case above the outside cone seems to be descending, then another cone rising, and a third cone descending. The opposite view to the right shows the opposite effect.