(Does not include scientific errors which may have been
accommodation to understanding current in the 1930's.)

My purpose in the following tabulation is to summarize the types of known errors or contradictions which exist. Do they display a method in corruption of the Revelation? Can we get a handle on the limitations imposed upon Caligastia by the Revelators and the mass of the Revelation?

How were the changes implemented, without Sadler becoming aware of them? How was the text modified if the changes came through the mind of Christy when she channeled?

I have ranked them by page number rather than by subject, since the subjects vary. Of the seventeen cases, six are scientific. Eight other cases are associated with the revelation about Jesus, in the Bestowal Paper or the Jesus Papers. Although the data are too slim for hard deductions, the evidence suggests concentration in the scientific Papers and the Jesus Papers as areas of corruption.

Since we are a materialistic, scientific-minded social order, the scientific corruptions would be the most susceptible to early discovery, as the record has shown. The Jesus Papers would be an area of attack because of Caligastia's hatred for his Creator.

Virtually all of the corruptions are simple-minded, with alteration of single words or small phrases. This suggests a fear of discovery by Sadler if changes were too massive. It also suggests the possibility of human corruption, which I used as explanation in my paper on Text Changes in the Urantia Papers.

On the other hand, the simple forms would have been amenable to alteration through Christy's channeling. A few simple word alterations here and there could have been channeled by her, without her mind intervening in the process. Even if she did not convey the "messages" purely, reiteration could have been employed to correct her pollution.

Two categories of corruption are evident.

One: to cause rejection of the Revelation.

Two: to pervert human thinking.

The first would be designed to retard acceptance, and thus dampen dissemination of the Revelation.

The second would alter human philosophical reasoning for generations to come. The purpose would be to defile attitudes about God, creation, and destiny.

I categorize the corruptions two ways:

First, I classify them according to the type. Then I classify them according to impact.

I number them in sequence in the Table below for easy reference.

Classified according to type:

A: Single world changes -- 1, 8, 9, 11, 14, 15.
B: Insertion of phrases -- 6, 10, 12.
C: Insertion of sentences -- 7.
D: Simple rework of paragraphs -- 2, 5.
E: Insertion of paragraphs -- 3, 4, 16.
F: Rework of presentation -- 13, 17.

Classified according to impact:

A: Transparent contradictions -- 2, 3, 6, 8, 14, 15.
B: Hidden contradictions -- 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 17.
C: Conceptual Perversions -- 7, 9.
D: Scientific Errors -- 1, 4, 5.


I shall go on in the next chapter to examine scientific elements of the Revelation from human materials published after 1935.


No. Page & 


Fault Counter


History Notes
1 460, p1

Paper 41

The density of a nearby sun sixty thousand times that of our sun. Reasons for change unknown. Sadler may have received advice from some technical person. Changed by WS in second printing.  Simple change of one word from sixty to forty.
2 463 - p2 

Paper 41

"The surface temperature is almost 6,000 degrees, about 35,000,000 degrees in the central regions. (All of these temperatures refer to your Fahrenheit scale.) The sun's interior temperature is reported in scientific literature on the Fahrenheit scale, but its surface temperature of 6,000 is reported on the Kelvin absolute scale. Uncorrected by Sadler Required simple reference to Fahrenheit scale, or alteration in one number.
3 477, p1

Paper 42

"Each atom is a trifle over 1/100,000,000th of an inch in diameter, while an electron weighs a little less than 1/2,000th of the smallest atom, hydrogen. The positive proton, characteristic of the atomic nucleus, while it may be no larger than a negative electron, weighs from two to three thousand times more."  Internal contra-diction in the numbers assigned to the sizes and masses of atoms, electrons, and protons.

Also contradicted by scientific evidence.

Changed in second printing by WS.

To make statements consistent with following paragraph and scientific evidence.

Required rephrasing of sentences in the paragraph:

"more" changed to "less" and phrase altered from "almost two thousand times more" to "two to three thousand times more."

4 478, p1

Paper 42

At the top of the page appears a statement about nuclear stability as more than 100 electrons are

introduced artificially into one atomic system. The result is the instantaneous disruption of the central "proton," with wild dispersion of the electrons. 

The statement contradicts known science. Elements above 100, with measurable radioactive life-times and appreciable mass, have been created. The hyphenated term "well-nigh" was added by WS in the second printing, under the assumption that nothing in the physical world can be instantaneous.  Required insertion of a new paragraph, or rearrangement of one given by the Revelators.
5 657, p5 

Paper 57

". . . tidal friction acting as a brake on the rate of planetary-axial revolution until axial revolution ceases, leaving one hemisphere of the planet always turned toward the sun or larger body, as is illustrated by the planet Mercury and by the moon, which always turns the same face toward Urantia." Bad science. Mercury rotates with a cycle of 3/2. Moon rotates with a cycle of 1/1. Neither Mercury nor Moon have stopped axial revolution. Uncorrected by Sadler. Required reconstruction of entire sentence to provide false statements.
6 674: p4 

Paper 59

"The marine life was much alike the world over and consisted of the seaweeds, one-celled organisms, simple sponges, trilobites, and other crustaceans -- shrimps, crabs, and lobsters." The appearance of crustaceans -- such as shrimps, crabs, and lobsters

-- could not have been contemporaneous with the trilobites. The crustaceans appeared much later.

Unknown to Sadler. Required simple insertion of the three words.
7 799, p1

Paper 70

"While there is a divine and ideal form of government, such cannot be revealed but must be slowly and laboriously dis-covered by the men and women of each planet throughout the universes of time and space." Contradicted by 517 - p5:

"The entire universe is organized and administered on the representative plan. Representative government is the divine ideal of self-government among nonperfect beings."

Contradicted by other statements in other sections.

Unnoticed by anyone until my discovery. Required placement of a single sentence at the end of Paper 70.
8 883, p7

Paper 79

Migration of the red man over the Bering land straight from east to west. Denied by history. Changed by WS in second printing. Simple change of one word: "east" to "west."
9 1024, p2 

Paper 93


490, p4

Paper 43

The word "Michael" missing in the title "Christ Michael." Sadler would not have known this was incorrect. Never corrected. Simple removal of one word in each case.
10 1317, p2

Paper 119

Three wise men visited Jesus "in the manger" after the family had moved to another location. Subtle use of common mis-conception. The manger is a small feed box attached to the stable framing, not the stable. The three wise men could not have visited him "in the manger" under any circumstance. Cute trick. Phrase removed by WS in second printing.  Simple insertion of 3-word phrase.
11 1319, p2

Paper 119

Concerning Part III:

"We indited these narratives . . . in the year A.D. 1935 of Urantia time."

Contradicted by internal dates on pages 707 - p7, 710 - p6, 716 - p7 and 828 - p1.

Contradicted by Sadler in the History document.

Never corrected. 

Should have been clearly evident to everyone.

Simple change of one number: 1934 to 1935.
12 1363, p5

Paper 123

"Far to the east they could discern the Jordan valley and, far beyond, the rocky hills of Moab." The rocky hills of Moab were not east of Nazareth but east of the Dead Sea.

Not visible from Nazareth.

Corrected by Sadler in second printing. He modified sentence to make rocky hills of Moab a statement rather than a visual possibility from the hill at Nazareth. Required insertion of a simple phrase.
13 1648, p3

Paper 147

"Early on the morning of Tuesday, March 30, Jesus and the apostolic party started on their journey to Jerusalem for the Passover."  Evaluation of dates from several sources shows that the latest possible date for the Passover in A.D. 28 was Tuesday, March 30 (beginning with the sunset the previous day, Mon., March 29). Jesus and his apostles set out for Jerusalem on the same day that the Passover began. They arrived at Bethany on April 2, too late for the ceremonies of the Passover Feast. Never corrected by Sadler. 

He probably was not reassured by comments from Adams. He may have felt that it would require major rewrite of associated paragraphs.

Required simple alteration of date. Date several days earlier would not conflict with discussion context. The only objection would have been sabbath travel.
14 1849, p5

Paper 168

Lazarus remained at the Bethany home until the day of the crucifixion of Jesus Lazarus took hasty flight Wednesday from Bethany to Philadelphia, pages: 1927, p4 Changed by WS in second printing. Simple change of one word. "week"

to "day." 

15 1943, p2

Paper 179

Twelve apostles addressed by Jesus after Judas left the group. Context clearly evident. Changed by WS in second printing. Simple change of one word: "apostles" to "twelve." 
16 2041, p2 

Paper 191

Jesus returned to Jerusem citizenship on Sunday, the 7th; and entered the embrace of the Most Highs of Edentia on Sunday, the 14th. 2057 states that he began the ascent to the right hand of his Father on May 18. Error unknown until my discovery. Required insertion of paragraph on page 2041, or alteration of dates in that paragraph.
17 2057-60. (Major error)

Papers 193 to 194

As stated by Benjamin Adams in letter to WS dated March 5, 1959:

"The bestowing of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost is represented as occurring on the same day as the ascension and 40 days after the crucifixion.

An obvious error: the word "Pentecost" means 50 and always occurs seven weeks after the Passover. Sadler was aware of this missing period prior to publication of the Revelation but could not explain it. Required major modification of text to smooth the continuity between Papers 193 and 194.